This is the end for us: Randall as president?  Spinoff potential?  Show Boss Dan Fogelman Answers Burning Questions

This is the end for us: Randall as president? Spinoff potential? Show Boss Dan Fogelman Answers Burning Questions

Warning: This post contains spoilers for this is us‘ Series Finale.

this is us Fans getting ready for some major sleight of hand at the series finale Instead, we experienced a quiet, loving hour with one quick flash forward and without a giant plot twist.

“We” was “a little reflection on family and time,” series creator Dan Fogelman said. Instead of the twists that the series is known for, The Final Hour instead divided its time between Rebecca’s funeral and a lazy Saturday at Pearson’s home when the Big Three were kids. “In some ways, these are the most challenging things,” the executive producer added. (Read the full synopsis for the end, and check out the final rendering details for a quick preview.)

We know you’ll likely have questions about the final episode of the NBC drama, and on Sunday’s final show as well as on a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, we asked Fogelman (and some of his representatives) one last help for the Pearson family scoop.

Why did Rebecca die in the last episode and not the end? | “This decision was made really early on,” Fogelman told TVLine during the show. “The reason was the theme of the show, the very thing that was talked about at the end of the series: Just because someone left doesn’t mean the world doesn’t go on and they don’t go on living with the family. So it was important to me that the last episode didn’t revolve around Rebecca’s death, and the grief that It’s about her death, but the focus is actually on a day that was just a normal part of life in this family’s history.”

What parts of the final match shot well? | The William and Randall scene outside the girls’ bedroom, as well as scenes from the Pearson Family’s Lazy Saturday, were captured long before Season 6. On the conference call, Fogelman said he hadn’t seen that footage in a while, we don’t have a large, complete backup plan, which made it a little intimidating. It’s literally the reason why I had to watch the first part of the pic with my wife [series star Caitlin Thompson]Which I had never done before, because I was too afraid to watch it alone.”

Was the streak always going to end after a shot from Rebecca and Jack? | Fogelman told reporters that he always thought the final dialogue on the show would be Jack and Rebecca exchanging “I love you,” like in the episode — albeit with some background noise from other scenes in the montage. The show is about family and time, and the way the family loves each other. And I thought this original love story, in terms of feelings, was the right language to end.” Milo Ventimiglia told TVLine that scene partner Mandy Moore “was very worried about it being the last thing. She was saying, I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I’d be just a wreck,” but she wasn’t. She was gorgeous, serene, and beautiful.” Moore added, “It was incredible to have one last chance to look each other in the eyes and get to know what this experience was like for both of us. I know I’ll never have a partner like him again, in any way, and I’m really grateful for that. So I just tried to I stay present and be with him for now.”

Randall's Chief Series Season 6 Episode 18 with subtitlesDid Randall Become President? | Randall’s political journey ahead of him is probably the closest we’ll come to on this show soprano “Going black at the end of the episode, you’re left to choose your own adventure as to what you think is going on with it,” Fogelman told reporters, laughing. “In my opinion, I know what happens to Randall and his family, but I’m not supposed to respond… It’s up to the audience to decide what they think will happen next with Randall.”

Will there be a spinoff? | “I’m totally prepared for this,” Fogelman said on the call. “Who knows what change the midlife crisis that followed me made, but I really feel like we’ve put these stories to bed now.” With Diane Gordon reporting

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