Hands-on with HP's vision of creative work, and that's a bit good

Hands-on with HP’s vision of creative work, and that’s a bit good

HP unveiled its range of new laptops and workstations in a posh design space in London and it wowed me. The future of HP is a mixed work environment where we will divide our time between studio, office and home. Whatever the future of work for creatives, HP looks forward to providing you with the technology to make it easier.

While we love Apple computers, there is always room in our lives for a Windows PC. HP’s new lineup includes updates and reviews for some of its favorite models, including the HP Envy and HP Z2 G9 Mini Workstation. Plus a bold new Chromebook Dragonfly that feels incredibly dominant — really, I’ve come a long way from wanting a Chromebook than I thought possible.

2022-05-27 10:14:47

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