IIHF - Gaudette gives US one more win

IIHF – Gaudette gives US one more win

Sweden welcomed Walmark’s decent return to the team and gave his first start to defender Markus Peterson, who joined the team after the end of his season with Pittsburgh. William Nylander, the last remaining member of the roster, is set to join Tre Kronor in Tampere later on Saturday after Toronto’s exit from the play-off.

Meanwhile, the United States has experienced a shortage of blue stripes. Jon Merrill and Nick Blankenburg are both scratched in this game, leaving David Quinn only five D-men to call them. This led to Captain Seth Jones completing a massive 34:37 ​​on the ice in this game. Striker TJ Tynan, the AHL’s player of the season, made an appearance in Tampere, while Vinni Lettieri’s spirited performance against GB was rewarded with promotion to the second line.

Swayman was the first goalkeeper to be defeated in this match, maintaining their fast-start habit when Sweden opened the scoring within three minutes. Rasmus Dahlin continued his impressive World Championship form when he joined the rush to convert a cross-ice feed from Nils Amann.

It made quite a bit of noise from a big Swedish squad at the Nokia circuit, but Team USA wasn’t without fans – even if most were in Finnish jerseys hoping for a result that would reopen the door to the top spot at Leijonat. They had something to celebrate in the eighth minute when the superb Guadette beat Olmark by one timer from the top of the right circle to equalize the scores.

Who doesn’t like to score goals? Judit was excited by his three-point presentation. “It was great to produce like this and help. It’s been a while since I’ve been really in a place like this to help the team win. I’ve been really waiting for an opportunity like this in the NHL and it’s so good to prove that I still get this here.”

The first period was evenly matched, but at the start of the second, Sweden threatened to take over. Max Freiberg’s interception saw him hit Swayman but the shot came back from under the post. Karl Grundstrom then got a disc into the net from a pass from Jacob Peterson. But the American bench was quick to defy the play, and sure enough, a video review showed that Grundstrom veered into offside mode as Peterson advanced over the blue line.

“I knew it was tight,” Grundstrom said. “I didn’t think it was offside, but it obviously was.”

Sweden created another good opportunity in strong play mid-match when Rasmus Asplund came out behind the net to get a pass from his Buffalo teammate Dahlin at the back door. This time, Swayman came up with a big stopping point to keep the results level.

Returning in full force, the Americans began contributing more to the attack and snatched the green target in the power game 62 seconds before the break. Guadette played a big part again as his invisible pass opened the Swede’s PK open and Nate Schmidt got his finish for one temporary cap between the hashtags.

A third open and free period saw Sweden tie the match – but there was an element of fortune around the Grundstrom tag. Not only did Luke Hughes pass the Los Angeles Kings forward, but he also broke his wand in the process. When Hughes was bench skating, Grundstrom was free to advance to the gap he had left. Jaycob Megna valiantly tried to cover his young teammate but his desperate rush couldn’t save the situation as the bullet flashed into Swayman’s shoulder.

“I got a little lucky there,” Grundstrom admitted. “I broke their cannon stick so we got a 2-on-1, I shot it and got in.”

That took extra game time, denying Olmark’s big pass Sean Farrell and keeping the Swedes in the match. Plenty of action was on the opposite end, though, with Dahlin posing a threat on both his turnovers and Wallmark almost finding a way when the American defense parted moments before match-winning Gaudette.

For Kieffer Bellows, this was Tampere’s best performance so far. “We played really well,” said the American striker. “I thought we came out strong. We had some tough bounces but the overtime win was massive in this tournament. As a team I thought this was our most complete game so far.”

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