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How to get Ghost Flame Explosive Magic in Elden Ring

The Elden Ring is filled with some of the most amazing death witches that Tarnished will be able to encounter as they explore the mysteries of the lands in between.

Death witches use Ghostflame, which is capable of inflicting a great deal of damage on enemies, especially if they are resisting this type of attack (enemies using sacred spells). One of the most powerful death witches in the RPG is the Explosive Ghostflame, which will allow the player to strike the ground with his staff and cause a Ghostflame explosion that burns the surroundings.

However, the spell will require 42 intelligence and 30 faith to be used, and it scales very well with these two attributes. Hence, it is one of the reasons why players who make witches and witches out of their tarang consider this explosive ghost torch as one of the best end-game spells in the Elden Ring.

However, magic itself is very difficult, and many members of the community find it difficult to obtain.

Obtain the Explosive Ghost Flame in the Elden Ring

Unfortunately, Elden Ring Tarnished won’t be able to get their hands on the explosive Ghostflame early in the Elden Ring narrative.

Players will have to wait until they reach the late match and make their way to the tops of the mountains in the Giants to get the enchantment.

Here’s how players can get the Explosive Ghostflame on the Elden Ring:

  • Players will have to make their way to the consecrated snowfields by activating the Grand Lift of Rold. In order to be able to do this, the char must first collect the two halves of the secret Haligtree Medal. One Piece can be found in the village of Albinaurics in the Liurnia of the Lakes, where they will need to talk to an NPC disguised as a potted one. The other half can be found in Castle Sol, located on the tops of the Giants Mountains, where players must first beat Commander Nial to obtain it.
  • After making their way to the consecrated snowfields, players will need to make their way north of the area until they reach Ordina, the liturgical city. From there, they would need to make their way northwest until they found a lake, after which they would see a shrine casting far-reaching spells upon them, and then the Marika Church.
  • It is important for players to activate the blessing location there before moving on to deal with the shrine. Deactivating the shrine is important here as the hulk continues to constantly fire spell missiles at players, making it very difficult to explore the surrounding area. Hitting his legs and cleaning him of all the debris will bring him down and disable him.
  • From Marica Church, players will need to explore the surrounding area a bit until they happen to meet the head of the Death Rite Bird arena on the river. It is important to note here that the bird will only appear at night, and players can use the location of grace in the church to change the time.
  • Death Rite Bird can be an incredibly challenging encounter depending on the type of build players are striving to achieve. He hits the boss incredibly hard and could take out Elden’s fading ring in the blink of an eye if they weren’t careful. It may take a few attempts for the players to get used to his movements. When the enemy is defeated, players will be automatically rewarded with an explosive ghost torch

Explosive Ghostflame is an amazing spell in an enchanting arsenal in Elden Ring, and juggling is incredibly easy during PvE and PvP situations in the game.

While it has a fairly high FP cost (which sits at 36), many feel that Explosive Ghostflame’s benefits outweigh its downsides.

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