Anna and Michelle Duggar-Beg Judge Will Have Mercy on Josh Duggar to Send Sentence: Josh's Legal Team Requests Five-Year Jail Sentence

Anna and Michelle Duggar-Beg Judge Will Have Mercy on Josh Duggar to Send Sentence: Josh’s Legal Team Requests Five-Year Jail Sentence

“He did nothing wrong… except for the things that I am guilty of…”

Josh Duggar He is due to be sentenced for the offenses of receiving and possessing Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) later this month, but in a last-ditch effort to save him from the 20-year sentence recommended by prosecutors, his wife… IMom Michelle And other acquaintances wrote letters to the judge, begging him to have mercy on the disgrace 19 kids and counting star.

On Wednesday, Josh’s lawyers filed a memorandum asking the judge to give Josh the shortest legally permitted sentence: five years.

“It seems fair to me!”

Josh’s legal team reportedly feels that five years is “enough, but not too much”, arguing that the first 19 kids and counting The star “has lived a remarkable life while facing the unique challenges associated with being in the public spotlight since childhood.”

In a memo filed by the defense earlier this week, Josh was portrayed as a loyal family man “who commits selfless acts out of the limelight that speak volumes for his true personality.” He goes on to claim that the “real” Josh is not who is being portrayed in the media, but rather a “very hardworking man committed with every grain of his body to his family, his faith, and helping those around him at any cost.”

No, really… actually…

“This is Joshi, a true family man!”

The lawsuit alleges that Josh’s life was “shattered” by the case and that his reputation was damaged as a result, but also his career and family.

“However, what speaks to Duggar’s true personality is that his family remains firmly by his side and they yearn for the day he can go home,” the defense says. “His seven children and his loving wife are struggling to dispense with him, but they are anxiously awaiting the day when he will return to nurture, love and provide for them.”

Josh’s team maintains that after completing any court ruling, the 34-year-old will go on to a “productive and legal life.”

I, after reading that pro-Josh bullshit…

The defense memo mentions how Josh’s presence behind bars has affected and will affect his wife and children. They state that he would help the children if Josh was given a short sentence at a facility near the family’s home in northwest Arkansas.

“While the fact that Duggar will be sentenced to federal prison is undoubtedly frightening to Duggar himself, it has paralyzed his family with fear… [Josh’s brother-in-law] David Waller He notes that he heard the Duggar children “weeping to themselves to sleep, wishing their father would come home” and respectfully ask this court “to consider how much his wife and seven children need him in their lives; to be near for visits, easy to reach for communication, and to come home not only to provide Financial, but spiritual guidance to his family.

Put simply, any punishment imposed on Duggar is also a punishment imposed on his family.

“Think of the children!”

Michelle and Anna, as well as David Waller, and several others have submitted letters to the judge praising Josh and requesting a short sentence for him.

In her letter, Michelle stated that Josh has many people who love him, and that he has a “soft and tender heart for others”. She notes that Josh and Anna helped clean things up for people, and that Josh has always been a “positive and optimistic person.”

Michelle claims that Josh was great at coming up with “creative ways” to provide for his family, and even gave money to a widow for several years.

“Joshua is a loving and patient man, striving to be a blessing and provide for his family!” Michelle writes that Josh builds forts with his children, sports with them and takes them fishing.”

“Well, he obviously only does it with his boys! His girls are inside, training to be little moms, of course!”

Michelle finished the note, “We request that he be reunited with his wife and family at the appropriate time.” (But not before you dot the “i” in her name with a heart…in a court document.)

Click here to view Michelle’s speech.

In her private letter to the judge, Anna spoke about how Josh enjoyed “chatting and listening to the many homeless people passing by.”

She goes on to say that Josh is an “engaged father” of their seven children who even help clean crackers.

“There’s no chance we can just wipe all of this under the rug, right?”

Anna goes on to write about how much she and her children depend on Josh for “financial, emotional, and physical support” and that he always gives him – unless, of course, he helps people in the community. And he went on to talk about some of the people Josh had helped – including a widow and a man who worked as a car wash.

Anna ends her letter by pleading with the judge to sentence Josh to a short sentence so they can get back together again.

“I am asking you to consider reuniting us as a family soon,” she wrote. “I understand the seriousness of this matter. However, I respectfully ask that you take this message into account when determining a fair sentence.”

On January 19, Josh’s legal team filed a motion for a new trial, acquittal of conviction or denial of possession of CSAM, arguing that there was no evidence that Josh personally viewed the illegal material. Prosecutors argued otherwise, claiming that the evidence for Josh’s conviction was “clear and overwhelming.”

The memo submitted by the defense this week includes details that the parties agreed to dismiss one of the charges if Josh is found guilty, as well as a repeat post-trial request for an acquittal or a new trial.

Other details were also mentioned in the memo, including a discrepancy in the number of images downloaded by Josh – the defense claims the government forensic report identified only 127 images, while the prosecution asserts that more than 600 images were downloaded. The period between the time the alleged downloads occurred and the date the search warrant was issued for Josh’s car part—roughly six months—was also included in the filing.

The yard of the car where the crimes took place…

In the prosecution’s sentencing recommendations, it was noted that Josh refused to take responsibility for his actions, nor did he seek any treatment for what they call “deep, pervasive, violent sexual interest in children, and a willingness to act upon that interest.” For this reason, prosecutors say they are very concerned that Josh will return to criminality when he is released from prison.

But in the defense note, Josh’s legal team stated otherwise.

“Dugar is simply not a defendant who will commit any crime in the future,” they wrote. “Before he was charged with this crime, Duggar was on the right track, and fortunately, that right track awaits him eagerly upon his release. Duggar’s immediate family support along with that of his extended family is as unique as it is powerful.

“On his release, Duggar will no longer be in a position to fail—he will land in a position to succeed and he will seize this opportunity and work tirelessly to make sure his family does not spend another day without him by their side.”

The defense also stated that despite the length of Josh’s prison sentence, “he will have to bear the consequences of his conviction for the rest of his life.”

“It couldn’t have happened to a better person!”

Josh is scheduled to be sentenced on May 25.

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