The best board games of the summer, according to the experts

The best board games of the summer, according to the experts

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We all want blue skies and mild temperatures for our summer holidays, but since rainy days can be harsh, especially if you have young children, we asked “board game geeks” who describe themselves as “board game geeks” – Jay Cormier of Vancouver and London , unt. Sen-Foong Lim – To recommend their best picks. In the past 16 years, the duo have created more than 20 games together including 2020’s Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion and Mind Mgmt: The Psychic Espionage “Game” (which recently raised nearly $800,000 for another print). Here are 10 family-friendly titles that should keep kids and adults alike from reaching for their screens all day when the weather refuses to cooperate.

Party games: the more players, the better

Jay Cormier pick: Time’s up: call the address

Make your partner guess the title of movies, songs and more in 30 seconds by saying anything you want that is not part of the title. In the second round, players can provide clues of only one word. In the last round, players must represent the titles. Inspired by charades, this fun is guaranteed to deliver.

Sin Fung Lim’s Choice: one only

It is best to play a cooperative guessing game with a lot of people where everyone secretly writes one-word clues to help the active player guess the mysterious word. The change occurs when everyone simultaneously reveals the clues they want to present before the active player looks at them – any duplicate clues are eliminated, making you guess yourself and your teammates.

Instant Games: Easy rules mean you can get into the game faster

Cormier’s Choice: Sushi Joe!

A fast-paced card game where everyone plays at once. The goal is to collect the best collection of sushi themed combinations that are worth points. For example, three sashimi in a round will give you 10 points, or two tempura cards will get you 5 points. However, if you can’t find the full set for either of them, it will be worth nothing. After three rounds, players get a bonus if they eat the most sweets. The player who gets the most points wins.

Lim’s Choice: Super Skill Pinball: 4-Cade

Players try to get a high score by picking numbers to cross out their pinball machine to dry erase. Roll the dice, cross out the number on your pinball machine to dry erase, get points or gain super powers to boost points instead like the super messy multi ball. If a player cannot match the dice with one of the remaining options on his table, he is within steps of defeat.

Family games: for all ages (up to Gen Z)

Cormier’s Choice: space base

A dice game where each player takes on the role of a brigadier general of a small fleet of spaceships. When the player rolls the dice, everyone wins something based on the ships they got. It’s a fun game that keeps everyone engaged because players can be rewarded no matter who rolls the dice. Some of the ships you buy give points instead of money and the player who reaches 40 points first is the winner.

Lim’s Choice: Cascadia

The goal is to create vast habitats for different types of wildlife to live in. At each turn, players choose a habitat tile and an animal icon to add to their ecosystem. It is a perpetual puzzle where players try to achieve goals of making the habitat bigger or placing animals in their preferred configurations in the best possible way. It’s like Scrabble for animal lovers if you build the board and try to form words at once.

Card games: collect these decks for every rainy day

Cormier’s Choice: tycho

Tichu is a partner game with four players. It is also a game of climbing, which means that one player plays a card or combination of cards from his hand, and the next player must “climb”, play a card or set higher. Add in four cards that have unique abilities (such as a card one point higher than the most recently played card), and the fact that at the beginning of each round you pass cards to each player (while trying to help your partner and hold back your opponents) and you have a card game that everyone wants to play over and over.

Lim’s Choice: cockroach poker

In this fun game of deception, players try to make their opponents collect more cards by placing one face down and mentioning the animal on it – they may be lying or telling the truth! The next player must either agree, disagree or pass. When the card is finally revealed, the player who was incorrect collects the card.

Kids friendly games: excitement at home for toddlers and their parents

Cormier’s Choice: Evolution of Zombie Kidz

Clumsy fun for kids five years old and up. Players are in a school when zombies attack, blocking access to classrooms. Players move through rooms and doorways to eliminate zombies. To win the game, players need to lock each of the four entrances to save the school. Players track their playing proficiency through the trophy label system and opening envelopes containing new twists, adding to the challenge.

Lim’s Choice: Scooby-doo escapes from the haunted mansion

In this puzzle-packed game designed by Cormier and Lim, players work together to decipher clues and find their way out of the mysterious mansion, all while solving the mystery of Lady Fairmont’s ghost. Players take on the roles of teenage detectives and their canine companion in this escape room version of the classic cartoon.

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