Congratulations on the sex, boss

Congratulations on the sex, boss

The Master Chief stands among Lonely Island under the clouds that says

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I honestly don’t think we’re ready for what’s coming. If you thought the speech was too much When I show my assGet ready: In the last episode of Hello Show, Mr. Head was having sex.

The Hello which premiered on Paramount+ back in March, and has since become The biggest success of the thriving streaming serviceStarted strong. pilot episode Show a willingness to deviate From well-established source materials. The episodes that followed, which come out weekly on Thursdays, were either hit or miss. Some have shown thrilling fight scenes and explore really complex moral gray areas; Others have been slowed down by plot lines that have no stakes, no payoffs, and no interesting characterization.

If nothing else, this final episode, “Loyalty,” is groundbreaking, and not just for the massive fight scene. Like everything “OMG it’s his ass”, I’m pretty sure this is the first time the president has had sex, at least in a bloated major marketing budget Hello canon.

[Spoiler territory from here on out.]

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The scene is not strange because it happened as much as because of who’s inside too: Maki, a human who was kidnapped by covenant enemies at a young age, was soon considered the “chosen one”, and assimilated into the hierarchy. High-ranking agent. For anyone with a semblance of intuition (something you would have thought the Master Chief had in spades), it’s pretty clear she’s a spy with ulterior motives.

And then there’s Cortana, the AI ​​boss’s companion, who… stands there, watching with a mix of emotions completely unperceived by the uncanny valley.

As far as the sex scenes go, they’re incredibly tame too, relying on inclusion more than anything else. The leader and Maki kiss slightly. Crush pieces, then they were naked in bed, and it seemed they did the deed already. It’s as steamy as the popular Cold Storage multiplayer map. (Side note: 343, please port that person infinite aura.)

The show in no way needs to be fully involved, of course, but it remains interesting to me how comfortable American filmmakers are at showing graphic violence while staying away from even somewhat sinister sex. The Hello show really TV-MA rating. Parties explode. Heads are falling apart. At one point, an alien soldier, everything under his stomach ripped to shreds, his torso strewn with plasma burns, spends his last moments trying unsuccessfully to crawl to safety. It’s a terrifying picture. But nope, commas should be tapped into anything beyond a small kiss. I suppose effect game of thronesThe final season is greater than we could have imagined. (If you know, you know.)

It’s not just shyness that deserves a backlash. Fans are not happy With Chief completely abdicating his duty here, even the most staunch proponents show criticism of his behavior. Viewers expect that this “loyalty” between Mackie and the president foreshadows the downfall of Reach, which has yet to occur in the series’ timeline. (up, in Hello canon, a major human planetary colony, it dispenses with the first stimulus Hello trilogy, the setting for Bungie’s hit 2010 hit Swan, access to aura.)

The show has “crossed its last streak,” books Forbes Critic Paul Tassi. Washington PostJane Park, who has been largely positive on the show so far, She said He’s “really crazy” and is reconsidering his “complete attitude on the show”. Credit where it’s worth, title on commaWriting It made me laugh out loud: “Mr. President is losing his virginity while his mother is watching.”

that Hello It’s not the show’s deviation from established tradition that’s rubbing audiences the wrong way — in fact, it’s Hello A display willing to re-check the standards is undoubtedly his strongest selling point. Any push and pull here is attributable to the Master Chief’s characterization. Just as Spider-Man must always lose to Uncle Ben, there are a few consistent rules for the Chief. The key: Every decision he makes is about saving as many people as possible. Blindly ignoring this, potentially putting billions of lives at risk in the process, a short romance is a demeanor for someone who might not even shake “117” on their shield.

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