Sonos Voice Assistant is a faster way to control your smart speaker

Sonos Voice Assistant is a faster way to control your smart speaker

Built for music enjoyment, Sonos Voice Control excels at basic music playback tasks with on-device processing, while also lending Alexa a helping hand.

Sonos It has finally launched its own digital voice assistant called Sonos Voice Control which will live alongside Alexa and is coming to smart speakers in June. Rumors of an internal digital assistant dedicated to Sonos’ audio devices have been circulating for a while. And a few months ago, the accompanying app icon provided our first glimpse into the new Sonos product.

While the icons didn’t reveal much about the premise of the Sonos voice assistant, and the accompanying UI elements made it clear that it would work well in tandem with Alexa, that courtesy won’t extend to Google Assistant. Other reports claimed that Sonos wasn’t planning on creating well-known names in the game, but just wanted to create a product that was good at handling core music experiences.

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Well, the wait is finally over. Sonos Voice Control will come to compatible Sonos equipment June 1 via a software update in the US and will expand to France later this year. The assistant uses the voice of actor Giancarlo Esposito, who is best known for his role in Breaking Bad. a “Hey SonosIt will invoke it, but follow-up questions won’t require the important word, thanks to conversational capabilities that separate from the Google Assistant’s playbook. But there are some basic differences here. “No audio or text is sent to the cloud, stored, listened to, or read by anyoneIn addition, all voice queries are handled via on-device processing, which means response time is much faster. Sonos Voice Control will be available on all voice-activated Sonos speakers, while Amazon Music, Apple Music and Deezer, Pandora, and Sonos Music perform music streaming tasks.The main omission is Spotify, at least in the press release, but Sonos promised to add more services soon.

Giving Google Assistant the cold shoulder

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The best part about Sonos AI assistant is that it works in tandem with Alexa. It can’t manage advanced queries like requesting weather updates or checking an Amazon wishlist, but it can pass them on to Alexa, while requests to handle music playback are handled via Sonos Voice Control. The latter happens quickly, without the need for any cloud forwarding, thanks to on-device processing. This is a victory in itself.

Digital assistants, while getting smarter by leaps and bounds with each passing year, often give users a tough time with basic tasks. It happens that dealing with playing music is one of them. The two-person suite of responsive music playback controls from Sonos and advanced query handling by Alexa—and it’s justAlexaAway – makes this combination an effective alternative to the Google Assistant.

Sonos and Google aren’t quite right, and the former won a long-running legal battle over patent rights a few months ago. But more than abusing proprietary smart home technology with paying off outstanding credit (read: proprietary money), the two companies have a bitter history in virtual assistant technology. Sonos has developed a technology called Concurrency that would allow multiple AI assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant to stay active at the same time. However, Google reportedly didn’t like the idea of ​​Google Assistant sharing the stage with another AI assistant on the same device. More than simply dismissing the idea, the company reportedly asked Sonos to stop showing the technology to other customers. It seems Sonos wasn’t willing to give up on her compatible dreams and finally realized it in 2022 with her debut Sonos Voice control.

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