"Yellowjackets" star Melanie Linsky has opened up about her past eating disorder and her ex-boyfriend who helped her cope

“Yellowjackets” star Melanie Linsky has opened up about her past eating disorder and her ex-boyfriend who helped her cope

“I’ve never had anyone care this much before.”

candiesMelanie Linsky from Vulture talks about dealing with the eating disorder and ex-boyfriend that changed her relationship with food.

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New Zealand born actress, who made her Hollywood debut at the age of 17 celestial creaturesShe was constantly reminded of being “skinny, confident and beautiful”. Melanie thought about how those strict beauty standards fueled her eating disorder.

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“I met my friend, Andrew Howard, who has helped me a lot with my eating disorder cherry orchardMelanie told Vulture.

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“The closest thing I had to step in was when I lived with him, and he was very strict about my eating issues.”

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“He tried to keep me from watching my food and talked to me about how thin I was. Of course, in my mind, I thought he was crazy.”

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Melanie went on to reveal that she “never cared about anyone that much” – she had no one to admit that what she was doing was hurting not only her, but the people who cared about her as well.

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“It changed my life,” she added. “I stopped vomiting, mostly. It took a while. But that was a big deal. I’ve been, for a very long time, on this diet which was basically 800 calories a day, and if I’m eating anything over 800, I would vomit.”

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“I’ve never been reckless. Sometimes, I’d starve, and I’d have another cup of Special K tea. Then, I’d say, ‘Okay, now I have to get rid of it.'”

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She also admitted that before meeting Andrew, she had captivated other friends with eating disorders. Instead of offering each other help, they ended up “exchanging tips”.

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Melanie’s mother was “a lot of anorexic growing up”, which made it difficult to overcome her own problems with food—one that started at the age of 12, and she’s around the same time “obsessed” with having a thigh gap.

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While Melanie still receives unsolicited comments and suggestions about her weight from “fans” and people in the industry today, she’s learned how to turn off the negative noise.

The story of my life since the Yellowjackets were first introduced. The most terrible is “I care about her health!!” People… you bitch, you don’t see me on the Billiton! You don’t see me running in the park with my baby. Being thin does not always mean healthy https://t.co/W2poMmsv1p

Twitter: @melanielynskey

And just as her ex-husband did, Melanie is backed by her supportive man – her husband and fellow actor Jason Ritter.

If anyone has any other unsolicited comments about *anyone* another body, feel free to write them in permanent ink on their foreheads and dip their swan straight into the sun https://t.co/5UyaHmR4JS

Twitter: @JasonRitter

To learn more about Melanie, check out her full interview with Vulture. Be sure to watch her new series candiesNow streaming on Hulu.

The National Eating Disorders Association The helpline is 1-800-931-2237; For round-the-clock crisis support, text ‘NEDA’ to 741741.

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