"Death in the Light of Day: Roots of Dread" - interactive behavior that details the new chapter and the new monster! [Exclusive]

“Death in the Light of Day: Roots of Dread” – interactive behavior that details the new chapter and the new monster! [Exclusive]

hard to believe, Died in broad daylight His sixth birthday is approaching.

While you might still think of Behavior Interactive’s feel as a relative spring chicken, we’ve had an entire generation of consoles, three different US presidents, and nearly a dozen real-world bosses since it debuted in July 2016. At this point, the multiplayer title has succeeded in surpassing its original rival, Friday the 13th: The Game (which stopped producing new content eons ago), somehow and ran steadily for 23 chapters.

However, even if the new kid isn’t in the building anymore, ironically, there’s a lot of life still getting in the way. Died in broad daylightveins; According to the internal statistics of the developers, about 2 million users log in every day, and this number is set to grow now that it has been added to the Epic Games Store platform.

Meanwhile, the list of playable assassins has swelled from three trivial characters to over 20 recognizable faces. With Behavior Interactive likening it to the “terrifying Hall of Fame,” there’s a wide range of original creations and iconic licensed villains for you to take control of.

In fact, hounds are really spoiled for choice here, as they are left in a sandbox where popular IP addresses can get mixed up in a way that would otherwise be impossible due to different property rights. For example, you could have Pinhead up against Laurie Strode, the Ghostface stalking the corridors of Midwich Elementary, or Freddy Kruger invading Leon S. Kennedy’s dreams. It’s the closest thing we nerds have to something like It is an electronic game.

You will not get any licensed characters for the next chapter 24 of Died in broad daylight However, as the team is using this season of content to tell another of their original stories instead. dubbed “roots of dread‘, he’ll come with a similar killer and survivor, as well as a whole new world to explore.

Bloody Disgusting attended a press conference recently to find out more about this impending piece of DLC.

Died in broad daylightYear 7 roadmap raised

During the live broadcast event (not to be confused with the anniversary broadcast that was just broadcast publicly), Behavior Interactive outlined the Died in broad daylightThe entire “Seventh Year” roadmap.

We learned here that there will be a total of 4 chapters to be released between now and June 2023, with a pair of maps also being introduced (one of which is for roots of dread the classroom). Additionally, there are a number of small updates planned to fix the game’s balancing.

Based on the results of player satisfaction surveys, internal user testing and social media feedback, the team decided to implement a “complementary format” that would remove certain attributes while giving others a much-needed boost. The hope is that this will encourage veterans to modify their tactics and try some unfamiliar gameplay, rather than relying on overloads and pesky gameplay feats.

Elsewhere, Behavior Interactive has stated that it will also roll out “matchmaking incentives” later this year, to help get people into games faster. In short, this system will determine which pressure groups are currently waiting to be filled and see if there is an overall greater need for killers or survivors.

The game will then try to attract players to fill the most sought-after vacancy. For example, if assassins are in short supply on any given day, you may receive a prompt asking you to consider adopting that role when looking for a match. If you agree to do so, you will not only enter the game faster, but you will also get additional blood points to help everything run more smoothly.

Speaking about the rationale behind matchmaking incentives, Stéphane Beauchamp-Daniel, Senior Producer, explained:We want to make sure that players get the most out of their time playing the game. This means more time spent in the game and less time waiting around the lobbies. We really hope this will balance out the queues and basically get people involved in games more frequently.”

This promises to be improving the quality of life for Died in broad daylightwhich would be seen as a godsend for anyone who has logged hours loitering around menu screens.

Finally, the roadmap also confirmed that the four core events in Died in broad daylight The calendar will be back again. Those are the anniversaries, as well as Halloween, Winter, and Lunar New Year playlists. So, if you make sure you never miss those special occasions, you don’t have to fear because they are not going anywhere.

Interactive behavior in “The Dredge”

While the other three chapters of the “Seventh Year” content are mostly shrouded in mystery (there is a mystery vampireA topic update due before the end of 2022), we know exactly what’s coming for Chapter 24.

As mentioned earlier, roots of dread It is a completely original story of Died in broad daylight, located in a seemingly profitable white picket fence neighborhood. On the surface, this cozy little suburb looks inviting enough, but as you might expect, that interface only covers an unnatural player that players will have to contend with.

Similar to Derry, Maine, it turns out that this town has an ominous history and that its residents all have their own horrible secrets. A legacy of evil has been regurgitating here like a tainted wound, eventually giving rise to the bogeyman character known as “The Dredge”.

Just like Pennywise or Freddy Kruger, this creature was born out of the dark thoughts of the local community, and it feeds their pain too. Vitality arrived Died in broad daylightCreative Director, Dave Richard: “It’s the physical manifestation of the pent-up darkness of the entire city.”

In terms of visual design, The Dredge is a type of monster that has become particularly prevalent in recent years. It is one of those formless horrors, consisting of several limbs and appendages strung together in a way that bears no anatomical meaning. Think of a less extreme version of Our last part 2rat king, dead spaceNecromorphs, or The Experiment That Went Wrong by Neil Blomkamp zygote short. In other words, it’s a mess of writhing claws, frozen flesh and a strange phallic head lined with rows upon rows of fearsome incisors.

Deliriously excited about these atrocities like a mad scientist, Richard continued: “Our goal was to create a monster that feels chaotic and strange. Like something straight out of a nightmare. When you wake up from a bad dream, you often remember that you saw something deeply frightening, but you can’t put your finger on what it was. For us, this is The Dredge!

When asked by Bloody Disgusting what might have inspired such a bizarre creation, Richard replied, “He’s the typical con man! Something universally known across many different cultures. We really wanted to create the kind of monsters that live in your house and hide under your bed. We’ve I grew up with a certain urban Boogeyman legend, but after searching online I found that there are many different cultural interpretations of this idea around the world and we have all taken advantage of them to create our own version.

As for the artistic team, they used reference materials in the form of artwork depicting nightmares and images of physical injuries and illnesses. It’s a very fun part of the process! “

However, despite the efforts that went into making the most horrific monster imaginable, Richard was careful to stress that it only gets worse when players tweak the default skin. With the collections menu, you’ll be able to tweak the already repelling appearance of The Dredge in some pretty nice ways.

Like any other killer in Died in broad daylightThe avatar is divided into three customizable parts, which you can swap and change. You’ll be able to try on different limbs, give it a tail if you like, or place its eyes in remarkably unusual places. Whatever you think will be more terrifying for your victims.

As for his abilities, The Dredge can use the power of “Gloaming” which allows him to teleport to vaults scattered around the map. Richard explained, “This is a very useful traversal method for getting around quickly, but also very fun to surprise victims who are near or even inside these hiding places. Safes are usually places of refuge in our game, but The Dredge takes away that safety.”

Meanwhile, the killer also has a “Nightfall” counter which is automatically generated throughout the match. When this strip is complete, the map gradually sinks into darkness, severely limiting the view of the survivors, until all they can see is the outline of The Dredge itself. According to Richard: “It’s a very intense gameplay mechanic and it will definitely lead to survivors making a lot of terrible mistakes!”

Introduced by Haddie Kaur and Garden of Joy

Reaching Dredge’s side will be a new playable survivor, Hadi Kaur. Deep cut from the widest Died in broad daylight Tradition, she’s making her long-awaited debut in the game roots of dreadhaving been neglected essentially to savor the text in the past.

Born in North India but raised in Quebec by her adoptive parents, the character has an interesting dual background. In terms of her monster-fighting credentials, Haddie possesses peculiar psychic abilities that enable her to perceive “bleeding” into dimensions, illustrating the connections between our world and the entity world. More than just a backstory, this unique powerhouse will obviously feed its playable abilities as well.

The final show of Chapter 24 is the new map. known as joy gardenThis world is based on the middle American suburb. In Richard’s words: “It’s the kind of city we’ve seen in countless novels, movies, and other media,” where everyone knows each other and everything seems to look good on the surface. Of course, that could be further from the truth.

Although from a narrative perspective, The Dredge aims to dominate the entire community, joy garden The map will only represent a small portion of that land mass. As seen in the trailer for Chapter 24, it features a forest maze and only one regular house.

Which is refreshingly stripped down when compared to the more exotic environments we’re used to getting with these Died in broad daylight updates. After all, this isn’t a massive, massive sight like Silent Hill or a Gothic police station, but an everyday space that comes a lot closer to home.

Speaking to Bloody Nasty about this, Richard said: “We wanted to make a map that felt disturbingly familiar. To provide the kind of local horror that players can better handle. It looks perfect from the outside, but once you get inside you’ll notice how twisting it is. Just like the people of that city. “

He continued, “The map is visually stunning, it has a very interesting different type of lighting and there is a lot of vegetation around the house to hide in. This gave the level design team a lot of opportunities to change the way players perceive their space and how they plan strategies, whether they are hunting or escaping.” “The design will be so much fun to explore and learn. It also has a roof section, which is interesting. Personally, when I play as an assassin, I like to use this spot to find survivors and do some scouting, which is especially useful if people are hiding in a densely forested area.”

Fans will be able to test Richard’s point of view for themselves whenever The roots of dread Class starts on Tuesday 7th June. PC gamers will be able to access it even earlier, as it is already available for them to enjoy in the Public Test Build (PTB) environment.

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