The expected second overall selection, Slafkovsky says, was interviewed by the Canucks and asked if he could play quarterback.

The expected second overall selection, Slafkovsky says, was interviewed by the Canucks and asked if he could play quarterback.

If you’re a fan of Canucks, you probably haven’t read much about Juraj Slafkovsky.

But on the Friday 32 Ideas podcast, Jeff Maric and Elliot Friedman talked about a conversation they had with Slavkowski, who is expected to be named second overall in this year’s NHL draft entry in Montreal.

The 18-year-old winger, ranked 1Street In general among European skaters by NHL Central Scouting, Friedman and Marek have told in a previous conversation that some of the teams he’s spoken to have wondered if the left winger has the ability to play center. The two teams remember?

The New Jersey Devils – who currently hold the second overall pick – and the Vancouver Canucks, who are set to pick first at age 15The tenth.

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One of these things is not like the other.

Here is the full transcript of the conversation between Marek and Friedman.

Marek: Interesting note: We asked Slavkowski about that because he’s a winger, but we asked about midfield as well and he’s played a position before in his life. He said some teams asked him if he would be able to play a position at this point or play a position in the NHL. He was trying to remember and the two teams he gave us were New Jersey and Vancouver as he was trying to remember the teams that asked him if he would play in the middle as well.

Friedman: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I could make something out of absolutely nothing here – something out of absolutely nothing. But that’s what podcasts and sports debates are all about. You just said that two teams asked Salfkovsky about his playing position.

Marek: At least two teams – he said there were a few teams, the ones he could remember, he thought were New Jersey and Vancouver.

Friedman: Well, that’s my thing. Where to choose New Jersey?

Marek: Second.

Friedman: Where’s Vancouver?

Marek: 15, right after the Winnipeg Jets and before the Buffalo Sabers.

Friedman: Why would a Vancouver team ask Canucks Salvkovsky if he could play the quarterback? They don’t get it at the age of 15.

Marek: Unless they move. I think you should always do your due diligence. Like, “How much does it cost to get into the top three?” I think everyone has those conversations. Like I talked about that day, you know, Tom Fitzgerald of the New Jersey Devils made a list with, “Well, which teams would we be willing to trade the second overall pick?” I think if you’re any team, you know, you’re the Los Angeles Kings or the Dallas Stars or the Washington Capitals or in this case the Vancouver Canucks — I guess you see the cost of that, right? And if you’re going to know the cost of that, and if you’re okay with it, then I think you have to commit to being as thorough in your interviews as possible.

Now, whether or not that means Canucks trades up to second place overall remains to be seen, and after using a friend’s phone, we’d advise against holding your breath on it.

“Yes, just in case you trade,” said an anonymous league executive. Army Canucks When asked if it was normal for the drafting team in the middle of the first round to interview a second general selection. “You usually have quick meetings with the top 20 or so and then there will be some guys that you think will be in the mix around the time of your second or third pick.

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“Meeting with a second projection doesn’t necessarily mean that they are deliberating on that choice. It certainly could be that! But it could also just be normal due diligence.”

Now, the Devils have been linked to Canucks striker JT Miller in the past, and as Marek mentioned, Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald has drawn up a list of players and assets around the league that his club would be willing to transfer to a second general selection. .

If the Canucks were on that list at all, you should assume that Miller’s name is there.

However, it’s wise if you don’t raise your hopes that the 6’4 Slafkovsky will be wearing a Canucks costume anytime soon.

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