Google has launched cool new features to make it easier to plan your next trip

Google has launched cool new features to make it easier to plan your next trip

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The Google just yet Added some cool new features to the popular travel planning service – Google Travel – Which will make planning your next trip a breeze.

What is it Google Travel?

Google sign on office building

Having previously gone on behalf of Google Trips – Officially launched as a mobile app, in September 2016 – Google Travel It has since become one of the most widely used travel tools on the planet.

It was originally provided for use on both Android and iOS mobile devices as an app, Google Travel – Which is now its official name – it was then made available as a trip planner on the web in 2019.

man using google on laptop

After integrating with another popular Google service, Google MapsAnd Users can use the website to largely plan their entire travel trip – with Google Travel Allow users to search for flights and hotels, as well as see what to see and do in a particular location.

Basically, it is a very useful travel tool that does a lot of the hard work for you when it comes to planning your next vacation or travel trip.

How do you get there Google Travel?

Search with google on iPad

Access Google Travel Very simple – you just need to search “Google Travel” in search bar” in your Internet browser.

Alternatively, you can type in the exact website address –

Best of all, the service is completely free – without you having to pay anything at all to use it.

Traveler using a mobile phone when traveling

Google Travel introduces new features

So, what new features did Google just add to their travel planning tool?

Just a few days ago The Google It revealed that they were adding some new features to Google Travel A service that aims to make the travel planning process for travelers simpler and straightforward.

Track flight prices for your desired travel dates

Take off, John F Kennedy International Airport, New York

First, Google has now allowed users to track airfares – from one destination to another – for their desired travel dates.

This means that when using a file Google flights part of Google Travel – and search for a flight between two cities – you can now sign up to receive email updates if your flights drop in price.

Plane flying in the sky

Therefore, you no longer need to keep checking prices yourself, as you will receive an email as soon as there is a drop in the cost of the trip.

You can also sign up to receive email updates regarding low airfares for specific dates, or simply request updates for any date – if you’re flexible with the timing of your flights.

Young couple thinking of an ancient temple by the lake in Cambodia.

All of this can be done simply by using the toggle switches – which are placed under the “search bar” once you’ve searched for your desired flight path.

So, if you’re looking for cheap direct flights available from your city to popular tourist hotspots – like Cancun – you can now let Google do all the work to find the best deals.

Explore nearby destinations with just a click of a button

A traveler climbs a mountain with a mobile phone.

when it’s on Google Travel Home if you click Explores A widget – which you’ll see on the left side of the webpage – you can now browse for nearby destinations with the click of a button.

Turn on Location Settings – and let The Google To keep track of it – you will see all the destinations nearby, with a price starting from where you are currently located to that particular place.

Passenger watching the take-off flight at the airport.

The Explores The tool also allows users to filter searches for their trips, which includes options to filter by price, duration of travel, and airlines, as well as “interests” – with the ability to search for destinations that offer beaches, outdoor activities, museums, as well as other areas of interest to travelers.

You can also manually search for flights from where you are to your desired destination, as well as search for places within driving distance of your current location.

Driving with the map on mobile

So, now you can plan your next road trip with the help of Google – you will be able to see suggested places of interest, along with information on how to get there, as well as the average price of things like accommodation available nearby.

Finding the right accommodation

Another great tool Google Travel Presents to users is the hotel search option.

Hotels in a popular tourist attraction in Cancun, Mexico

By clicking this, you can search for a place to stay in your desired travel destination – with the option to filter your search by price, rating, and hotel category, as well as the amenities you’re looking at in your hotel.

So, if you are looking for the best hotels in the US state of Dallas, Texas – for example – you will be able to find the hotel that suits all your travel needs and requirements.

City of Dallas, Texas

You can also search for deals on hotels – allowing you to get the best deal – along with the option to see what transportation options are available at your desired destination, as well as where to eat, shop and things to do and see.

All this can be done simply by clicking on the small icons on the Google map to the right of the web page.

A traveler walking in China Town, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

And if you’re already in a certain place – and you want to know what’s near you – you can simply tap the toggle switch at the bottom of the map and you’ll see all the places within a 15-30 minute walk of you.

Save as you progress

Travel planning with mobile device and laptop

Another one of Google Travel The cool new features are that you can now ‘save’ as you go – meaning you don’t need to start and finish planning your travel all at once.

By clicking on the bookmark icon on the hotel image, you can now “Save” this property – and view all of your saved accommodations by clicking on the “Saved” tab, which you will find in the upper right corner of Google Travel web page on your desktop.

Resort room with Caribbean sea view

However, if you are using a mobile device, you will need to click on the “Saved” tab to view your saved accommodations.

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