Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Delayed at Lucasfilm

“Ryan has been incredibly busy with Knives Out,” said Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/.

There was a time when Lucasfilm was very happy with the director ryan johnsonwork on it Star Wars: The Last Jedi, they announced that Johnson will lead a new trilogy of films, giving him tremendous control over the future of the franchise. It’s been five years since then last serious It was released to stellar reviews but fans split down the middle. At the time, Johnson’s trilogy was quietly laid out on the back burner, which appears to be his residence. In the new Vanity Fair collection that highlights the future star Wars—Whether on the big screen or via live broadcast — Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy He made the now usual comment about the state of the Johnson trilogy.

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She said the director was “incredibly busy” with him Take out the knives Movies, which, in her words, will likely keep Johnson busy for the next few years. Crucially, however, Kennedy noted that they avoid using the word “trilogy” not only for Johnson films, but for Star Wars films in general. In her own words:

Ryan was incredibly busy Take out the knives And the deal I make at Netflix for multiple movies… I hesitate to use that word Triple anymore because star Wars It is much more than that continuous Tell my stories.”

What this indicates is that Lucasfilm will deviate from the original plans of the Marvel mindset, and focus on director-driven independent films. One of these is said to have been produced by the president of Marvel Studios Kevin FeigeBut Kennedy said there is no update on that front.

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New Zealand manager Taika WaititiPossibly the first to come out of the gate, followed by (now more) belated Rogue SquadronDirected by amazing woman‘s Patty Jenkins. While Waititi’s schedule will likely be clear after his release Thor: love and thunder And Next goal winsJenkins III amazing woman film and plot Cleopatra Resume in the pipeline.

Johnson, Kennedy noted, is hard at work Take out the knives Movies. The debut film debuted with excellent reviews and grossed over $300 million worldwide, in addition to providing a star Daniel Craig With a neat little franchise after James Bond. The second and third films will be shown on Netflix, after the operator struck a deal said to be worth just under $500 million. Johnson also serves as executive producer and founder of the upcoming Peacock series poker face. At one point, he was supposed to chart the next decade of Star Wars with game of thrones creators David Benioff And db-facebut these two walked out of the Star Wars deal in 2019.

The franchise appears to be centered around broadcasting in the meantime. With multiple shows in the works, fans will have enough to keep them occupied while Lucasfilm tries to retool the franchise for the big screen. Stay tuned to Collider for more updates.

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