CFL Strike Blog: Reaction to the league -

CFL Strike Blog: Reaction to the league –

With no agreement reached between the Canadian Football League and the CFL Players Association, the collective bargaining agreement expired on Saturday and the union began its first labor strike since 1974. Keep up with the latest news and reaction with the blog The CFL Strike.

Players’ voices, past and present, are suspended

Seven of the league’s nine teams participated in a layoff over the weekend. Both the Edmonton Elks and Calgary Stampeders reported camping on Sunday because they were not yet in legal status to strike, according to Alberta labor laws. That frustrated players, including Hamilton Tiger Cuts midfielder Simone Lawrence and CFLPA vice president and Gray Cup champion defender Adam Biegel of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

TSN’s Farhan Lalji noted on Sunday that the next big day is May 18.

In a tweet by the CFLPA, Bighill and fellow Vice President Henoc Muamba explained how players can help grow the league, why it’s important for the PA and the league to be partners, and outline what a fair agreement looks like.

Toronto Argonauts full-back Shaquille Richardson tweeted to fans, thanking them for their support and saying he hopes to be back on the field soon.

Canadian BC Lions and 2021 CFL Most Outstanding Player Bo Lokombo shouted to CFLPA representatives and said he wanted a CBA deal.

Alex Singleton, the 2017 CFL All Star and Defensive Player of the Year with the current Calgary Stampeders and Denver Bronco, has voiced his opinion.

Retired Canadian Football League veteran Marc-Olivier Brouillette issued the same sentiments as Singleton, urging the union to stay strong.

Fellow retired CFLPA veteran Jason Vega praised their efforts in making sure all of their players and representatives are on the same page. He adds that this has not always been the case and that he is happy to see the progress being made.

In a back-and-forth chat on Twitter in the voice of retired bomber Bob Irving, Stampeders entrepreneur Derek Dennis noted that players want to cut a deal.

Tickats running backwards Don Jackson notes that it’s not just about fooball.

Informal workouts

After the Winnipeg Blue Bombers released a statement informing fans that practices were cancelled, the players gathered together for a casual practice Monday morning, according to current bombers voice Derek Taylor.

Possible cancellations before the season

Next Monday’s pre-season game between the Gray Winnipeg Cup defending Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Rogriders will not be played without a new collective bargaining agreement in place by Wednesday, according to Dave Naylor, TSN CFL insider.

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