GDB +4.0: kick while they're down (8pm GMT, CBC)

GDB +4.0: kick while they’re down (8pm GMT, CBC)

Game 4, baby! Let’s do this thing.

I don’t know about you good people reading this, but I couldn’t be more excited about tonight’s game. Not only do the boys shoot at every level and seem to score as much as they like, but the way they win is so dominant that it’s hard not to get emotional about what’s going on here. Yes, I know I’m in Los Angeles, so I get a lot of fun watching the boys do their thing at the Arena, but we also pay attention to what’s happening back home and the buzzing city. I mean how not to be? The atmosphere around this team is electric. So if the Oilers can pull off another win here in Game 4, I can only imagine what Rogers Place will be like on Tuesday with a chance of moving into the second round. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s focus on the task at hand.

To put the throttle on this chain, contestants will need to keep their foot on the gas and avoid feeling any comfort level based on what happened in games 2 and 3. They must remain hungry. As much as it has been a riot watching the Oilers dominate every aspect of the last two games and fill the net as they please, you should expect a crash on the ice at home to have the Kings looking for revenge. I was looking all over the field in the third period of Friday’s game and the spot was knocked out incredibly early, the kind of embarrassment on the ice at home that should make Todd McClellan’s team nibble a bit to make it to this series. But if the Oilers can maintain their composure and continue to make smart decisions with the disc, it will be difficult to beat them for a team that seemed to be superior in almost everything.

Let’s see what the numbers say.

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Figures provided by Natural Stat Trick (figures at 5 x 5)



Kane – MacDavid – Bolgojarvi
Heyman – Drytail – Yamamoto
Archibald – RNH – Ryan
Foegele – McLeod – Kassian

Nurse – Sissy
Keith – Bouchard
Colac – Barry


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Why fix what is not broken, my prince?


Athanasio – Kopetar – Quimpe
Moore – Danault – Yavalu
Grundstrom – Lizette – Brown
Limieux – Bifield – Kaliev

Anderson – Roy
Edler – Dorzi
Al Mutta – Spence


After fully immersing yourself in the successive games, it will be interesting to know the adjustments that the Kings have made not only to their lineup but to their game in general. As much as the Oilers have been so heavily favored across all series, I don’t think many of us would have expected to see the boys score 14 goals in the last two games, and it makes me wonder what kind of response the Kings would muster here in Game 4.

what are they saying …

From LA Kings Insider:

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“You have to give credit to the other team, because when they put you in a position where you get away from your game, they do a good job, but we also have to collect our thoughts and our intelligence from us. We needed seven goals in Edmonton and we needed nine last night, can anyone To remember the last time the Los Angeles Kings put up seven goals, let alone nine? That’s not our number. I thought the match in the first game, 2-0, is kind of like a kick that knows where because I thought we played hard at first, but we can’t get away As soon as it opens its doors, start chasing the three, four and five goals, where they’ll get the six, seven and eight, so we have to manage the game better and we talked about that today. I think we can do that.”

This was Todd McClellan when asked what improvements to make and where the Kings go from here.

In his brief press presence after Game 3, one of the phrases McClellan used was that the Kings played Edmonton’s game, not theirs. Today, he has expanded, expressing his ideas by initially crediting the opponent for forcing the game in this direction, but by returning the burden to his group. Most likely, the Kings won’t win a 7-6 playoff game, but you only have to score a seven if you give up a six.

The Kings have scored exactly seven goals zero times this season. They only scored six goals four times, which at best would have forced overtime in game 2 and still fell several goals down in game three. We’ve seen this team play 85 games now and we know this isn’t LA Kings hockey.


Photoshop: Tom Kostyuk

Game day prediction: Oilers keep rolling and there’s nothing L.A. can do about it. 4-2 win, baby.

Mysterious Game Day Prediction: The game of power continues to punish kings for cheating.

Unclear Game Day Prediction: Kings do not lose by six goals in the fourth game.

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