Yelich reaches the third round, equaling records with a loss against the Reds -

Yelich reaches the third round, equaling records with a loss against the Reds –

Cincinnati (AFP) – Christian Willich He came out of the box, sprinted around the bases and raced to third in his first hat-trick of the season.

A well-timed trilogy, too.

The Milwaukee Brewers star made a record-breaking third turn — amazingly, all against Cincinnati. Yelich achieved the feat on Wednesday with a 14-11 loss to the Reds.

“I would definitely prefer to win the match,” Willisch said. “Stranger things happen in baseball. Anytime you can hit a course, it’s cool. I’ll try to enjoy it as much as I can.”

Yelich tripled during his ninth-round six-stroke run. His colleagues were well aware of the significance, and they stood in the top row of the bunker applauding him.

Yellich became the sixth player in Major League history to score at least one home game, three-, two-, and one-player singles in the same game three times. Join Tria TurnerAdrian Pelter, Babe Hermann, Bob Maisel and John Riley accomplished this feat.

Earlier, Yelich doubled in the first, hit Homer by three runs in the third and won in the fifth.

Late in the 2018 season, Yellich played twice in a three-week period against the Reds.

“There are a lot of things that have to happen to get to the tournament,” said the former NFL Player of the Year. “It’s hard to get four strokes in a major league game and to get the right kind, there is an element of luck. Still great.”

Tyler Stevenson He drove in four runs with a pair of doubles and Colin Moran Homer hit three times for Cincinnati. The Reds, the record holder for the worst in a major tournament, won their second consecutive series by topping the NL Central leaderboard.

“All these teams in the league are good – you have to keep playing, you have to keep playing,” said Reds manager David Bale. “wonderful day. Not just hits and RBIs, but just grind the bats, control the hit zone, and get the guys at the base. This creates opportunities.”

Tyler Naken Hit a rule-laden triple for Cincinnati, which leads 7-0 after two rounds. Moran came in during the eighth round that lasted six games and made it 14-5.

Renfro hunter Two homers hit solo for the Brewers.

Milwaukee’s top six hitters made it to base at nine, including hits home Jess Peterson And pinch hitter Mike Brousseau. Joel Connell was relieved and gave up a pair of RBI doubles as he took all three finals.

Reds rookie Vladimir Gutierrez allowed four runs and six strokes over 4 2/3 runs. The right-handed went out by four games and the bases were loaded into fifth, Alexis Diaz came in (1-0) and hit Luis Orias.

Adrian Hauser Verses (3-3): He succeeded in passing four rounds. He gave up six hits and seven runs, four of which he didn’t gain due to two fouls on the court. Loyal JC Mejia was charged with five runs in the eighth inning for the Reds.

Milwaukee manager Craig Consell said, “I thought Adrian just passed the fourth inning was a success. Nothing went well for him in the first and second inning.”

The Reds scored four first-half goals on a Stevenson RBI double and Naquin’s laden bases triple from a central field wall that was within a foot of being a major slam.

The Reds loaded the bases again in a second. After fueling Hauser Mike Mustafa For the second time, Stephenson hit again, driving in all three with a double to the left.

Tommy Fam He drove in two extra runs for the Reds to finish eighth with a base single loaded, followed by an RBI song by Mustakas to soften the lead.

Brosso and Peterson of the Morita League came in ninth.

Tyler to tears

Stevenson has been injured pretty well since returning from concussion protocol on May 3. Since then he’s been 11 versus 29 and his hit rate has gone up to .322. Regular catcher, he went 3 for 5 as the DH in Wednesday’s lineup.

“He’s in our squad, in our club, behind the board,” Bale said. “He’s going to need a few days off here and there, but when we can keep him in the squad, today showed how important he is.”

coach room

Reds: LHP Mike Minor (Shoulder) He is scheduled to begin his second rehab at Triple-A Louisville on Sunday. He could make his first appearance of the season next week. …Bill said about Jake Fraley (Knee Inflammation), 1 b joy photo (disease) and Nick Snzel (Illness) They are all approaching rehabilitation tasks.

next one

Brewers: After a day off, open the weekend series with Miami. RHP Corbin Burns (1-2, 1.86) is due to start the match against RHP Pablo López (4-1, 1.00 ERA).

Reds: Open a series of four matches with the pirates. RHP Connor Overton (0-0, 2.53) is scheduled to face RHP JT Brubaker (0-2, 5.68 ERA). The Reds won two out of three games against Pittsburgh at Great American Ball Park last weekend.


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