Score for each Raptors player in the 2021-22 NBA season

Score for each Raptors player in the 2021-22 NBA season

What a season it was on the Raptors.

Toronto wasn’t expected to be in the playoffs entering the season, however it went 48-34 to finish with the fifth best record in the Eastern Conference. Fred Van Vliet was an All-Star, Scotty Barnes took the Rookie of the Year award and Pascal Siakam could earn the second-choice All-NBA of his career.

While the Raptors were unable to face the 76ers in the first round of the 2022 NBA playoffs, it’s clear that something special is brewing in Toronto.

What score do VanVleet, Barnes and Siakam deserve this season? How about everyone else on the list?

Below you will find each player’s score for the 2021-22 season.

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Rating for beginners birds of prey

Scotty Barnes

Rank: A +

“Barnes has continually improved as the season went on, developing every area of ​​his game that was a noticeable weakness during the pre-draft process. He was aggressive in creating his own shot and built more confidence in his jump with each game. He became more polished as a ball handler and playmaker, He increased his arsenal as the Swiss Army Knife of Toronto.

“When the Rookie of the Year came to Barnes, Mobley and Cade Cunningham, it was impossible to ignore Barnes’ impact on the Raptors being one of the most surprising teams in the NBA.”

– Kyle Irving

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Pascal Siakam

Rank: a

Early in the season, discussions about Siakam centered around his ability to be ‘the man’ after Kyle Lowry’s departure. While Siakam and Fred VanVleet both played down some of those narratives, the noise was impossible to ignore.

“Despite the rust that followed Siakam’s absence from the entire training camp and the first 10 games of the regular season, it didn’t take long for a return to speed to fill that void. Otherwise for a few rusty performances to start the season, Sicam’s season averages would be better than they were, and this means something.”

– Gilbert MacGregor

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Fred Vanfleet

Rank: a

“It all happened so quickly that some have let the moment pass without really appreciating what VanVleet has done this season. There are only 24 players (excluding injuries) who can call themselves All-Stars in any given season, and VanVleet entered that exclusive category in 2021- 22. That was special and that alone should have given VanVleet the highest score on his report card this season, but he did something else that earned him a first-class recognition.

“Become the captain of the franchise.”

– Karlan Jay

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OG Anunoby

Rank: b +

“For Anunoby, the 2021-22 NBA season was complete with lots of ups as well as some downs.

As for the promotion, Anunoby took another leap last season, posting his career-highs across the board with 17.1 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game while playing the league-wide defense. For the relegation, Anunoby dealt with the various injuries that he encountered. It limited his production to just 48 out of a potential 82 appearances during the regular season.”

– Gilbert MacGregor

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Gary Trent Jr.

Rank: b +

“As much as he has improved offensively, the biggest growth Trent has shown this season has been on the other end of the field. He has become one of the most disruptive defenders in the NBA, with an average of the fifth most steals (1.7) and fourth most deflections (3.8) that still has his limits.” James Harden and Team 76 . weren’t ashamed Attacking him in the qualifiers – but he played a key role in one of the most dynamic and demanding defenses in the league.”

– Scott Rafferty

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Raptors seat rating


Precious Ichiwa

Rank: B

Ochiwa had a high and low start to the season but finished on a high. After the All-Star break, he averages 12.2 points and 5.6 rebounds on 39.2 percent of shots from a 3-point range. Then he made two big shows against the 76s in the playoffs. It is clear why birds of prey are attracted to him.

Chris Boucher

Rank: B

Boucher came out of the gates a bit slow after a year into his career, but once again played a key role two ways off the bench. Although he only made 27.1% of his 3-point attempts, he was a relentless offensive rebel, pulling more than any other reserve. An unrestricted free agent, Boucher is likely to attract interest around the league this off-season.

Thaddeus Young

Rank: B-

Expectations weren’t necessarily high for Young when Toronto acquired him on the trade deadline considering he was replacing Goran Dragic, who was only fit for five games with the Raptors. However, he proved to be a perfect fit, increasing his versatility on defense and giving them a little bit of everything when attacking.


Rank: c

It was a tough season for Birch, who was in and out of the squad due to injuries, keeping him limited to 55 games. When he played, he wasn’t able to match the numbers he posted last season when he looked like he fit right in with the Raptors.

Malachi Flynn

Rank: c-

Flynn’s role has been scaled back this season, going from playing 19.7 minutes per game as a rookie to 12.2 in sophomore. He’s shown some potential over the past two seasons, but Raptors coach Nick Norse wants him to give them a bigger defense and says he needs to improve his shooter role.

Svi Mykhailiuk

Rank: Dr

Mykhailiuk started the season in nurse rotation but barely played in the second half. Taking advantage of shooting in his surroundings, he tied 30.6 percent of his career opportunities to three points.

Utah Watanabe

Rank: c-

Due to a calf strain that kept him out of training camp, Watanabe didn’t start his season until late November. He then missed some time from the league’s health and safety protocols, and later dealt with a quad injury. In total, Watanabe played only 38 matches.

Dalano Banton

Rank: c +

The 46th pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, Banton dominated 11 games he played in the G-League and showcased his unique skills in the 64 games he participated in with the Raptors. It will be interesting to track its development in the coming years.

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