Salt and Sacrifice Review: A 2D Sidecar Experience

Salt and Sacrifice Review: A 2D Sidecar Experience

The latest role-playing game from Devoured and Ska Studios arrives on May 10th, Salt and sacrifice. The 2D soul-like game will test the patience and temperament of the players, which is very challenging. The game will arrive on select devices. So how is the RPG from Devoured and Ska Studios? Find out with our review of Salt and sacrifice.

Story: Save the kingdom in this indie RPG

You are a distinguished detective, convicted of crimes against the Kingdom of Altarstone. Now you find yourself part of this doomed force of hunters condemned to their mission to stand up against the existential threat of magic. Now you must hunt, hunt, and destroy the witches who roam the land, causing havoc.

Players will find inspiration from other favorite genres such as Evil spirits at Salt and sacrifice. You won’t get a straight plot, but instead, as in Evil spirits In the franchise, players will learn more about the world and what happens as you explore and talk to NPCs. There are no clips or long spaces of text to explain everything here. Instead, you’ll have to piece everything together as you go along with it.

In our review of Salt and Sacrifice, we found that this storytelling style can be hit or miss depending on the player. With no specific plot to propel the player forward, it becomes relatively easy to get lost and not know what to do. This level of freedom of exploration is a double-edged sword. Getting to know the world is rewarding. But a lot can be missed without clear evidence.

How to play: 2D scroller game that offers a steep challenge

start in Salt and sacrifice, you will be presented to the character creation menu, allowing you to select some basic appearance options, class, and portable items based on the crime you initially committed. After that, they go through a short introduction, and you’ll be off to the races.

The player will start his adventure in the starting city. Here, equipment can be manufactured, upgraded, bought, sold, or otherwise. In addition, the starting city is where your character becomes more powerful, allowing you to spend the experience gained. Start City also contains the arc, which differs from the pre-release Ska studios, Salt and Sanctuary.

The player will collect runes that will allow him to travel to different areas throughout the game. Players can learn these runes for teleportation by talking to NPCs and magical combat, which is the key sign of progression in the game.

Die, learn, repeat

Salt and sacrificeLike its predecessor, it draws a lot of inspiration from Evil spirits Franchise with gameplay. Players will need to exercise patience and learn patterns, even when dealing with ordinary enemies. With the 2D side scrolling nature of Salt and sacrificeEnemies will go up or down from floors to you. During fights, you may quickly find yourself outnumbered.

Salt and sacrifice It may not be difficult for everyone. Exploring and fighting enemies would be too difficult to die for. Between fighting mages and different door bosses who need enchanted hearts. You’ll find yourself battling two to three bosses in a row at certain points, with some of their stages being quite small.

To make things more difficult for the player, the attack patterns of some magicians are so broken that their patterns are just spam attacks. Fixed bombs in a small contained space lock the player into hours of frenzy where only luck or surrender will set you free.

But once you defeat that annoying wizard, they may still come back to you. Witches operate on a different level once they are defeated, they become field enemies, and you can find yourself facing multiple times at once, along with minions and regular field enemies. These types of challenges are made for players who are fans of this type of challenge. Players looking for a more forgiving game may find it difficult here.

Graphics/Sound: Beautiful dark depiction of a world on the edge of the abyss

Taking advantage of the 2D side-scrolling style, the developers at Devoured and Ska Studio still run the same dark, brooding inspiration that Evil spirits The franchise is also known as . Walking through death fields or decaying caverns filled with skeletons, the developers nailed that dark, foreboding feeling.

The Salt and Sacrifice Map is a world of sprawling vertical exploration. Following the path can clear the area, giving you more places to unlock. Each site is also designed to be returned as well. Acquiring specific terrain tools will allow the player to access new trails in the area. Even in 2D, the team at Devoured and Ska Studios still bring a game with a great deal of depth to their world.

Audio in . format Salt and sacrifice Decent, but nothing likely to win any awards. But, it’s fun and well executed, with highs during boss battles and extreme lows in darkness during exploration. The team at Devoured and Ska Studios do a great job using sound to add even more oomph to their game.

Conclusion: definitely worth it for some, but not everyone

A gutted Ska Studios game Salt and sacrifice Another great addition to this type of game. After their previous title, Salt and sanctuaryThey do a great job adding new ideas to their game, further developing their franchise. Unfortunately, this title will probably appeal only to those who like the genre. If you are like me and your games tend to fall on the less difficult side, Salt and sacrifice It probably won’t be your cup of tea.

But, if you are a fan Evil spirits Franchise business and you are looking for a new course with a challenge. With our review of Devoured and Ska Studios Game Salt and Sacrifice, this will definitely be right up your alley and worth checking out, but everyone else. You may want to skip this and try to find something that doesn’t want you to pull your hair out.

If you want to know more after reading Salt and sacrifice review. The game will be available on the Epic Games Store or PlayStation 4 & 5 Store for $19.99. Additionally, you can learn more about the developer’s Ska Studion on their website and Devoured Studios on their site Twitter.

As a distinguished detective, you will travel across the western frontier: hunt down the witches who roam the world, hunt them down, and wipe them out. Craft unique weapons and armor from the flesh and bones of the wizards you destroy.


  • Fantastic art and level design
  • rewarding exploration
  • good challenge


  • The gameplay can be overwhelming
  • Controls can look weird
  • Easy to get lost

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