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Sonic Frontiers: Everything we know so far about Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers will be the moment to make or break the Sonic series – so here’s everything we know so far about Sonic Frontiers.

Basic information about Sonic Frontiers

publisher: Sega
sonic team
Release date:
TBD 2022
PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch

Sonic Frontiers is the long-awaited title in Fandom Sonic the Hedgehog: a promising title that brings blue blur to an open world. First announced during Sonic’s 30th anniversary celebration last year, Frontiers will inform the direction of the Sonic franchise moving forward. Optimistic fans are hoping Sonic Frontiers will do Sonic what Breath of the Wild did for the Legend of Zelda series – a resurgence and greater appreciation from the mainstream gaming audience. Moving from a traditional platform, be it 2D or 3D, to an open world environment requires a lot of effort. As such, the game was built from the ground up, with the development team wanting the game to be the definition of what a modern Sonic game should be.

However, expectations are very high for this title. While hopeful fans hope the game revamps the series on the same level as Breath of the Wild, many others fear that Sonic Frontiers is heading to the waterways. The Sonic reboot from 2006 still haunts Sonic fans’ dreams. To take a more recent example, the 2017 Sonic Force is still a new memory, or, much worse, a nightmare for modern Sonic fans. Without Sonic Colors 2010, many would have given up on the idea of ​​a 3D Sonic game entirely. But with the success of the Colors, there is still a sliver of hope in the Sonic Frontiers. Team Sonic has already proven that they can make a good 3D Platforming Sonic game. They just have to recreate the magic.

Release date: TBD 2022

We’re not quite sure yet when the match will kick off. However, the game has less than a year left in the oven before its release in 2022. Based on the latest teaser video for the game, it looks like Sonic Team would be wise to decide to delay the game for another year. Those who’ve seen the game’s preview say it still feels a little half baked, with its open design feeling uninspired.

From our own review, the new Sonic game has a lot to say.

We’ve seen snippets of how the 3D platform was designed in the open world, although we’ve seen very few hurdles so far to think conclusively. There are open fields and railways, some of which are in the sky! However, in case that’s all Sonic Frontiers has to offer in terms of 3D platform-level design, it’s not enough yet. Hopefully what has been shown so far is just an appetizer.

In terms of combat, fortunately, we haven’t seen Sonic use a sword to fight yet. No sonic werewolf either. We’ve seen it before, and we didn’t like it. Instead, it looks like Sonic will run circles around his enemies in this game – quite literally. From what we’ve seen so far, Sonic can shoot enemies into the air when he successfully circles them, which then allows him to make a directed attack and do a full range of fists and kicks to finish off his opponent. We’ve also seen that Sonic deliver a series of punches and kicks to enemies after launching a guided missile from afar, as well as exploiting enemy weaknesses.

Open world setting: Star Islands

Players will explore the Starfall Islands in Sonic Frontiers – a large open world full of danger and adventure. There will be different biomes in the game, and we’ve also seen some environmental weather effects from the trailer as well. There will be flowery fields, forests, ancient ruins, and deserts. The huge world needs to be explored and drawn. Fortunately, it looks like Sonic Boost is still something we can do in this game! It also appears that Sonic Frontiers is following in the footsteps of other open world games by having these treadmill-like rings that reveal surroundings when Sonic runs them like a hamster on a wheel.

Just like in other Sonic games, Starfall Islands is filled with enemies, rings, and rails to conquer – some even hanging in the sky. There are also side activities for Sonic to do, which are marked on the map with question marks. It is not an open world game without side quests!

Sonic Frontier Enemies

So far, the enemies we’ve seen Sonic fight in Sonic Frontiers are enemies we’ve never seen before. With that said, we’re not even sure if Dr. Eggman will be here, because these robotic enemies don’t seem to have been designed by Robotnik. It’s as if Phantom Ruby is somehow involved here, so maybe we’ll be seeing the most sinister and evilest Metal Sonic in this game? We’re not entirely sure now who the opponents will be, but we at least know we’re getting something original. While that’s not always a good thing for the Sonic franchise, well, we hope the next updates we get from Sonic Team will prove otherwise.

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