Glasser Images Lawsuit

Owners of defunct wedding studio accused of ‘extravagant lifestyle’

Wedding photography studio Glasser Images, which abruptly closed its doors last year, has been sued — and refused to offer refunds to customers who have already paid for services.

North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley filed a civil lawsuit May 3 against Glasser Images, LLC, and its owner, Jack Glaser, for allegedly defrauding consumers and subcontractors in multiple states, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Colorado.

The lawsuit alleges that Glaser and his partner used company money to fund their “expensive lifestyle of dining, travel and luxury cars.”

After Glasser Images, based in Bismarck, North Dakota, suddenly closed its doors in October 2021, the attorney general’s office received 539 complaints alleging lawsuits totaling more than $1.4 million.

The unexpected shutdown of Glasser Images left couples without photographers for their upcoming weddings, while other couples were denied promised photos of their big day or even refunds. The shutdown also led to the layoffs of an estimated sixty employees and subcontractors.

In the lawsuit, Wrigley asserted that the Consumer Protection Department conducted an extensive investigation into the wedding photography company

Wrigley says Glaser Images blamed the pandemic for its closure. Court documents claim that Jack Glaser and his partner and employee Jes Schacher spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of company money on the personal expenses of their luxury lifestyle while seeking loans to keep the business running.

“Our complaint alleges that Glaser Images has been in serious financial problems for years, but has falsely blamed the company’s closure on the pandemic,” Attorney General Drew Wrigley said in a statement.

“Despite a serious shortage of business capital, Jack Glaser continued to borrow from banks, government, friends and family, while at the same time enjoying a lifestyle of fine dining, travel and luxury cars, all at the expense of his business clients.”

According to court documents, Glasser and Schacher used company funds to pay for frequent meals and drinks at upscale restaurants, the Pirogue Grille in Bismarck and The Luft in Bismarck.

The lawsuit alleges that “on one occasion, the company purchased a $400 meal for Jack’s birthday in Pirogue” and that the couple dined at The Pirogue Grille and The Luft 17 times within a month in mid-2020.

The documents also claim that Glasser and Schacher rented a 2021 Audi S5 Quattro for $2,059.35 a month as well as a 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 at a cost of $1,631.97 a month.

The company’s money is also alleged to have gone into personal travel, including a trip to Hawaii in 2018, as well as mortgage payments, haircuts, hair care products, plants, and “frivolous subscription services for themselves, including meal kits, and juice packages.” and alcoholic beverage groups.

The complaint alleges that Glaser and Schacher spent at least $499,000 of the company’s money on themselves by the end of 2020.

The attorney general’s lawsuit seeks to prevent Glasser from providing future photographic services and seeks to compensate clients and subcontractors and impose appropriate civil penalties.

according to Bismarck Tribune Glaser’s attorney, Tim O’Keeffe, said in a statement that his client was “disturbed” by the business’ closure.

“The attorney general’s office confirmed its views in the complaint, which is riddled with speculation and deception,” O’Keefe said. “We believe this is a failed business and not a complicated plot.”

O’Keeffe added that Glasser “has been devastated by the closure of Glasser Images and the negative impact it has had on its customers, employees, subcontractors and society.”

Glasser Images was working with a vendor, ShootProof, to return to customer photos that had already been taken at the time they closed.

On Monday, May 16, a couple affected by the shutdown of the photo company appeared on The Dr. reported by KFRYTV.

With the help of ShootProof, Dr. Phil surprised the North Dakota couple with all of their wedding photos.

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