I'm so ready for the third season of "The Boys", let's sum up the most shocking moments from the first two seasons

I’m so ready for the third season of “The Boys”, let’s sum up the most shocking moments from the first two seasons

“He put a piece of plastic on your ass, son.”

boys Season 3 is coming very soon, and it is expected to be just as gruesome, shocking, and terrifying as the first and second.

As a recap, let’s remind ourselves of some of the most “WTF” moments from seasons 1 and 2.

🚨 Major spoiler alert below contains spoilers critical plot for boys Chapters 1 and 2.


What better place to start than how it all began for Houji: Robin’s death.

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boys It really started like it was meant to last, and I personally wasn’t expecting this. It really sets the tone for the drawing that would almost set boys It was clearly vital to the master plan. Poor Heggy…. (Obviously Robin).


When the Homelander chopped up the mayor’s plane.

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Unsurprisingly, the Homelander/Big corporate collaboration “Vaught” was so evil and outrageous. But this is definitely an early example of how far they are willing to go to get what they want.


transparent demise.

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This is one of Hughie’s many sliding door moments, and for a moment there you really think he’s going to let Translucent get away. But then he looks at the damn “Keep Your Hands Clean” poster again and at Boom, your classic poster children blood spots;


When Homelander left a plane, all the passengers died.

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Citizen + planes = bad news. We really see Homeland’s selfish weakness and extreme lack of empathy here. But I think, more importantly, Maeve is losing some of her steely indifference and that’s something that really affects her. This whole scene is so horrific.


The time Billy poked baby eyes with lasers.

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How come we haven’t talked about Billy yet?! This scene sums up the butcher. His loathing topping for admiration, along with his unmatched survivability, is definitely one of the most enjoyable fight scenes you’ll see on a superhero show.


How about a not-so-great dolphin escape?

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Oh Deb, what’s your deal? This scene really does go some way towards The Deep’s fall from grace, but the main reason why it’s on this list is honestly just because it’s funny.


When Popclaw crushed its owner’s head.

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This frankly disturbing moment has some very important overtones to the plot, and most of all it’s the group’s eventual acquisition of Compound V. But it’s also shocking because we see someone’s skull crushing between Popclaw’s thighs sitting on their face…


The time Starlight spoke her mind.

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Starlight has gone through all of that, and this is definitely at a point where she’s questioning everything. It all crumbles down on her at the conference, and she finally spoke some hard truths to some indifferent attendees.


The time when the A-Train and Starlight fought, resulting in a heart attack in the A-Train.

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The A-Train has already gone through the juice at this point, and the whole situation is very tense. We have Hughie, MM, and the Frenchie rescue Kimiko and Starlight coming to their rescue. The arrival of the A-Train throws a giant wrench into the works, all for him (having relapsed on V) to have a heart attack in the middle of a fight with Starlight. drama!


When Homelander Blazer Stillwell.

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Another moment we see Homelander descending more and more toward the super-villain, as he proceeds to burn his face from the beacon of relative control. He also dismisses another important plot moment – Billy’s framing, and dramatic re-enactment.


At the end of season one, when Homelander saves/rescues Billy and shows him the truth about Becca.

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What a dramatic ending to season one. Homelander flies Billy out of the blast, and we end up in this suburban park. Billy then discovers that Becca has been hidden all this time to raise Homelander’s child.


When Raynor was assassinated.

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Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and Hughie were lying around as wanted fugitives, but they’ve already done some good work spotting remote “super terrorists” – but their attempt to inform Raynor was brilliant. explosively wrong – wrong – wronged


The time we finally saw Ryan’s powers.

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Homelander’s lack of patience and empathy is what makes him a vicious villain, but he’s also sometimes kind of fun. It’s obviously not great to push your child off the surface, but his careless gesture as Ryan glides across the floor is a classic Homelander. Then we finally see Ryan’s powers as he gets rid of Homelander to protect Becca.


When Stormfront killed Kenji.

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There are some real blaring alarms here when Stormfront goes on a visibly sweat-fueled rampage, and we’re already seeing it go wild. We also see Homelander’s anger toward Stormfront which will lead to his A-Train outing and his reveal to the public about Maeve’s relationship.


We can’t forget the suffocation at the SOP facility.

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When MM, Hughie, Kimiko, and Frenchie infiltrate Supe’s facility, they recognize the Lamplighter, and the patients escape. This leads to another strange moment when a mother’s milk is nearly choked to death by one of the patient’s giant genitals.


Or the time she told Stormfront Homelander about her Nazi history.

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We already saw her discriminatory views at play, and we found out that she was Liberty. But then we see that she was actually the widow of Frederick Vogt and the first successful subject of the V!


Then there is the moment when the Lamplighter lit itself.

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With Hughie persuading the Lamplighter to stop watching superhero porn and helping him save Starlight, he breaches them. In Vault HQ he ends up with a Lamplighter, in Room of Seven, setting himself on fire. We have seen his remorse for killing Mallory’s grandchildren, but his death wiped out their plans for him to testify in court.


When Maeve Starlight helped put out Black Noir.

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Maeve is always mean to Starlight, but she’s seen some of her, which must have something to do with saving her life by using Almond Joy to wipe out the hypersensitive Black Noir.


What about the recovery of the chief of the courtroom?

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I probably should have seen this coming, but I definitely was numbert ready for this scene. After everything Billy did to get Vogelbaum to testify, we ended up with yet another bloody fest – a classic children.


Then when he took Homelander and Stormfront Ryan away from Becca.

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Homelander, after Ryan flies in and shows him that Becca has been lying to him this whole time, convinces Ryan to go with him and with Stormfront. This sets the scene for all the drama that followed Billy’s deal with Mallary, and Ryan’s rescue—it’s fair to say Ryan didn’t have the best time with his new guardians.


We have to mention the moment Stormfront and Becca were spotlighted.

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The significance of this moment is enormous, especially in terms of what will happen in Season 3. With nothing else to do because Stormfront kills Becca, Ryan sees red and goes to Homelander on everyone, turning Stormfront into some kind of smoky and bloody scarecrow. Unfortunately, he also inadvertently killed Becca in the process.


Finally, when Aleister Adana’s head exploded, we found the person behind all that scattered skull.

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It was as if boys He’d say “Wait, we can’t let you go without one last spray for the head.” And then we got the big reveal that Congresswoman Newman is the cause of all the head explosions and has been hiding her powers the whole time, I wonder why…

What is The moments that shocked You are Over the first two seasons? Let us know in the comments below!

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