Buffalo Bills 2022 schedule: 5 games in prime time, including the league's opener in Los Angeles

Buffalo Bills 2022 schedule: 5 games in prime time, including the league’s opener in Los Angeles

The regular season track is set for one of the most anticipated Bills seasons in franchise history. Everyone across the league views the Bills as legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and the NFL schedule makers agreed.

They’re already confirmed for five games in prime time, starting Thursday night, September 8, in Los Angeles against defending champions Rams. The Bills will also play two more Monday Night Football games against the Titans and Bengals, a Sunday night game against the Packers, a Thursday night game against the Patriots and a Thanksgiving afternoon show against the Detroit Lions.

Here’s the full Bills schedule, some takeaways and a very early prediction of how it will evolve.

2022 billing schedule

week Date Discount the time


September 8

in rams

8:20 PM ET


September 19

7:15 PM ET


September 25

in dolphins

1 p.m. Eastern time


October 2

in crows

1 p.m. Eastern time


October 9

1 p.m. Eastern time


October 16

in heads

4:25 p.m. ET




October 30

8:20 PM ET


November 6

In Gates

1 p.m. Eastern time


November 13

1 p.m. Eastern time


November 20

1 p.m. Eastern time


November 24

in Lions

12:30 p.m. Eastern time


December 1

in the patriots

8:15 PM ET


December 11

1 p.m. Eastern time


17/18 December

to be announced later on


December 24

in beers

1 p.m. Eastern time


January 2

in Bengals

8:30 p.m. Eastern time


January 7/8

to be announced later on

The first week the keys to victory

Playing in the league season opener, for the whole world to watch, while the Rams celebrate the Super Bowl season will be another challenge for the Bills. Lately under head coach Sean McDermott they’ve done well in those high-pressure games of the regular season when everyone is expected to lose. They will need to ignore feelings and deal with a Ramez team that has a knack for repetition. Defending the Rams’ running scheme will be critical to the Bills as it helps set up their excellent pass attack in LA. The Bills struggled in running defense and will have a tough early test.

A Must-Watch Game: In the Chiefs, Week Six

Could it be any other game? The last time these teams played, the “13-second” match in the AFC Divisional Round, was one of the best playoff fights in league history. The Bills-Chiefs was an all-time classic that featured major changes, huge plays, last-second tournaments, and a dramatic ending. At any time the game can be recognized by only two words, which arouses an overflow of emotions from fans, and it will be remembered for a long time. Since then, a few things have changed with the teams taking different approaches to the off-season.

The Bills have taken another step forward by increasing the talent of their starting lineup, although the Chiefs may have taken a small step back by trading away from star receiver Tyreek Hill. Either way, Josh Allen and Bills know that Patrick Mahomes chiefs are one of the biggest teams standing their way to the Super Bowl. This will be the Bales’ fourth annual trip to Kansas City, so they used to play at Arrowhead Stadium.

Hardest stretch: 3-6 . weeks

The Bills will face four potential teams in the Asian Qualifiers in a row, three of them on the way. It starts with a September trip to Miami against the improved Dolphins, likely in hot weather, followed by a road match against the Ravens, one home game against an excellent defense of the Steelers and then back on the road against archenemy bosses. There may be no more formative stretch in the Bills schedule for playoff and tiebreaker positions than in those four weeks.

The Game That Got More Difficult: In Ravens, Week 4

The Ravens missed out on last season, but it’s hard to fault them given their plight. Injuries defined their season as they lost almost their entire back field early in the year and then star quarterback Lamar Jackson. Expect the crows to come back in a big way this season. They have the appearance of an AFC contender, and given their rare style of running, the Ravens will test the bills on both sides of the ball as they did in the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

The Game(s) Bills Can’t Afford to Lose: Against the Jets, Weeks 9 and 14

The easy answer could have been the Bears or the Lions depending on the candidate lists, but a loss for them would have no bearing on their initial post-season tie-break scenarios. Instead, this goes to the team that the Bills must beat in the AFC above all their other opponents. The Jets have done many things right this season and have crafted well, but they are likely to be within a year of becoming an influential team in the East Asian region. When you think about the Bills’ Super Bowl goals, having a couple of divisional victories and conferences on hand could mean everything to the Bills, potentially gaining an advantage in the first round or home runs in the postseason.

Best Offense Bills Will Face: Bengals (Week 17)

While the Chiefs may give up one of their best conceding goals, the Bengals have only fortified their passing attack as Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins will serve as one of the league’s most exciting trios. They’ve invested heavily in their offensive line this off-season and still have Joe Mixon, one of the best linebackers in the league. The prime time late-season showdown should be a lot of fun between two dynamic attacks.

Best Defense the Bills will face: Packers (Week 8)

Everyone views the Packers as Aaron Rodgers’ side, but their defense may be the most important reason for their success in 2022. They have excellent players at every level such as linebacker Kenny Clarke, edge lunge Preston Smith and Rachan Gary and linebackers Jair Alexander and Eric Stokes, to name a few. Unlimited example. They added two very talented Georgia players in the first round: linebacker Devonte White and linebacker Kwai Walker. If the Packers are healthy in Week 8, it should be a fun battle between a talented defense and a notch Bills offense.

Expected record: 13-4

While there are some scary games on the schedule, the Bills very likely have the most talented roster in the NFL, and most of these players have been together for years. Their schedule is set for them to go on a late tour where they have to beat most of these teams. The 2022 season has the potential to produce one of the best regular seasons in franchise history.

Expected completion in East Asia: First

1. Bills. 2. Dolphins. 3. Patriots. 4. Airplanes. Although the Dolphins made a major off-season move that would put them in a playoff and pass the Patriots in 2022, they still fall short of the Bills. Unless the wheels fall off, the Bills will take the AFC title for the third consecutive season and secure at least one home game in the post-season. Over the past two years, Bills have been dominant 11-1 in the division.

(Photo by Joshua Allen: Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

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