Horoscope for the week ahead: With Venus entering the luxury-loving Taurus, it's time to embrace sensuality |  CBC life

Horoscope for the week ahead: With Venus entering the luxury-loving Taurus, it’s time to embrace sensuality | CBC life

Learning to love your reality comes in handy this week, thanks in part to Monday’s incredibly upbeat transit. Since the Sun in Gemini poses a coincidence with Jupiter, adopting a positive mindset can help you harness this lucky energy to achieve your spiritual and material goals.

Grab your hats on Tuesday, as assertive Mars enters active Aries, encouraging us to be more confident, competitive, and spontaneous. A red planet moving into its favorite sign can have an intoxicating effect – but it can also turn us into steamy buggies. It is necessary to guard against selfishness and impatience in our actions during this time.

Partners who offer structure in relationships may look very attractive on Tuesday as well, when the passionate Venus stares at Saturn. If you are in a relationship, strengthen your bond by supporting your partner and communicating your desires for the future. If you are looking for a connection with someone new, you may find yourself drawn to those who are mature and serious about love. Slingers and petty courtship are undesirable under this transit.

On Saturday, we’re called to embrace all things sensual as Venus—the planet of love, beauty, and money—makes its way into the dependable Taurus. Venus is revered in the luxury-loving sign of Taurus, which helps bring out the planet’s best qualities. This transit tends to inspire feelings of contentment and self-indulgence, making it a perfect time to enjoy what you have and celebrate those you love.

Then on Sunday, it’s time to embark on a new adventure where brave Mars meets Jupiter. While everything may seem to be within your reach, try not to chomp on more than you can chew, as this encouraging energy can sometimes give us false confidence. Know your limits, and enjoy your accomplishments.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 23, 2022.


Your strong mind keeps others guessing, Aries. This week, you are in the mood to nourish your mind and soul with pursuit of knowledge, and possibly a new travel opportunity. Keep your options open as you discuss your goals with friends and colleagues, and work to expand your reach. Your natural attractiveness may also improve this week, making you feel unstoppable. Just make sure to check in with your loved ones periodically and avoid moving forward too quickly. If you notice that some of the emotional elements in your space are in poor shape, try to fix what you love rather than throwing them out impulsively and collecting more things.

the Bull

Your spiritual side is starting to speak, Taurus. If you can take the time to reduce background noise and unnecessary distractions, you’ll be all set to listen. While you’re on a quest to start a new conversation with yourself, try switching up your screen time for learning – it could lead you on an exciting journey. Go out to clear your mind, and satisfy your intellectual needs by choosing a new book. Expressing gratitude can help you enjoy living in the moment this week so that you can come up with a new, positive outlook. Every morning stop to appreciate three things in your life that make you happy.


Are you ready for a love affair, Gemini? This week, you are in the right position to attract romance and devotion into your life. So take chances, connect with new people and enjoy the journey. If you’re a partner, this can be a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, experiment with your appearance or surprise your other partner. This week, you may also be able to help your loved ones with organizational tasks at home, but be sure to remember that we are all human during the process. It can be frustrating when someone makes a mistake that derails our plans. Be patient and seek forgiveness.


Your awareness is expanding this week, Cancer horoscope. You are invited to experience beauty in the simplest and most modest of tasks, and sharing your rosy perspective can help others improve their outlook. Early in the week, your attention will be directed toward your passion projects and career goals, igniting the fire inside. Just be sure to listen to what other people have to say, as it can be easy for you to take control of the conversations. Use this intensity to fuel your ambition instead. Meanwhile, at home, you will feel stable and happy with your loved ones. Address what needs to be done in your space so you can maintain that homey glow.


You are a shining example of efficiency at work, Leo. You prioritize tasks and fire emails with professionalism and charm. When others start noticing your skills, take the opportunity to plan your next big move. You can make a major home makeover or even look at real estate – just be sure to do your research before signing on the dotted line. If you’re feeling down at work, despite all your productivity, you may want to try to strike a better balance between your personal and professional life. Thinking about how you can create stronger boundaries with your peers can make all the difference in your mood.


Your public and private life are running concurrently, Virgo. And this week, you may be able to find the perfect balance between creating local harmony and achieving your career goals. So consider your desires – have you asked for them yet? Focus on your interests to help you build a plan that will allow your creative side to shine. The opportunity to satisfy your craving for more is at your fingertips. You might even be ready to buy an expensive item that was on your mind. Do your research and compare prices so you can avoid spending your hard-earned money on impulse buying.


Don’t be afraid to go over the roof, Libra. You are called to bring your innermost self into your relationships this week. Honesty is your best policy, and it will help you strengthen your bond with your loved ones and friends. If you’re single, starting a new relationship right now can be exhilarating as your self-confidence grows, helping you navigate conversations with potential partners. If you are romantically involved, this energy may influence you to invite your sweetheart to enjoy a momentary exciting activity that brings butterflies back in time. Apart from the fun and games, you will feel ready to explore your plans for your common future.

The scorpion

Time to push it forward, Scorpio. This week, take a look at who has helped you in your career, and see if you can lend a hand. Your support can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and it can be as simple as giving a recommendation or advice on a project. As you shine through your own schedule, you may notice that your energy is abundant. While it can be exciting to get so much done so quickly, make sure you take care of yourself. It’s easy to sound rude, even if that’s not what you mean. If you’re single, you may be content to stay single for the time being because you’re learning to love yourself more fully. If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself being more attentive to your partner.


Are you ready to accept love, Sagittarius? Your nearest and dearest are set to greet your positive spirit, so don’t be shy about the spotlight. Instead, try to figure out how to raise the bar for those around you – you have a unique talent for encouraging others. This week, de-cluttering your life and simplifying your schedule can go a long way in helping you enjoy the little things, so you can connect with your senses and get comfortable in your space. Make that feeling go further by adding some sensory immersion to your routine, like upgrading your coffee, listening to your favorite music, or investing in luxury soaps and moisturizers.


Bring your inner self to the fore, Capricorn. You can make more informed decisions by taking the time to connect your subconscious mind with your physical world. So before embarking on any new project that comes your way, exercise vigilance and ask yourself if it really aligns with your vision and goals. If you feel satisfied at the end of the day, take a moment to think about whether it’s time to ask for a raise or take on a new challenge. If you want to renovate your space, you may finally be ready to start home improvement projects as early as this week. Prioritize your needs over the ones you love and budget accordingly.


Your creative world is thriving, Aquarius. But in order to guide the artist within you during this time, you must learn to trust your instincts and rely on your intuition. The tension between your personal and professional life may be heightened in the middle of the week. Examining power imbalances in play may help you resolve these inconsistencies so that you can move forward gracefully; It may even provide you with an opportunity to set boundaries with your peers regarding your ability. Meanwhile, if you find yourself called upon to light up spaces in your home, use this drive to make your dwelling more inviting to entertain guests as the temperatures soar.


If you’re looking for career guidance, Pisces, you might be sitting in a goldmine this week. Your family may have some great insights into your career, so be sure to bounce things off them as you explore new career paths and drum up ideas for making money. When you are overtaken by a competitive and focused spirit like this, there is nothing you cannot achieve. However, if following your intuition to earn cash starts to feel all consumed or you find yourself overwhelmed with ambition, take a step back so you can readjust and recognize when your body needs rest.

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