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MCU Boss Restricted as Iron Man on Ms. Marvel Disney + Show

Mrs. Marvell Not only will it introduce a new hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it will also set the stage for the emergence of newcomer Iman Fellaini in the franchise. The upcoming Disney+ series is the actress’ first major acting role, but it seems Vellani isn’t intimidated by that fact. Instead, the young actress was vocal about her enthusiasm for her acting career, as she noted her love for the Marvel series as a whole.

good piece of Mrs. MarvellVellani’s marketing was primarily focused on Vellani’s love of the Marvel universe, with the first teaser showing the actress’ reaction to her casting the role. Sana Amanat is the creator of Kamala Khan too He noted that Vellani’s round energy and teenage enthusiasm are perfect for a character like Kamala Khan who “Isn’t he your traditional avenger?”


Aside from being an outspoken Marvel fan, Vellani is also a fan of Iron Man. Now, the actress has opened up about how her love for Armored Avenger translated into her role in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel Actress Reveals Iron Man’s “Limitations”


Mrs. Marvell Lead star Iman Fellaini sat down with SFX Magazine to talk about the upcoming Disney+ series and how Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has limited the reference role to Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.

Vellani first admitted that she “Huge, huge Iron Man fan,” Noting that she was asking “For more Iron Man references” in the series. However, it got to the point where Feige needed to step in to say there were a lot of Easter eggs associated with the Armored Avenger:


“I’m a huge, huge Iron Man fan. I know Kamala is Captain Marvel, but I’ve been asking a lot for more Iron Man references out there. Like, ‘I think she needs an Iron Man, and more Iron Man.’ There was a point where we got to. So much Iron Man, that was a note from Kevin!”

This isn’t the first time Vellani has spoken of her love for Iron Man. In September 2021, the MCU newcomer shared a fantastic short film featuring Iron Man, with a description of To express Villani’s love for Robert Downey Jr.: “Rdj if you see this hell.”

When asked if she had revisited in 2008 Iron Man To Getting ready for Kamala’s original story, Villani revealed that the first thing she did when she was cast was to watch the movie, saying she does it anytime. “what a great teacher” Happening in the series:

“The first thing I did when I got the cast was to watch Iron Man again. It’s like my comfort movie. Any big milestone we’d make in the show, whether it was shooting the scene where Kamala gets her costume or her powers up, I would watch Iron Man.” It was a reminder That this character is in the same universe as Tony Stark, which was just the coolest thing in the world to me.”

The rising star also participated in it “very fun” To create a Kamala story, teasing it “This is something new for the MCU:”


“Honestly, it’s just so much fun creating this story. This is something new for the MCU and it’s also an aspect of the MCU we haven’t seen before, the perspective of a teenage kid obsessed with these Avengers.”

Filani also discussed the Kamala case Impostor syndrome Admitting she has a similar path From high school to the Marvel universe:

“Kamala has a lot of self-doubt and impostor syndrome. It’s really fun to play because I’ve been on a very similar path. I’ve come from high school to the Marvel Universe. It’s like I’ve got the ultimate key, so I’ve been dealing with a lot of syndrome.” fraudster”.

The Mrs. Marvell The actress also revealed the fact that “The MCU has never seen a character like this before.” While discussing Kamala “Awesome support system” In the series:

“Being a first is so scary. The MCU has never seen a character like this before. With Kamala and me, we have a great support system. Her family is her rock and her friends Bruno (Matt Lintz) and Nakia (Jasmine Fletcher) on the show are the ones she goes to where she can She’s who she is and where she can get her trust. For me, it’s also my family and my friends. I think it’s really cool. In the end, we just see you become a badass superhero.”

Where Iron Man fits into Mrs. Marvel: AvengerCon

Although Iman Villani is a fervent Iron Man fan, it wouldn’t make sense for the series to feature so many references to Marvel hero Robert Downey Jr.


However, since the show is set within the larger MCU, there can still be Easter eggs associated with founding member Avenger, but they can be sprinkled throughout the series. for example, Strong woman It already has a reference to Stark Industries in its official trailer, which means there’s a strong chance for that Mrs. Marvell You will earn a similar treatment.

The most logical way to Mrs. Marvell To honor Iron Man in the show’s Avengercon plot theme. The series’ official merchandise has already included a slew of references to other MCU heroes like the Hulk and Thor, and given Tony Stark’s popularity, it’s reasonable to assume that Armored Avenger will be featured as well.

Meanwhile, Vilani’s note about the stark similarities to her character, Kamala Khan, is significant, mainly because it translates so well on screen. Mrs. MarvellHer marketing showed fans a glimpse into the actress’ portrayal, and the high praise she gets from executives reinforces the claim that she is indeed the perfect star to give life to the Pakistani American hero.


Mrs. Marvell It is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on June 8.

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