Unprepared from the first minute, the Oilers embarrass themselves in Game 1

Unprepared from the first minute, the Oilers embarrass themselves in Game 1

CALGARY – I’m not ready to start the game. Not ready to compete. Not close to a playoff performance in an embarrassing, Game 1 no-show by the Edmonton Oilers.

Thanks to some terrible scoring at the Calgary tuck, the Edmonton Oilers came back from a 6-2 delay to tie the game 6-6. But shots (48-28 for Calgary), high stakes chances (19-7) all tell the true story of Calgary’s 9-6 butt lashing in Game 1 of this Western Conference round 2 series.

“When you’re 2-0 down before you hit the 19:00 mark on the clock, it’s clearly not a good start,” said Leon Drysitl. “Obviously we weren’t ready.”

What is the worst nurse darnell?

The 48 shots against and all those chances? Or the number nine on the scoreboard, a 15-goal that represented the highest goal-scoring rate in the history of the Battle of Alberta play-off.

“Usually, 48 and all chances lead to the nine,” a rigid nurse. “We have to clean it up.”

We’ve got it.

That game was a lot of fun for the fans, and the fact that the series opened with a goal of 15, an ode to the ’80s makes the stage great. Who wouldn’t chime in with Game 2 on Friday night, right?

But if you’re a Oilers, this game means one of two things: Either you made it to Round 2 and thought it would somehow become easier than the Los Angeles Kings in Round One, or the Flames are a lot better than you, and that streak isn’t going to live on this coming weekend. .

“We scored six goals and found a way to lose,” said coach Jay Woodcroft. “I didn’t like the way we were skating, we weren’t on our toes or firm in any way to start… Mentally, sure, we missed some errands and pushed some pucks. In the end they made us push.”

Mike Smith opened the game by venting into the first shot, a routine glove that sets the tone for the night. The goals were easy on Smith, who wasn’t ready to play in this match, allowing three goals from 10 shots before making way for Mikko Koskinen. From there, the sheer volume of first-class opportunities left Koskinen without a chance to make a difference.

Even after Edmonton closed out 6-5 with a late goal in the second half, they couldn’t stop making defensive mistakes to allow any kind of comeback to take root. Koskinen was fine, but he didn’t steal anything that night.

“We talked after the second that the team that got to their defense first would win,” Woodcroft said. “We got to 6-6, then flipped some pucks and ended up in the back of our net.”

This wasn’t a goalkeeping clinic, sure, but in the end, Koskinin saved a few huge saves, preventing the double digits. Meanwhile, Jacob Markstrom saw half the work and was nowhere near his normal level.

It was truly a waste of six equal power goals on the road and nine capitulations in total, giving Markstrom a pass on one of the worst nights of his career in the playoffs.

“We quickly got out and they get the three of us,” said a spat nurse, a man of few words tonight. “You chase the game from there. You should have a better start.”

Commander in on that defense, the nurse was as bad as any oiler in his area on Wednesday. It was a team effort, and all the captains led the Oilers to this embarrassing result in the first game against a Flames who are bigger, stronger and much better than the Kings who led Edmonton to seven games in the first round.

“It’s a different team,” Drystel said of Calgary. “It’s built on a completely different system, completely different, but nothing we haven’t seen before or nothing we can’t handle.

“You won’t win a game if you score nine goals, and there’s no secret to that. We can all be a lot better off the disc, and that starts with myself.”

There was a time when a lopsided match would end with gloves all over the ice and penalty boxes full. However, in 2022, the Flames won the physical battle by leaning heavily on Conor McDavid at every turn, putting plenty of gloves in his face, while Flames’ top streak was virtually untouched.

The final humiliation came when the match sheet showed that MacDavid led his team not only with four points, but in strikes as well, with five points.

McDavid leads in strikes? What the heck is everyone doing?

Woodcroft said, “Connor led our team on the hits. It’s a good thing for him when he’s playing hard, but we can have more of a physical attachment to the game.”

Do you think?

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