Brooke Lane Reveals Her Ex When Link Drops A Bomb On Her - Plus Sasha Reveals Amazing News To Brando

Brooke Lane Reveals Her Ex When Link Drops A Bomb On Her – Plus Sasha Reveals Amazing News To Brando

At Metro Court Gardens, Chase and Brooke Lane decide to walk away from the party to talk. Before they can, Link appears and has something to say. He remembers Chase Link and wonders what he wants. Link says he may no longer be Brookly’s product, but they have unfinished business. Brock Lane doesn’t want anything to do with him, and Chase tells him to hurry up. Link asked Brooke Lynn if this was her boyfriend, and she said yes and he’s a cop. He tells Chase he has such a good voice and got to know that song, which he can’t wait to produce. BLQ shouts that she will never work with him again. Link reveals that this is a shame because he has her songs for every old contact. Everything she wrote when her producer was dating him. He’s been shopping her songs around, and he’s nearing some deals. She asks with whom, but he won’t give this information unless you sign with him again. Chase says that won’t happen, and BLQ says she won’t work with him again.

Link thinks they can benefit from this, and has downplayed Brock Lane’s talents. Link suggests you come to his room, they can explore things further. Chase grabs his fist and warns Link to back off, but it is Brock Lane who rules him. He jokes that he loves her fiercely, but only to a point. Chase suggests leaving. Linnan tells BLQ to call him when she calms down and goes away.

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Chase asks BLQ why did you do that because he was going to hit Link himself. Brooke Lane says Link is her problem, and he’s about to be fired. She wouldn’t let him blow things up at her expense again. He thanks her for supporting his back.

BLQ won't give up on Chase down GH

Chase inquires if Link really owns her music. She noticed that she could have had stars in her eyes when she signed this contract. She wonders why something happens every time she thinks her life is on the right track. Chase takes her aching hand and asks for her help. She says he can find an ice bag for her, and smiles at her. As they get closer, BLQ realizes she has to contact a lawyer. Link will never let her get the best of her again and rush to leave Chase standing there.

BLQ storms off GH

Curtis checks in with Portia at the hospital. She cries because she is happy with him and embraces him. Fill it out in the realization of Title 9 – she’s worried about Trina. He promised them that they would pass Trina. Curtis changed the subject and told Portia that he had stopped to tell her that he was leaving to go after Marshall. However, he now realizes that he cannot go on with this Title 9 achievement. She asks why did he suddenly want to chase after him and asks if Stella had told him something. He says Marshall wasn’t the only one lying to him.

Portia Cortes is lying GH

Curtis reveals to Portia that Stella and his mother knew Marshall was alive and called him and Tommy believed he was dead. Portia guesses that Stella may have been doing what she thought was best, and it is possible that she and his mother were trying to protect him. Curtis wonders why Stella didn’t tell him when he was older. Portia says she probably never expected Marshall to come back, and thought it would be nice not to tell him. She asks if he doesn’t let something go on for so long that he doesn’t know how to make things right. Presumably she thinks that’s what he’s doing with Marshall. She urges him to go find Marshall and notices that the hearing will not take another 10 days. He doesn’t even know where to start looking.

Curtis slots lied to GH

Jordan drops and asks if Curtis has spoken to TJ. Curtis asks for what? She revealed that he and Molly went to Brooklyn because they thought Marshall might be there.

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Molly and TJ are at a restaurant in Brooklyn and meet Mr. Purdy, who runs the repair shop used by Curtis. He claims he doesn’t think he can help TJ because the story he told him over the phone doesn’t ring any bells. TJ showed him the clarinet, and he remembers working on it. TJ asks if he can contact the owner, but he insists he doesn’t know the man. He reveals that he has a lot of clients and can’t remember them all. TJ explains that they are looking for his grandfather, and it is important that they find him. Mr. Purdy pleads for their help in finding Marshall.

TJ and Molly meet the man of GH's repair shop

Purdy asks how did he end up with the clarinet. TJ reveals that Marshall left it up to him and shows him the note he left as well. Mr. Purdy admits he knows him, and interviews Marshall Parker about these parts. He thinks TJ must be special if he gives his clarinet to him. He hadn’t seen him in a while, but he would ask about it. TJ thanks him and gives him his number. Purdy promises to deliver the message, but it is up to Marshall if he wants to contact him.

TJ meets Mr. Purdy GH

Later, TJ gets a call from Curtis. Curtis knows where he is and asks if he’d like some company. TJ inquires why he changed his mind about his father. Curtis doesn’t want to see Marshall out of their lives again, and he’ll head to Brooklyn and they can find him together.

Back at the hospital, Jordan went into the hall to inform someone over the phone that he was at GH and to check on Officer Pullman’s condition. She returns to Portia’s office but sparkles when she sees Portia and Curtis kissing each other. They eventually walked out of the office into the hall.

Curtis tells Portia that he will be back in time for the hearing. He takes off, but not before he thanks Jordan for telling him about TJ. Jordan told Portia that she’s happy to see Curtis finally have the family he’s wanted since he was a kid.

Jordan interrogates TJ's whereabouts GH

At the restaurant in Brooklyn, Molly is excited that Curtis has joined them, but wonders what they should do in the meantime. TJ suggests they go to the jazz bar near the corner. He jokes what if they run into Marshall while he’s playing there. Suddenly, Marshall walked through the door and looked at TJ.

Marshall sees TJ GH

In Brando’s garage, Sonny apologizes for keeping Brando away from his dinner with his family. Brando tells him that he is also family member and asks what is happening to the car. Sony thinks it might be the starter or the wires. He noticed she’s been acting up a few days ago, and Avery was shaken by the sound because she thought they wouldn’t make it to her dance performance. Sonny fills him in with how things went and about falling for Michael and Willow. Brando knows he was having trouble with his son.

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They continue to work on the car, and Brando regrets hearing that Sonny and Michael still don’t get along. Brando finds nothing wrong with the starter or the wires and suspects that… Sonny thinks it’s the spark plug. Brando suggests that Sonny get ready to warm his hands.

Sonny Brando working on GH

After the car is fixed, Brando tells Sonny that he thinks he and Michael will fix things. Sonny is unsure and reveals that Michael is trying hard to eliminate him. Sonny knows his son is forgiving to some extent, and then gets tough. Brando points out that he wouldn’t be the man he is today without Sonny, and it would be a shame if Michael didn’t have him in his life.

Sonny has someone after him GH

At the Port Charles Grill, Gladys shows Sasha the pills the photographer gave her in exchange for a memory card, learning that Sasha is back on drugs. Sasha denies it, but Gladys does not believe her and threatens to go to Brando.

Sasha seized GH . pills

Sasha and Gladys return to the Deception Bureau, and Sasha points out that her drug history is no secret. She tries to insist that the photographer assumes she will give him the drug card. Gladys tells her to stop the act because she saw the photos on the memory card, including Sasha dropping cereal at the restaurant. Gladys says she should ask if she was high when she hit Harmony. Sasha swore it wasn’t.

Gladys knows the truth Sasha J

Sasha cries saying that she is not proud, but that she needed help after Liam’s death. She felt like she was being watched 24/7, everyone pitying her, waiting for her. She needed help to get through the pain. Gladys got it, but had the pills in her hand before getting into the car that night. Sasha swears by Liam’s memory that she didn’t take anything. Gladys believes her while they hug her.

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Gladys asks if the pills were prescribed, but Sasha admits they weren’t. Gladys insists Brando needs to know, but Sasha cries because she’s finished taking drugs. Sasha feels Brando needs to heal too, and he won’t if he’s worried about her. Promising Gladys she’s finished using drugs, Gladys gets a wake-up call when she’s scrambling to pick up pills from the ground like an addict. She thinks she’s strong enough to get through this, but she’ll do whatever Gladys wants you to do to impress her.

Gladys and Sasha arrive at the garage and surprise Brando. Gladys explains that Sasha has something to tell him, and Sasha says, “Gladys is moving in with us.”

Brando's garage gets dirty hands GH

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