Say cheese!  "America's Got Talent" singer makes history with a surprising and unprecedented judging decision

Say cheese! “America’s Got Talent” singer makes history with a surprising and unprecedented judging decision

american talents Tuesday is back for its 17th season, with a notable absence of bold contestants – most likely a retooling of the format, after AGT Veteran veteran Jonathan Goodwin was paralyzed during a failed stunt on this past summer’s now-cancelled sideshow show America’s Got Talent: Extreme. Really, the only act of danger in the season 17 premiere was an Austrian named Joe, who set himself on fire while watching his wife’s “eternal flame” in The Bangles. But the torch was apparently Not An eternity, as Joe is dismissed by judges before the fire extinguisher workers finish putting out his fire — and his chances.

On Tuesday, there was another AGT Rejection — podcast sound engineer by day, emo singer-songwriter and cheese-loving lover by night, Ben Lapidus — who also seems to have had his hopes dashed. But then, Ben somehow managed to turn the jury’s red four X into a three yes, and advance to the next round against all odds. After 16 years on the air, this was a historic event AGT first. “I was told by the producers that we don’t remember anything like this happening previously,” a source told Yahoo Entertainment. “Four X points were never given, three were reversed and turned into yes.”

America’s Got Talent, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell rule all contestants Ben Lapidus, but three of them are surprisingly persuaded to change their minds. (Photo: NBC)

When 29-year-old Ben debuts with an acoustic guitar, telling the sad story of suddenly losing his father at the age of six and turning to music’s “lifeline” for comfort, viewers were undoubtedly expecting a kind of delicate troubadour. “I’m going to do an original song,” he said seriously, “and I hope it resonates with the judges.” AGT Host Terry Cruz. However, Ben’s bizarre (but certainly original!) song was actually more suited to an Italian bistro than a café, as he sang about his inner moral conflict when trying to order extra Parmesan cheese on his pasta without seeming too needy or greedy.

“I always want more Parmesan, but I feel awkward,” Ben Al-Hazam said, becoming increasingly desperate and angry as the tune went on. “Why are they so stingy? / Is there a shortage of Parmesan cheese? / Is it really that expensive? / I just want more cheese, that’s so wrong?”

While Ben’s hot protest song against Italian restaurant servers and “Big Parma” seemed to resonate with European judge Heidi Klum, her castmates quickly provoked themselves, with Simon Cowell being the first to hit the red X button. (“I hate bloody Parmesan. It’s disgusting,” Simon later grumbled.) Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara followed Simon’s lead, and as soon as Ben started to put on a full scream and let it really explode, Heidi seemed to no longer call Ben’s spirited message, so it annoyed him also.

But Heidi is a woman of people. So, when a live audience that seemed to be fully lactose intolerant began enthusiastically chanting, “Parmesan, Parmesan, Parmesan,” I made an executive decision that Ben deserved not only another Parmesan dust on his pen, but another chance. AGT Glory. “I won’t stay silent, I won’t give up/I’m going to die before I let Big Parma win,” Ben howled who wasn’t embarrassed at all, after getting an audition. “People want more Parmesan! give it to them! “

“You know? I want to kill you now, because I can’t have it [chorus] Out of my mind,” Simon shrieked. “Take the X away. I give you yes. Howie remained resolute, so his X stayed bright and red like a bowl of fresh marinara, but Heidi and Sofia changed their minds as well — changing the word no to yeses. “It’s the power of the people!” Heidi declared, while the studio audience continued the hymn “Parmesan”. “Sometimes, you have to listen to the audience,” Simon explained. Then triumphant Ben and Terry celebrated this surprising historic victory at the last minute behind the scenes of a sticky Italian meal, Ben needs extra cheese after long after being full.

America's Got Talent judges Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell are in pain over their decision to keep or reject new singer-songwriter Ben Lapidus.  (Photo: NBC)

America’s Got Talent judges Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell are in pain over their decision to keep or reject new singer-songwriter Ben Lapidus. (Photo: NBC)

While it should be noted that Simon is a smart A&R man who has been instrumental in the pop careers of international reality stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, One Direction, Susan Boyle, Fifth Harmony, Leona Lewis, Little Mix and Jackie Evancho, it remains that See if his instincts pop, and Heidi drives with Ben. Although Heidi and Simon pressure Sophia to reverse her decision, she remains unconvinced, telling them, “You guys crazy. … It was a terrible song, and Currently We need to hear this guy repeatedly! “I don’t know if Ben has what it takes to be more than one cheesy wonder american talentsHe may have a lucrative endorsement deal with Kraft or Progresso in the future.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday for two hours AGT The premiere featured some more serious contenders, like incredibly charismatic comedian Mike E. Winfield, XOMG Pop (a rainbow-glamorous tween girl group created by JoJo and Jessalynn Siwa), and sensitive saxophonist Avery Dixon, who earned Terry’s Golden Buzzer the night .

And, of course, goat, yoga, and poodle workouts were necessary, and spoilers online suggest we might see cat act in the future AGT episode! So, tune in next Tuesday, as the hunt for America’s sexiest talent continues, literally and figuratively.

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