Apple iOS 15.5: Should you upgrade?

Apple iOS 15.5: Should you upgrade?

Apple iOS 15.5 has arrived and it’s a very important update, but not for the reasons you might expect. Should you upgrade? Here’s everything you need to know.

Tip: Bookmark this page as I will keep it updated if/when I find new issues. I will make my final verdict in a week.

For whom is this?

Apple iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 have been released for all iOS 15 compatible devices, meaning iPhone 6S (2015) and later and iPad Mini 4 (2015) and later. I have to warn you that there are now concerns about delays in the auto-update process so the best way is to run it manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If you’re running a newer beta program (see the “The Way Forward” section at the end), you must deregister your device before the update appears.

Note: This guide does not focus on old iOS or iPadOS updates, but I will go over related issues in these guides.

deal breakers

Jailbreak, nothing has changed. Unc0ver and checkra1n are still baffled by iOS 15 and with the important security updates in this update (spoilers), I suggest you switch priorities and upgrade.

For others, the first 24 hours are promising. While I’ve seen isolated reports from developers Poor network receptionscreen wake up Failed during calls And Missing FaceTime Notifications There has been no momentum around any of those yet. The Reddit and Apple Support communities are quiet, too.

As always, I will continue to monitor this as more users upgrade.

So what did you get?

Apple’s official iOS 15.5 release notes read as follows:

– Wallet now allows Apple Cash customers to send and request money from their Apple Cash Card

Apple Podcasts includes a new setting to limit episodes stored on your iPhone and automatically delete old episodes

– Fixes an issue where home automation may fail, caused by people arriving or leaving

Unsurprisingly, the release notes don’t mention the most important news in iOS 15.5: New Macs have leaked their beta code. Expect big news from Apple here at WWDC on June 6.

Aside from this, a potential transformative introduction in iOS 15.5 is the ability to receive money now with Apple Cash and not just send it. This can have a huge impact on small businesses, stall dealers, etc. It is also useful in persuading friends/family to pay off their debts quickly!

However, the most important reason for you to upgrade to iOS 15.5 is security. The official iOS 15.5 security page reveals at least 34 security patches. The good news is that there are no known “Zero-Day” vulnerabilities (flaws that hackers actively exploit before a fix is ​​released) but a wide range of areas are affected, including: Graphics, Memory, Apple Notes, Shortcuts, WiFi, WebKit ( The engine that runs Safari) and Safari Private Browsing.

Apple iOS 15.5 Verdict: Upgrade

Despite launching the garbage fire, iOS 15 is now a very polished platform. A few releases in recent months have had serious problems and iOS 15.5 seems like another solid entry to this list as Apple is discontinuing it before iOS 16.

For those who are more hesitant, bookmark this guide. I will continue to update it with any related flaws or features I find and you will receive the final verdict here within one week.

way forward

At the time of publication, Apple hasn’t released a new iOS 15 beta and while there will likely be several “minor points” releases (iOS 15.5.1, etc.), I’d be surprised to see another major point upgrade (iOS 15.6) before the release. iOS 16.

We will see that soon. Apple will release iOS 16 at WWDC 2022 which kicks off on June 6, and early leaks suggest that our hopes should be high. The developer and public beta will follow, although reports claim that test builds are more complex than usual which may delay this.

Apple has settled into one good and bad pattern for its generational iOS versions in recent years (iOS 13 – bad, iOS 14 – good, iOS 15 – bad), so let’s hope iOS 16 doesn’t break that trend. We deserve a good idea.


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