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Winner Survivor Talks About Tribal Final Wilderness, Effect of Omar’s Expulsion: ‘I Would Have Burned Every Bridge If That Failed’

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday’s season finale 42 The son.

Who knew such a lovable and goofy gal would bring the heat when it was time to snatch that cash? That’s exactly what recent graduate Marian Okic did to secure her Sole Survivor title and a $1 million check.

Despite the annoyance of some of her early comrades from the Taku tribe, Marian hid her strategic side until absolutely necessary, finding several idols and massaging their ties to secure herself a seat in Final Three. Accompanied by blindly Omar), outperformed and outperformed the competition: runner-up Mike Turner and third-placed Romeo Escobar. (Read the full final summary here.)

Below, TVLine talks to Marianne about her life afterwards survivorher biggest move in the game, wearing her heart on her sleeve and a very special term she herself coined for her fans.

TVLINE | First of all, congratulations!
Marian Okic | Thank you so much!

TVLINE | So, Marianne, tell me: How do you feel when you are survivor Caption?
Oh my God, don’t say that! This… that’s a lot. I’m still trying to go and sit in the fact that I survivor winner. If you’re adding a legend to it, for example, I haven’t even addressed that. This is very surreal.

TVLINE | How did it feel to come home from Fiji and have to keep such a huge secret that you just won Million dollars?
Oh my God, it was so hard to hold on to. But the thing is, I knew my family was big survivor Fans, and the people around me are huge fans. I knew it would be nicer for them to watch me win rather than just know how I did.

TVLINE | You are one of the youngest players and winners we’ve seen on the show. How has your life changed since you got home?
I came home to live with my parents and finished university. Honestly, it was as official as 24 hours? Less than that? So my life hasn’t really changed. I am not trying to let my standard of living rise. I’m trying to live my broken student life.

TVLINE | You mentioned in the show that there was a member of your family separated. Is it going? survivor Help reunite everyone?
Obviously, family stuff wouldn’t just be a quick first aid fix, but my whole family was in my house survivor A final to watch and it really meant a lot to me.

TVLINE | You had such huge feelings on the show. Do you always wear your heart on your sleeve, or is it just an emotional hit survivor that affected you the most?
I always put my heart on my sleeve. I’m always someone who will let people know how I feel about my feelings. The problem is sometimes I feel emotions but I don’t know how to express them. This is something I’ve been working on. I worked on it before the show and worked on it afterwards, but everyone knows they can read me like a book when it comes to my feelings.

TVLINE | Going to the Final Tribes, how confident are you in your ability to win? Has it changed or changed at all with the continuation of the tribal council?
It was kind of a roller coaster. When I went to the final Tribal game, I had a feeling like, “Oh my God, I think I’m going to win.” But people kept asking Mike questions, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I misjudged. I’m not going to win. That’s disgusting.’ But then when people started talking to me and letting me express the gameplay more accurately, I was like, “Okay, I guess I’ve got a chance.”

Survivor 42 MarianTVLINE | This season he’s had some strong players. Do you think you would have been able to beat Hay, Omar, Derya or Lindsey?
I don’t think I would be able to win against them. Lindsay is the one where it’s a very, very big fling because we’ve had very different games. But I really didn’t think I would be able to beat them in the final, which is why in the eight, seven and six, I targeted them. It’s not about being the best player. It’s about being the best player in the end.

TVLINE | You have been instrumental in taking Omar out of the game. How important is this step in your end game?
If this move failed, then my game… had to work because I would have burned every bridge if I hadn’t already taken Omar out. Because then Lindsey wouldn’t work with me, and Romeo would have known I would have been fine when his name was taken out in case Omar hadn’t come home. And I would probably vote for Jonathan, so Mike would have gotten mad at me. It would have been really bad for me if that didn’t work, so I’m very happy to do it.

TVLINE | At first, I was this champagne super guy. How much of that was your clan mates theater, and at what point in the game did you decide you really needed to change it?
I wouldn’t say I lied about any part of my personality, but I may have been brought up and rejected in some places. I knew I had a very strategic mind and very smart, so I really wanted to emphasize this bubbly part about me like, “Oh my God, I’m so happy to be here! That’s great. I’m living the best of my life,” so people would underestimate me and I’d be able to slip instead From being that strategic threat where it’s like, ‘It’s likable, it’s a strategy, we have to take it out.’

TVLINE | Tell me a little bit about your decision not to save Lindsay in Final 5.
On an emotional level, I wanted to save Lindsay. I loved Omar. Omar has been the first for me since day two, and it really hurts myself. And it was very difficult after that to vote for someone else I was very close to [like] Lindsay too, especially after leaving Tori. So I wanted to save her on that emotional level. But then, when I started thinking about it, I realized strategically, that it wouldn’t be smart for me to save Lindsay because she could have come to the end and say, “I didn’t even know Maryanne had an idol, but because of my social skills, I managed to get her to use it for me.” I didn’t have to, and it could have been bad for my game.

Survivor 42 MarianTVLINE | In addition, Lindsay had a file Many Fortunately there. Survive work or die and Tori’s vote…
It could have been a pattern of luck. She would have that social skill. She was good with everyone. After that, she was noticeably more physical than me. She was the most experienced player and that was going to be pretty terrifying until you got to the end.

TVLINE | What happened there that we didn’t see on TV?
This is so much fun. I think on the second day of the fake fusion we were looking for crabs and I saw an octopus. I’ve never used the Hawaiian launcher. I’m like, “Oh my God, there’s an octopus and someone has to kill it!” And I was really excited like, “We need to kill him! We need to kill him!” So ​​I’m like, “Who has a Hawaiian bomber?” So it turns out I made Hai a vegetarian to kill the octopus for the tribe, so I felt bad in retrospect. But I was like, “I don’t need to be the hero to go and save the octopus. I need to get food for the tribe. And if that means I’m not the one to kill him, that’s fine!”

TVLINE | Well, the sidebar. Are you aware of this term circulating around Twitter: “Marystan.”
Want to know a secret?

TVLINE | Always!
I actually coined it. I drafted “Marystan,” then made major connections and used it earlier in the season. So when it spreads, people will identify themselves as Maristan. I’m kidding you don’t. I have screenshots to prove it and everything. The one I find so funny that I didn’t do the coins was “Ian Millionaire”. A little talkative, but has a beautiful ring.

TVLINE | …and now that’s true!

TVLINE | You have survived and invaded. Would you like to do it again?
I won’t play again now, but I love the game. I feel like all I can give him survivor At the point in my life—where I feel, I’m young, I’m a student I’m still thinking things through—I’ve done a lot of it already. The only thing I feel I can give the game is maybe win an immunity, but I don’t feel like I have anything new to bring. So until I feel like I have something new to bring from another stage of life, I’m very satisfied with the way I play.

Marian Survivor 42 Conclusion SummaryTVLINE | So what’s next for you?
I just graduated from my master’s degree a couple of weeks ago, so I think I’ll take a year off and work. Then I might go back to school again because I just love learning, and now I can foot the bill.

TVLINE | Finally, any advice for survivor There are optimists?
My biggest advice for the future survivor Hopes to make sure you know who you are. Make sure you know what motivates you. Make sure you know your highs, your lows, the things you need to work on, and the things you’re strong at, because knowing who you are will ensure that you’re in the game, not influenced by what other people think you are. Then, too, you will know how other people’s perceptions of you fit into your narrative, and also what things they might just narrate, you will know how to resist.

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