Shake of youth and anxiety: a chance to tank his marriage to resolve Ashland's death?  Plus, are Devon and Elena *really* going to cheat again?!?

Shake of youth and anxiety: a chance to tank his marriage to resolve Ashland’s death? Plus, are Devon and Elena *really* going to cheat again?!?

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Young and Restless isn’t in great shape after Ashland Locke’s death, because they don’t have anything else going on on the canvas that captures the audience’s attention in the same way that a would-be villain did. Thoughts for the week:

sure success

Nick and Sally definitely have chemistry – I’ve noticed it more than once during their scenes at Newman Media’s office. Preparing for the fling/romance is there, what happened with Nick championing Sally’s cause with his family members, and Sally winning Nick’s respect by making the decision to postpone in the Ashland story. And with Nick, Adam, and Sharon history in the mix, the potential here is huge. but will Young and anxious Go there…or stay away from sure drama again?


Phyllis and her team of unrepentant mischief-makers will undoubtedly regret their attempt to undermine Diane at work, a plot that is likely to backfire spectacularly. As Ashley herself stated, “That’s a horrible idea.” Nikki has the least to lose in this scenario, but if the scheme is revealed or something goes wrong, Ashley looks awful for agreeing to a plan that could harm the business, and Phyllis could lose everything. If she sells the hotel to Lily, gets fired from Marchetti, damages her relationship with Summer, and Diane wins Jack, then what?!?

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Regarding this week’s throw between Phyllis and Diane, Red was totally over the top in the park but she wasn’t wrong. It’s not ironic that Diane pounces to save the day she feels the bereavement of Harrison when she deliberately put Kyle in it as a child. She was also right to call Jack because he gave Diane the benefit of the doubt but not her. Jack is so easily manipulated emotionally that it’s an easy sign for Diane. Case in point, their close moment in Abbott’s living room.

needs fire

It wasn’t a big surprise that Victor rejected Noah’s floor or Then he made one of his own so that his grandson would return to the Newman barn one day. The conversation Noah had with Summer about the space at the Grand Phoenix made it very clear that he would end up as a nightclub. Meanwhile, Ally was unfazed by Noah’s warning about his grandfather/family, which was impressive…and expected. In fact, nothing unexpected happens in this story. it’s boring. At their age, they should be up to their ears in drama. Instead, they act like they’re in their fifties.

What about fires?!?

Well, you can see what might happen with Chancellor Winters’ gang from a mile away. Amanda is out of town for a long time, Elena and Nate fight over my faith, and Devon and Nate suffer from personal tension again. The scene is set for Elena to go to Devon, looking for a sympathetic ear for Emani and Nate, and they both end up snatching.

What I can’t figure out is the reason Young and anxious He chose to play the growing bond between Nate and Emani completely off-screen via phone calls. It’s mind boggling. Why not play it on screen so we can see it happen and Elena and others notice in a way that makes us feel part of it and invested?

Going back to the seemingly inevitable, would Devon *really* cheat on Amanda while her mother was in a coma?!? Oh man, not a good look at him or Elena, because this will be the third time you’ve cheated on your significant other in any two years or so?

Anyway, if there is cheating, there will obviously be repercussions for Lily’s beloved “family” company, but will we also get a “Who’s the Father?” A twist this time?!?


Left kill Ashland Locke Young and anxious A bit of wicked wisdom, I immediately felt. Coming back inside after learning he was gone, there was a sense of frustration. At least it’s the gift that keeps giving up because we have an investigation that puts Chance against the Abby family and could spoil their perfect union. I would like to see it. Not because they’re not a great couple, but because they desperately need some soapy changes.

Locke’s death caused a stir for the Newman family as well, though the cover-ups are “old hat” for Victor and his descendants. Unless Victoria and Nick abandon dear dad, they are complicit in the crime. Meanwhile, Nick also has to deal emotionally – and perhaps legally down the road – with being the one who ended Ashland’s life.

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There’s also a Harrison side to this story, which helps Diane immeasurably in her quest to win Jack’s forgiveness, but that doesn’t do Kyle any credit whatsoever. He looked like a huge hypocrite shedding tears about his son not being able to visit “Father” again when he had already cut the man out of the child’s life.

Note: It was nice to see Kevin having something to do again in this case!

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start fires

In the previews, Adam will be working with Jack in Jabot. Wow, this soap has become one important exchange! This will truly Stay creepy Victor, but I don’t expect Billy to be happy about that.

trevor st john One life to live/ Todd Manning was cast as someone on me Young and anxious. It’s all a big mystery, so we don’t know if it’s a rework or a new character. I hope he’s a villain who can fill the void left by Ashland. Find out who I think Saint John might play here.

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