Blue Jays squanders another good start from Gausman as the attack is halted again

Blue Jays squanders another good start from Gausman as the attack is halted again

Toronto – This is the time for the greed of the Toronto Blue Jays, and to do so, they will first have to go through the process of rectifying their positions.

Settling on two of the three against a similarly prodigal Seattle Mariners after Wednesday night’s 5-1 loss isn’t ideal, but the intimidating Cincinnati Reds are set to start Friday, so the chance of some gains at the current home is still handed.

Taking advantage of that is, of course, easier said than done and Blue Jays offense is still scattered enough that nothing can be taken for granted. Nobody does consistent damage, and while pre-match general manager Ross Atkins went to great lengths to thwart the shooting caliber his team faced, this squad was supposed to give even elite arm bouts.

Nights seek by road like Tuesday’s 3-0 win over BB-throwing Logan Gilbert should have been a more regular event, and against skillful left-wing Marco Gonzalez on Wednesday, all they did was just base simple for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Loaded walk.

Now, that rally was a good process, part of Guerrero not expanding the area, taking what was on offer and preparing to pass the baton to cleaning man Teoscar Hernandez, who is still working to regain his timing on the plate and his stop. But when it’s hard to get hits, every little missed opportunity becomes more apparent and that’s what happened in the sixth when Gonzalez Hernandez picked up at second base after a singles double.

The score was still 2-1 at the time, the Mariners opened the game from there and did not threaten the Blue Jays again before a crowd of 20,472.

“That’s the offense we usually swing and everybody’s fine and you can come back in a 4-1, 5-1 game. But now it looks like somebody’s scoring four runs and it looks like 10, and that’s when your danger stumbles,” said Charlie Montoyo. “When[plays like Hernandez]happen, it gets amplified. Just like when the reducer comes in and gives up running or something, it’s like oh my gosh. But the players were playing well, it’s a close match in every match.”

Largely based on the mix of plunge change, Gonzalez mixed in the cutter and curveball just enough to plant options in the minds of Blue Jays hitters, en route to six rounds of one-ball runs. But he also helped through 12 chases with several rips on the border courts.

This fits well with Atkins’ acknowledgment when he acknowledges that, “Yeah, we’ve chased more than we like.”

“But it was a really good show and I don’t want to lose sight of that,” he quickly added. “At the same time, when we’re good, we’re executing our game plan very well.”

Obviously not happening now and it continues to cause the Blue Jays to squander the good beginnings, this time again from Kevin Gusman. Although he hasn’t been nearly as dominant as he has been up to this point – he’s only had seven swing hits in his five innings of action – he cleverly limits damage while getting BABIP more often.

“Honestly, a lot of those first hits are just good hits on their part,” Gussmann said. “I made the pitch and none of them got hurt that hard, but kind of found their holes. I just knew if I stayed there I wouldn’t be in another round like that. I just felt confident.”

The first half could have been pivotal, as it survived a rule-laden jam, no exit by only allowing the Jesse Winker sacrifice fly to fly and remained unscathed until Cal Raleigh took it deep to open the fifth inning and put the Sailors 2. 1.

Hernandez’s pick was the sixth of the season for the Blue Jays, catapulting them into second place in the majors, then Trevor Richards, who stretched into the second half of the action, ditched Adam Frazier’s single and then a two-homer ran to Ty France that pushed the game away. out of reach.

The man, whose day after day Jordan Romano suffers from a gastrointestinal infection, and Tim Maiza, still on the hit list, get a second opinion confirming that his left forearm inflammation is in fact, he still faces relentless pressure every night. .

According to one leverage indicator at the Baseball Reference, the Blue Jays started their tie day with Arizona in the most comfortable guise of 55. Expecting them to be perfect is unfair, and the offense often forced them to exactly that spot.

However, they will continue to go outside today at the age of 20-18 after winning a series for the first time this month. Gausman’s performance on Wednesday extended what has been a steady strength for the club this season, starting to play, and has truly been the mainstay of the Blue Jays up until this point.

“I feel like we’ve got a beast-caliber guy going any day,” Gussman said. “More than that, we have a lot of different looks that come in in teams. From the left side (Yuseii) Kikuchi threw 97 with a split and then I got (Hyun Jin) Ryu from the left side as well, which is a completely different pitcher. Then there’s Jose (Pereus) And obviously (Alec) Manouh, these guys are all very different. So I think we play really well against a lot of squads because of that.”

That’s an excellent starting point and they have sixth place in the MLS as they approach the quarter mark of the season. The Blue Jays will need their attack to be better than that.

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