Twitter is still sticking with its $44 billion deal with Elon Musk, no matter what he says

Twitter is still sticking with its $44 billion deal with Elon Musk, no matter what he says

Well, it’s been about a month since then Elon Musk He decided to live his realistic fantasy of Dr. Evil and Twitter purchase for (Dramatic music upsurge and aggressive zoom) 44 billion dollars. If you’re someone who uses Twitter, you might be wondering why the platform still generally feels the same way it did before Elon’s small acquisition, and that’s because Elon hasn’t taken over the bullshit yet. Former Elon and Twitter contributors are still working out the details of his deal, which kind of started to slow down towards Elon’s end. Elon started looking for excuses as to why he couldn’t complete a payment when he bought it, such as his reluctance to own Twitter until he finds out how many accounts are spambots first. But Twitter doesn’t care which way Elon chooses to get around this thing. They just want to see the deal done because they don’t hold back.

Elon claimed his goal was to turn Twitter into a file A right-wing paradise full of hate The Center for Freedom of Expression has been temporarily suspended, just so it can get to the bottom of the Twitter fraud account issue. Some think Elon will hold back, but according to Yahoo! Financial, Twitter can enact a clause in the contract and force the deal to go through if Elon gets his funding and certain conditions are met. If Elon can’t get his financing together, he’ll have to pay a $1 billion breakup fee to finalize the deal. Twitter said in a statement that it was committed to implementing the deal.

Twitter said it plans to complete its $44 billion merger agreement with Elon Musk, even as the Tesla CEO appears reluctant to take on the deal.

“Twitter is committed to completing the transaction at the agreed price and terms as quickly as practicable,” said the Securities and Exchange Commission filing published Tuesday night, referring to Musk’s offer to make the company private.

“We intend to close the transaction and enforce the merger agreement,” the board of directors also told Bloomberg in a statement. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by Insider.

Things are likely to get very messy here, as Elon claims he can only let the deal go through if Twitter is able to prove that Twitter spam accounts make up less than 5% of all user accounts. But the CEO of Twitter Parag Agrawal He claimed that Twitter “Not perfectWhen picking up spambots, so the exact number can never be known. It’s a fact. Half the time I go back and look at my old tweets, I find myself wondering if the human brain wrote that incoherent sentence. So, differentiating the scammers And puppets who hardly learn is not an exact science.

But if we put everything on the table here, there can also be a problem with money. Elon came up with guns to buy Twitter from under everyone, whether contributors or not. Then after the deal went through, and Tesla’s stock started dropping, Elon started to get a little weird about it. And he really does suffer from the money panic one feels when he realizes he may have had sex with his wallet. According to The Washington Post, Elon is not only asking Twitter to show who the fake bots are, but has also expressed a willingness to renegotiate the $44 billion selling price after dropping a bit. The Post adds that Twitter could sue Elon if he starts making up arbitrary reasons why he can’t buy the platform and just decides to walk away from the deal.

Tesla’s stock continues to fall, which could affect the cash Elon has to pay for Twitter. But he needs as much money as possible to be able to fulfill his contract and buy Twitter. Well… it sounds like a multi-billion dollar social media platform purchase was an impulse purchase that turned into biting Elon in the ass. Oh, okay! This contract says Elon is making better money, and Twitter wants that sooner. So, if you see Elon Musk walking toward the Coinstar machine with an empty Folgers coffee mug, you can tick “change the loose sofaYou will know why.

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