Google Pixel Watch: Every detail we know (and don't know)

Google Pixel Watch: Every detail we know (and don’t know)

Finally, the first Google smartwatch has been revealed. the name of the thing Pixel watchThe company harassed the watch during I/O . Conference Wednesday together with Pixel 6A phoneAnd Pixel 7 With a new Tensor chip, Pixel Buds Pro And have a look at Android 13.

But Google’s announcement was just a preview, not a full launch. This means that there are a lot of details that remain a mystery, such as the watch price, battery life, and health sensors (to name a few). Google will likely reveal more details about the Pixel Watch as its fall 2022 release approaches, but here’s what we know so far.

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What to expect from the Pixel Watch, the new Fitbit watch from Google …


It will be launched this fall along with the Pixel 7

During Wednesday’s announcement, Google said the Pixel Watch will officially launch this fall. The exact timing has yet to be determined, but Google usually holds its fall product launches in late September or October. Pixel 6, for example, debuted in October 19, 2021 event, While Google held a press conference on September 30 To introduce the Pixel 5 in 2020.

Pixel Watch features a circular design with customizable straps

If there’s one thing Google has been willing to share, it’s what the Pixel Watch looks like. According to the leaks, Google’s first smartwatch features a round face with a domed design and glass that looks like curves on the edges. The watch is made of recycled stainless steel and there is a touchable crown that looks like an Apple Watch. Customizable straps will also be available.

Close-up of the Google Pixel watch with a digital watch interface

Google Pixel watch

The Google

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the Pixel Watch has a stunning look that looks just right for the competition Apple WatchAnd Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 And other advanced smart watches.

Google Wear OS software and apps will power the watch

It’s no surprise that Google’s new smartwatch runs on Wear OS. Google didn’t say much about the watch’s software features other than describing it as “flexible” and “easy to navigate”. Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of devices and services at Google, described the operating system as “clickable, voice-enabled and visible.” The company briefly explained how apps like Google Maps, Wallet, Home and Google Assistant will appear on the watch during its presentation.

Rick Osterloh discussing the Pixel Watch at I/O 2022

Google Pixel watch

The Google

It will integrate with Fitbit, but won’t replace it

Fitbit products aren’t going anywhere, but you can expect to see some familiar ones Fitbit Features Link to google watch. This includes continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and active zone minutes, which measure the amount of time you spend in specific heart rate zones during exercise. Google also showed how you’ll be able to see Fitbit health stats like heart rate and steps right from the watch face.

Rick Osterloh discusses the health benefits of the Pixel Watch

google pixel watch

The Google

However, what we don’t know is which specific health tracking sensors will be present on the Pixel Watch. What is clear, however, is that the Pixel Watch will inherit more Fitbit functionality in the future. James Park, co-founder of Fitbit and currently leading the wearables division at Google, He told CNET’s Scott Stein. “We will continue to improve the program over time.

It will only be compatible with Android devices

Because the Pixel Watch is meant to complement Google Pixel devicesIt will not be compatible with the iPhone, according to a Google spokesperson. This is likely part of the reason the Pixel Watch won’t replace Fitbit products, considering Fitbit watches and trackers work with both iOS and Android.

There will be a cellular option

Google will offer a 4G LTE option from the Pixel Watch, which will enable it to maintain a cellular connection when the phone is not nearby. Fitbit smartwatches don’t come in a cell-enabled option, so that’s a way Google can tell the two production lines apart.

It will have special prices

Google hasn’t mentioned the cost of the Pixel Watch yet. But at a press conference, Osterloh said it will be priced as a premium product. It’s unclear what that means, but it looks like it could be a competitor to the Apple Watch Series 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. A high-end Apple watch starts at $400, while a Samsung watch typically starts at $250.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Pixel Watch, but we expect to learn more in the coming months.

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