IIHF - USA in OT, Austria Impress

IIHF – USA in OT, Austria Impress

“It was important to be up front but we have to keep going,” said Marco Kasper, center Rogel Angelholm and expected first round of the NHL Draft pick this summer. “Especially in the third period, he should be better. It is disappointing that we lost in the end.”

Casper made an impression on everyone who watched the first course. First, there was a movement between the two men inside the baton within the US, followed by a shot on goal. He then coordinated the lone goal in the period, carrying the puck from his own area down the far goal line – drawing attention away from the front of the net in the process – before fainting in front to open Benjamin Nessner, who – timed the home.

“I just want to help my team win, I want to represent my country,” Casper said. “It’s a great honor for me and I want to focus on helping Austria win.”

“I especially think the first frame, the first 20 minutes of that match, their attention to detail was better than ours, they brought out a little more jazz than we did,” said 30-year-old American defender Nate Schmidt, who is one of the older players in the game. the team. “We have a lot of players here for the first time, including myself, and I feel we have to go through a little bit of adversity to get through these early games.”

The Americans came out with much more fire in the second half and announced their presence with a shot from Alex Galchenyuk from the post in one minute. The United States would go on to outperform Austria 14-4 in the middle inning, helped in part from that period. Just the power of play.

Against the course of play, Austria led 2-0 with 5:34 to hit in this period. Dashing in a 3-on-2, a nice triple pass from Lukas Haudum to Ali Wukovits was passed to Paul Huber, who took the pass off the front of the net and finished it with a forehand from Mann.

But the Americans regained the difference after just 17 seconds in a superb display by Kiefer Bellows, who cut from behind the net and sent a back player to the roof of the net behind Kickert.

“It was huge. It was a massive goal,” Schmidt said. “It really calmed the nerves of the men entering the locker room. You’re not trying to climb up this huge mountain of two goals, you’re just trying to get back in the game and Kiefer has done a great job getting us on the board there.”

Early in the third half, the Americans went to play power again and pressed hard, scoring another goal and forcing Kickert to be sharp, but the Vienna Capitals goalkeeper was consistent.

But the Austrians could only play with fire for so long. With 11:37 to play, Hopper attempted to hit the disc with his hand, but she got stuck in his glove and was called to close his hand on the disc. It only took 20 seconds for the American power game to finally take advantage, as Adam Judd fired a perfect wrist shot into the far top corner, over Kickert’s blocker.

With just over two minutes left to play, the Americans had the best chance of a lead when Carson Coleman unleashed a striker in a 3v2 dash that hit the bottom of Kickert’s gauntlet and went off the post. Casper then drove a backup rush in the other direction and whistled away.

Sam Lafferty was called in to interfere 55 seconds before the end of the third game, giving the Austrians a power game that went into overtime, but they couldn’t capitalize. Their best chance came when both teams hit 3-on-3, with Peter Schneider hitting the crossbar.

But with less than two minutes of play in overtime, Shawn Farrell found Hughes with a long pass, and the New Jersey Devils skated alone from the central red line, beating Kickert under the gauntlet.

“I think they came out really hard, we didn’t have a great start but it’s important how we finished,” Hughes said. “We went out in the second and third phases and took the game out, and we drove the pace. It’s huge for our team in this tournament to find a win coming from behind and hopefully we can start fast in the next game.”

“It’s really good that Austria got a point, but I think we could have won it in regulation,” Kasper said. “We had a chance there in the power game so it’s hard to lose like that.”

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