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Apex Legends Mobile: Tips and tricks to help you play better

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Apex Legends Mobile will probably be the biggest mobile game release of 2022 unless something surprises us. The game got millions of downloads in its first week and it is competing very favorably against other shooters in the battle royale genre. It’s rather new, but there are some Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks that can help you become a better player.

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Configure your controls as soon as possible

Apex Legends Mobile 2 custom layout editor

Indian atmosphere / Android salad

Apex Legends Mobile has console support as well as an editor for virtual controls. You can access both in Settings. Not only does this help you get familiar with Apex’s layout, but it lets you jump right in to put things where you want on the screen for success.

We already have tutorials for configuring virtual controls and configuring hardware controllers for Apex Legends Mobile. We recommend checking out both, making some blueprints, and taking it to the firing range to see if it works. Play some games, tweak as needed, and have a comfortable space with the controls.

Most of the best gamers use a physical controller or three and four finger touch control styles. You must too.

We also recommend practicing and controlling the 3 and 4 finger control methods well if you are not using a hardware controller. Premium players use four-finger controls, Apex Legends Mobile supports these control methods natively, and will definitely give you an edge over two-finger players. We have a rough guide for that in the Virtual Controls tutorial linked above.

Finally, different legends may have slightly different control structures that work best for them. Apex Legends Mobile allows you to save three layouts so we recommend using all the tools that the game offers you. Use all three of these layouts.

Learn about good legends and combos and how they work

Apex Legends Mobile Menu Legend Mirage has been unlocked

Apex Legends Mobile lives and dies through the allure and fun of its various legends. There are four types of legends, including attack, defense, reconnaissance and support types. Each type has a role to play. There are ten legends as of the game’s release, but there will definitely be more in future updates.

We have a guide to myths here if you want to read about each one. We recommend playing a few games with each legend to see which one suits your playstyle best. Aggressive players should choose offensive or recovering legends, while more timid players might play better with support or defense legends.

Legend ability interactions can cause some pretty bad effects that are difficult for opponents to counteract. Finding a good group can definitely help.

In addition, team composition can play a role in success or defeat. Lots of successful teams can combine their abilities to wreak some additional havoc on the battlefield. For example, both Bangalore and Kastik have smoke-like capabilities that cover the battlefield and a mystical landscape. The Bloodhound has the ability to see through. A team with all three of them can be pretty bad, especially if the other team isn’t bloodshot.

Our Legends guide has some ideas for some super base squads, but we encourage you to look around for more. You never know what will turn out to be dead. We know the developers are trying to prevent their games from getting a meta, but one inevitably appears anyway. However, Apex Legends Mobile is a lot more balanced than some of the other games we can mention (Destiny 2), so you should have freedom of choice.

Players who are new to mobile shooting games should use the single player mode

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay Main HUD 2

A lot of FPS fans are trying phone shooting for the first time, and to be honest, they’re not great at it. The transition from console or keyboard to touch controls is somewhat abrupt and takes some practice to get things right. It took a solid few months before I got comfortable with my first mobile shooter games, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not immediately great.

Fortunately, Apex Legends Mobile helps with that. There are several single player modes that allow players to practice without being fodder for more experienced players. We have a list here of every game mode available at the time of this writing. Some of the options include rebooting tutorial mode, free practice mode with mastery missions, and more tutorial levels.

It can be a huge blow to your ego when you go from a high level player in another shooter game to a low level player in a mobile shooter. Our advice is to relax, give it some practice, and fiddle with the controls to see if you can get some relief before quitting the anger. The game is a lot of fun once you get used to it, especially if you try some Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks.

Study gear department

Download Apex Legends Mobile

This is one of the best ways to learn about weapons in Apex Legends Mobile. The gear section of the menu shows you every weapon available in the game with its stats. You can compare weapons against each other to see which one has better range, damage, and more. You can also click the button in the lower left corner to see how your legend looks like holding it. This can help you identify it if another player has the gun.

In addition, players can actually upgrade their weapons. You will unlock several attachments for each weapon that will increase the range, accuracy, rate of fire and other stats. Plus, you can change skins and make each gun look cooler, too. These upgrades and skins make up a large percentage of your rewards for playing, so you’ll likely be in the gear department a lot.

You will use a lot of abilities when you play, but you will use your weapon more. Additionally, in some Apex Legends Mobile game modes, you’ll be able to choose your gear to some extent, so it pays to know how much you like each weapon and practice with all of them. In Battle Royale modes, the loot is random, so you may not always get what you want. These are all reasons why you should know your way around the game’s weapons. You can go into Firing Range mode and wield each weapon.

Create and play with friends

Apex Legends Mobile Friend Search

All the best players have teams and this is true of every first person shooter game. In fact, we are known to not even consider Apex Legends Mobile advice or a hoax. However, we still recommend to make some friends, team up together, and play with a team. Playing with the same people has a lot of benefits. Easier and faster callouts, it can help you find your favorite gear, and you can easily combine Legend’s abilities.

We have a tutorial on how to add friends and create teams here. It’s very easy to do. You can also make friends with new players you have a chemistry with or search recommendations and see if you can make friends this way. It makes things easier when you know who your friends are.

You cannot name a single shooter as it is better to play alone than with a team.

In addition, you can voice and text chat with your game mates. Voice chat is the fastest possible way to communicate in any game and therefore it automatically gives you an edge. Yes, we have another tutorial here on how to voice and text chat with teammates.

Finally, there are resources outside the game to help find new teammates. Reddit has a couple of LFG subreddits for this game. It’s worth looking around and seeing if there are other sources as well. You can find a friend anywhere.

Other Apex Legends Mobile Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends Mobile Post Game Report

Indian atmosphere / Android salad

There are some Apex mobile tips and tricks that do not fit into the above categories. We are going to list a few of them below and hope this helps.

  • Dropship is one of the most overlooked parts of Apex Legends Mobile. Where you drop can give you a distinct advantage, especially if you know where the loot drops. Plus, you can drop down quickly if you head straight down or use the controls to fly away. Either way, that’s where things fall.
  • Try to stay with your teammates, even when you’re in a solo queue. Apex Legends Mobile sticks you into a team no matter what you do. It can benefit you to stick around your teammates, especially since you are likely to encounter at least a few ready teams. You can practice being on a team, even if the other players are bad, and that helps you in the long run.
  • Watch other players. This can be on Twitch or YouTube and either live or in something like a video. You will likely learn a few cool things or a few different moves to add to your arsenal. The moment you think you are finished learning is the moment you have reached your peak in terms of skill.
  • As with all shooting games and any PvP game in general, you should always stick to the high ground whenever possible. It is much easier to aim and shoot at targets below you than at targets above you. Apex Legends Mobile is very vertical, so keep that in mind.
  • Think outside the box. Many people may see the Octane jumping board and think it is just an escape route to higher ground. It sure is that, but why not go a little crazy and use it occasionally to jump over an obstacle with a teammate and snip an opponent off the top? Apex Legends in general seems to boost the use of creative thinking in the game, and we’re here for that.
  • Familiarity with the map is everything. Apex Legends uses a huge map with lots of buildings, nooks and crannies, hiding places and loot drop locations. The earlier you learn about the map, the better. There is only one now, but we will likely see others come out in the future.
  • Use your time wisely and try to remain calm. Treat yourself to the items when you can, reload your weapons, and try to get a better angle for anyone coming at you. Sometimes people in the game get shot or get stuck outside the ring and start to panic. They are usually cut quickly. Easier said than done.
  • Finally, play the game. There is no better education than practical training. You have to get killed to learn how not to get killed, and the only way to learn the ins and outs of Apex Legends Mobile is to get into the game and give it a try.

Of course, better and more experienced players than me can give you better advice, but the above information should help at least a little.

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