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Despite revealing a way back in 2020 during the DC FanDome, Gotham Knights The developer has just given fans a good look at Red Hood and Nightwing with an official demo of the game revealed last week. Batgirl and Robin already spent their time in the spotlight in early game footage, but other than the story trailer, not much has been revealed about the upcoming WB Games Montreal. With players still in the dark about a lot of Gotham KnightsLooming and an October release date, it was the perfect time to give fans a more detailed look at two playable characters, Red Hood and Nightwing.

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The official Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay walkthrough showed game director Jeff Elinor speaking through in-game screenshots of the two characters. Various traversal modes, fighting styles, crafting and customization have been explored, giving players a greater glimpse into Gotham Knights. The gameplay demo has been careful to call itself a “work in progress”, with some fans concerned a bit with the slightly choppy animations and textures, but there’s still a few months left for WB Games Montreal to work it out. Sections of Red Hood also raised some questions about the character’s authenticity along with a deep dive into its gameplay.

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Red Hood: a gun-focused game

Red Hood, the resurrected former Robin Jason Todd, is usually about brutality. In the comics, he is a famous villain/anti-hero and killer of Batman and his team, preferring to unleash his rage and resort to more violent tactics than the Dark Knight often feels. His use of weapons and explosives distinguishes him from the other three playable characters, and Gotham Knights He seems to be picking up on some of his wildest feelings. However, Red Hood does use non-lethal guns, which some players feel reduces the impact of his character.

But compared to Nightwing’s acrobatic combat, Red Hood feels special. In addition to shooting enemies, the Red Hood can use explosives and grenades to deal more damage, as well as strike various enemies such as Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing. The gameplay demo also features a mini-battle with Red Hood able to further demonstrate his signature style and expertise in making sticky bombs.

Red Hood’s strategy and style

Players will be able to upgrade their equipment in Gotham Knights until their character is properly prepared for each new threat that Gotham City tries to throw at them. Schemes and crafting materials can be found throughout the game, and each scheme has different unique stats to give players plenty of options when it comes to their strategy and how they want their characters to look. Mods can also be added to the appropriate gear to help give them an extra boost.

There are different tabs visible in the menu for different things like Crafting, Mods, and Style, which will give players more control over how their characters are equipped. Fans will no doubt hope to see some references to the source material with comic-specific outfits, but they’ll have to wait and see for once. Gotham Knights To explore what is on offer.

Controversial pass in Gotham Knights

In addition to being able to unlock Express Travel, each playable Gotham Knights character has their own unique way of getting around Gotham City. Nightwing named his glider the Flying Trapeze, just in case players were worried he’d forgotten his circus roots. All four characters can also take advantage of the Batcycle to maneuver around the streets of Gotham City with ease. However, the option to pass the Red Hood has a few fans scratching their heads, or even a couple in the arms. Red Hood, a famous character without any powers like Batman, seems to have gained some of it Gotham Knights after his resurrection.

According to Jeff Elinor, “Red Hood gained new abilities after being revived by an Assassin cult” and can now use his “Mystic Leap” to zip through areas using his “spirit energy”. Referring to “abilities” in the plural might suggest that Red Hood has some other moves up his sleeve, but some fans aren’t too happy about introducing the Ranger as a character with powers.

Gotham Knights They are releases on October 25, 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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