Jacob Hoggard leaves court at 361 University Avenue with his wife Rebekah and lawyers Megan Savard and Kally Ho after the first day of testimony in his trial in Toronto.

Hedley’s “fan” was thrilled to meet Jacob Hoggard at the age of 12, who prosecutors say raped her.

Warning: Contains graphic content

When the lead singer of her favorite band started texting and Snapchatting with her, telling her he loved her and wanted her to have his kids, that he wanted her “in my bed,” and that he wanted to see her naked, the 15-year-old testified on Thursday that she thinks she’s in love.

“Now, looking back, I realize it was an infatuation and that feelings were manipulated,” she said Thursday in a jury trial of Canadian rock band head Jakob Hoggard, head of the Canadian rock band Headley, regarding one of the sexual solicitations of a person under 16 and two counts of sexual assault causing harm. physical. The 37-year-old has pleaded not guilty to all three counts.

For the first time on Thursday, details of the allegations against Hoggard were made public in a downtown Toronto courtroom: He is accused of repeatedly and violently raping the young fan when she was 16 and a young woman from Ottawa in two separate incidents in 2016. He is also accused of raping the ass The teenage fan tries to kiss her neck when she was 15 while backstage at a concert at Air Canada Center (now Scotiabank Arena) in April 2016.

Hoggard admitted that he had a “sexual encounter” in a hotel room with every complainant on the date of the alleged rape.

The identities of both complainants are subject to a publication ban available to sexual assault complainants.

The young fan, now in her early 20s and a college graduate, testified on Thursday that it was an “admiring moment” when she first met Hoggard and other members of the band in a hotel parking lot after a concert she attended with her parents. She said she was 12 and had been in love with her since she was 10. Hoggard invited them to an upcoming concert with behind-the-scenes passes — something the court heard was something the band often did to fans — and gave her father his phone number.

When the girl was 15, she said she copied Hoggard’s number from her mother’s phone.

“It was just a silly thing that a 15-year-old girl did,” she testified. “It was kind of, cool, I have this person that I look up to.”

She did not use the number, but at a meet-and-greet concert in early April 2016, she said she told Hoggard that she had his number.

She testified that he told her, “You have to take this time,” and she texted her shortly afterwards. They started by talking about the charity WE, which Headley was involved with, and how the tours were. After that, he suggested they move the conversation to Snapchat and she started having sex.

She said, “He says I’m such a beautiful person that he loves… It was like, cool, that feeling was, like, feeling ‘pinch me.’ Then, one time when she was sleeping, he sent a message: ‘Let me see what’s under the sheets.'” They began exchanging nude photos, and he sent her a video of him masturbating, she said.Once, he took a screenshot of a nude photo of her, which she knew because of a Snapchat notification that a screenshot had been taken, and she said she asked him not to.

She said he told her, “I just want to keep them because you’re so special to me. I won’t show them to anyone.”

She said she didn’t take screenshots of their Snapchat chats, but did take some text chats, which she was excited about.

Some of that footage was shown to the jury on Thursday. In it, the sender, allegedly Hoggard, refers to the complainant with the words “love” and “child.”

She wrote: “When are you free?”

Reply: “When are you 18 lol.”

The woman testified that Hoggard arranged for her to attend a concert in downtown Toronto on April 29, 2016, at the Air Canada Center and that he told her to come with her friends, not her parents.

In an agreed statement of facts, Hoggard admitted that he arranged tickets and limousine service for the first complainant and two of his friends to attend the concert at the Air Canada Center on April 29, 2016, and that he was aware that the complainant was 15 years old at the time. .

She said a man she knew as Hedley’s manager called her and asked her to come into Hoggard’s dressing room after the concert. Hoggard looked excited to see her and took her hands on her buttocks and swung her around, she said.

She said this made her uncomfortable and she put her hands on his chest to indicate that he should put her on the floor. While she and her friends were taking pictures with Hoggard, she said he kept moving his hand from her lower back to her backside.

“Either I grab his wrist and take it off, or I get out of the area,” she said.

A young woman testifies about meeting Canadian pop star Jacob Hoggard in a courtroom during his sexual assault trial in Toronto on Thursday.  Seen: Judge Jillian Roberts, top left;  Complainant, whose identity is protected by embargo, top right;  And below, left to right: Hoggard's wife, Rebecca Asselstein, Hoggard, Attorney General Kelly Slate and the jury.

After that, she said she and her friends talked about how weird it was for him to touch her in this way.

After the party, send her a message asking if she made it home safely and if she had a good time.

He told her, “I wish you had stayed, I want you in bed so badly.”

Then he suggested that she come to Toronto for a day by herself, and said that he would send her a car. She said her mom would never let her go, but said she could tell she was with a friend. “Perfect,” Hoggard replied. This plan did not work but was rescheduled.

In her opening presentation of the evidence the jury is expected to hear, the attorney general, Kelly Slate, said that in September 2016 Hoggard sent the teen’s car and brought her to a hotel in Mississauga where he repeatedly and violently raped the girl.

This was not what she expected or wanted. “She was crying and she said no,” Slate said.

Over the course of several hours, Slate said, Hoggard slapped her, spat in her mouth, called her names and pushed her face into the pillows leaving her unable to breathe. Finally, the girl pretended to have received a call from work and said that she had been called. Hoggard arranged for the car to take it in earlier than expected, Slate said.

Slate said the jury was expected to hear from the girl’s friends, one of whom would say she saw blood on the girl’s underwear when she returned, and the limo driver who said the girl was behaving differently on the way back.

Slate said the girl withheld Hoggard’s number and had never attended Hedley’s other concert.

Slate said the second complainant would testify that she met Hoggard in the fall of 2016. He was performing at We Day in Ottawa and invited her backstage, which she declined at the time. They continued to communicate and he invited her to Toronto when the band was performing at the Jingle Ball. Slate said the young woman expected they would have sex but did not agree to what happened in the Hoggard hotel room.

Slate said the woman would testify that he pushed her to bed and raped her through the vagina, anus, and lips. Slate said he slapped her, spit in her mouth, choked her until she couldn’t breathe and dragged her to the bathroom by her legs. Slate said, like the first complainant, the woman was crying the whole time and said no.

The woman’s friends will testify that she was upset and emotional when she got home and someone will describe seeing bruises on the woman’s legs and that she had difficulty walking.

Both complainants went to the police in 2018, after which Hoggard was charged. The second complainant gave an interview to CBC anonymously before speaking to the police.

Hoggard admitted that on September 30, 2016, he arranged for a limousine service to pick up the first complainant at 10 a.m. and bring her to the Sheraton Gateway Hotel where they had a “sexual encounter”.

The first complainant went to the hospital on 12 October 2016, as per the agreed facts.

Hoggard admitted to booking Via Rail train tickets for the second complainant leaving Ottawa at 5:30 a.m. and leaving Toronto at 6:40 p.m. on November 22, 2016, and having a “sexual encounter” with her at the Thompson Hotel.

The second complainant went to the hospital on November 28, 2016.

Hoggard has been the lead singer of the popular BC pop rock band since 2004, after competing on the second season of Canadian Idol that same year. The band toured frequently across Canada and produced seven albums, with hit singles including “Kiss You Upside Down” and “Crazy For You”.

The band discontinued in 2018.

The trial continues on Friday with the testimony of the first complainant.

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