The grief of the twins intertwined with the ancient evil in a head scratcher of terror

The grief of the twins intertwined with the ancient evil in a head scratcher of terror

A sad-looking woman with long blond hair hugs a young child in a scene from The Twin.

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All horror fans know the metaphor: When tragedy strikesEvil spirits try to prey on the survivors left behind. (Bonus points if there are Share baby.) Twin—For the first time in English Finnish Writer and director Tanile Moustunen (2016 based on true crime Lake Bodum), who co-wrote with producer Aleksi Hyvärinen, starts out very much in this vein. And then… it takes a big turn.

We will not give any further details about TwinThe curve of the ball, other than to indicate that it is the main reason for examining the film. Other than that, it’s a well-made story but not exactly an original story. Who are the stars witches discoveryTeresa Palmer as Rachel, a young mother who agrees to move from New York to her husband’s native Finland after they lose one of their twin sons in a car accident. A fresh start is just what they need! But being a horror movie, things clearly don’t go according to plan. Rachel, who already thinks of Anthony (played by someone Palmer witches Co-stars, Stephen Curry) doesn’t show enough interest in their surviving child, Elliot (Tristan Ruggeri), and begins to suspect that something is wrong with the boy — wondering ahead of time, “Didn’t you notice anything?” strange His behavior since we’ve been here? Even worse, the town (a picturesque Scandinavian village) where their new home is located (a gorgeous old mansion surrounded by a forest) is filled with unfriendly locals–apart from eccentric Helen (played by someone else). witches discovery Barbara Martin), who immediately assured her “I’m not crazy, all the others are.” (Anthony calls them “criminals.”)

Circumstances—particularly local legends reinforced by Helen’s own tales of the “rich pagan culture” that initially drew her to the area—along with Eliot’s increasingly bizarre behavior (at one point, he began to insist that it was in fact Nathan, his deceased brother) driving Rachel begins to suspect that evil forces are targeting her family. It doesn’t help her continuing nightmares and daydreams that mix flashbacks with the car accident and her son’s funeral with harrowing visions that seem to portend. (“I don’t know what’s real anymore,” she said at one point, a remark we’ll soon begin sharing.) A viewer might pause and wonder, Why would the village doctor ignore her concerns about Elliot? why would he do Twin Going beyond seemingly crucial plot points, like Elliot’s sudden disappearance from the family welcome party or Rachel’s admission out of nowhere that her late son, Nathan, had “problems” she was tired of dealing with before his death?

The viewer might also pause and wonder why there are 30 minutes left in the movie when he seems totally involved in its ending, but we’ve already made it clear why. Whether you appreciate this development or not will affect your public opinion Twin, whose mysterious settings in the 80s and 90s provide an easy way to wean cell phones and the Internet from the mechanisms of their plots; It also gives a reason to Twin To view… the twin towers… in the background of New York scenes. In my view, the direction the plot takes in its final work is not satisfying enough to justify pulling the rug out from under the movie that came before in its entirety, rosemary baby Meets Midsmar (Plus nervous kid) Positive feedback. But it definitely defines Twin Apart from many other films also built from similar DNA strands.

Twin It hits theaters, on demand and digital, and streams on Shudder today.

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