The Hunter type Survivors can dish out the ranged damage in Evil Dead: The Game (Image via Game Pleasure/YouTube)

Each Survivor Hunter in Evil Dead: The Game is rated

Choosing the right team formation in Evil Dead: The Game is critical to the player’s success. When confronted with the evil Kandari demon, survivors will need to make every decision and second. Some types of survivors are better suited to performing certain roles, such as melee, range, cheerleading, and support. Hunters are for players who want to use long range attacks.

While all types of survivors can use both melee and ranged attacks, Hunters have built-in abilities that can enhance the damage results. Kind of a glass cannon type, these survivors can’t take as much damage as a stronger warrior type survivor, but the damage they can do at the range can be eye awful. But who is the best-suited survivor to play the role?

Rank each Survivor type hunter in Evil Dead: The Game

In Evil Dead: The Game, the survivors will participate in a group of four to take on the Kandarian Demon. The survivors must make sure they have a strong squad that can stand up to anything the devil can throw at them. Therefore, some Hunter-type survivors are more suited to the long-range damage-dealing role than others.

Here are all the hunter-type survivors in Evil Dead: The Game ranked.

4) Kelly Maxwell

One of the reasons Kelly is so far on this list is that her skills don’t complement her true long-range gameplay. Some of her skills give her an added advantage to close range attacks, and she’s too balanced to become a specialized survivor. This does not mean that it is bad, just that there are other, more effective options for performing such a role. The skills you possess are as follows:

  • Snapshot: When activated, enables dribbling without using stamina and allows long-range attacks to cause bleeding for a few seconds.
  • Weapon Master: Meat Hammer: The Meat Hammer has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and chopping damage.
  • Countershot: The next range attack after a successful dodge will cause a bleeding effect.
  • frenzy battle: The melee damage increases the longer the continuous combat.

While the bleeding damage can be good against bosses, players may want to try one of the more specialized survivors in Evil Dead: The Game.

3) Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

Although Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) uses weapons with a greater range than Kelly, it’s not something that far ranged. This is because the weapon that Ash uses is the double-barreled shotgun. This short range weapon can deal massive damage but it lacks the range of some other weapons in the game. Ash’s skills are as follows:

  • Exorcist: Activating this ability expels the demon from any survivor or base unit. If used on a possessed or elite boss unit, the ability drains some infernal energy from the demon.
  • Bounty hunter: See supply boxes through walls at close range.
  • I am the man with the double barrel: Start the match with the double barrel.
  • Weapon Master: Double Barrel: The double barrel has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and splitting damage.

While his weapon selection might not be the best, he still brings more to the table than Kelly does, as his Treasure Hunter ability allows him to find easier supply chests to get valuable items for his team in Evil Dead: The Game.

2) Amanda Fisher

Amanda Fisher is a versatile character who rewards characters for having great shooting skills. Prefer the pistol, it deals more damage with each successive shot that players hit without missing a beat. This bonus can accumulate continuously until you miss it. The precision aim bonus is great, but she can also fire her gun without consuming ammo. The skills you bring to the table are:

  • Ammo for days: When activated, this ability allows you to fire temporarily with your long-range weapons without using any ammo.
  • Reliable Sidearm: Start the match with a gun.
  • Weapon Master: Pistol: The pistol has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and chopping damage.
  • Accuracy counts: The damage done by your long-range weapons increases with each successive hit.

Although she is more of a “selfish” survivor in that her skills mostly benefit her, she can deal damage very quickly and can add powerful damage to any combination in Evil Dead: The Game.

1) Ed Jetley

Ed Getley is a Hunter Survivor in Evil Dead: the game that can not only do some serious damage but brings a lot of benefits to the team. For those looking to bring in a combination of support and harm, Ed is the best option. His skills allow players to help their team find better items and disarm traps, which can disrupt the devil’s carefully crafted plans. Ed skills are as follows:

  • It’s a trap: When activated, this ability grants the use of a unique flashlight that allows you to detect demon traps and temporarily disarm them.
  • permanent light: Increases your flashlight’s battery life.
  • Weapon Master: Crossbow: The crossbow has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and splitting damage.
  • Mosque: Increases the chance of defeated enemies dropping items and improves the possibility of finding chests of higher rarity.

While some Evil Dead: The Game players might not think it’s powerful due to the use of a crossbow, the benefit it provides to the team more than makes up for it. Players can help equip their team with the best items and make them more effective as a unit.

Noticeable: This article is subjective and only reflects the views of the author.

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