With Kuemper's status uncertain, Francouz could play a pivotal role in the avalanche

With Kuemper’s status uncertain, Francouz could play a pivotal role in the avalanche

Denver – Pavel Francos, Tuck Yours.

What will you do with this glorious opportunity?

Whether this is a temporary situation or something for the long-term, Jared Bednar, head coach of the Colorado Avalanche, is not giving any hints one way or the other.

Called up from the Bulls center when goalkeeper Darcy Comber left with an upper body problem before 12:41 left in the second period of Game 1 of the Western Conference Final, Francoz entered the match quietly and made 18 saves, maintaining an 8-6 victory Above Edmonton Oilers in a game that lives up to the massive hype.

Francos was alerted by a coach a few bouts earlier that his services might be required and that Kuemper was dealing with a problem, so he had time to rest and stretch, but that doesn’t mean he should relax. the event.

“It’s obviously easier to have a good lead, so I think that kind of definitely helped us,” said Francoz, who was 15-5-1 with 2.55 goals against average and 0.916 percent during the regular season. . “First of all, I prepare for the match the same way if I play or if I don’t play. That’s something I’ve learned from my career. During the match I try to follow every game, trying to open doors for the players and that kind of thing keeps me in the game.

“I wasn’t cold for five seconds, I was warm very quickly. That wasn’t a problem. We all know the kind of players in these two teams and we didn’t plan to play such a game, but we definitely take that win and move forward.”

The case of Kuemper, who had some trouble in the final round against the St. Louis Blues, could become a big story as the series unfolds, depending on how much time he wastes. – And how did Francoz perform.

As for the first part of that equation?

“We’ll see,” Bednar said, when asked if this would be a daily illness or something that could be more problematic.

One thing we know for sure is that turning into Francos isn’t quite as avalanche-dead as it might be for some teams, given that he’s carried the burden of the first man for extended periods in the past few seasons. Francoz also already experienced a thrill in the first round against the Nashville Predators when Comber wasted some time after taking a stick in the eye of Ryan Johansson.

Quiet, cool, put you together, man,” Bednar said. “Great teammate. Guys love playing in front of him. I have a lot of faith in him. So does our team. So obviously having a guy like that is key.” ( You) see through the playoffs how many teams are in the second and third goalkeeper for some teams, and to try to survive you have to have a capable goal from more than one player, and we have that.”

Francos conceded three goals on break, but also made a few saves to ensure the avalanche never lost the lead, filling things away in a late empty net from captain Gabi Landskog.

He was great. That’s tough. Avalanche midfielder Nathan McKinnon, who has been flying all night with a shot and a assist, said: “He was really cool. He works on his tail every day so he’s not surprised and his confidence too. I hope he (Kuemper) It’s fine and we’ll bring it back. But that’s what it is. We’ll have to do our best with whoever we have.”

On one night when Avalanche took care of a number of important spaces on the checklist – a host of stars performed superbly, and secondary scoring took the lead (including another fourth-line goal, this one from Andrew Cogliano), chasing the opposing goalkeeper Mike Smith after scoring six goals in just over 26 minutes of action – their attention to detail in the defensive zone was missing at various points in the match, confirming that this competition was closer than it should have been.

Central to the game was played by Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar, who instinctively pushed the puck in front of him as he entered the attacking area with winger Valeri Nichushkin in an attempt to call off a late offside.

Using his skate ability, Makar exploded in the area and fired a lofty shot over Smith’s gauntlet 13.6 seconds before halftime, reclaiming a one-goal lead nine seconds after Zach Hyman tied the game at a time when the avalanche occurred. They carried the bulk of the play but couldn’t get away.

The initial reaction from most people who watched the replay was that Makar had control of the disc upon entry, but according to the rule in question: since the disc was not on his wand upon entry, he only regained possession when he once again put his wand within the attack area.

By the time it happened, Nichushkin was doomed to be on the side, so not only was the ice call allowed to stand, but the Oilers were given a minor delay in the match due to the coach’s failed challenge.

“I just saw Cal coming up, a big gap. He was able to choke the play out of their area and got the disc he wanted and jumped on it and launched the attack,” Bednar said. “Whether he didn’t touch him on purpose or not, I have no idea. …definitely something he can do. (Nichushkin) does a good job dashing before he touches it, and obviously a great shot.”

Was Makar aware of the base in real time and was he a factor in the decision-making process?

“I haven’t even seen the replay yet,” Makar said. “I knew they were trying to get out of the zone and my instinct was to try to give them as much time as possible, so I don’t know if I took the stick off the disc or not.

“I didn’t feel good when they launched that challenge there. I’ll take a look at it, but maybe I got lucky.”

That amount of good fortune for Makar and the avalanche went even further when Nazim Qadri added a PSI during a match-delaying penalty, making it a 4-2 match.

The pace in this game was frenetic and you can see why both of these clubs have managed to get a taste of the transition transitions.

One of the things Avalanche did so well, especially in the first period, was to create a tournament game and contest for nearly every puck, spending long stretches in the attack zone and forcing the Oilers to defend.

The entertainment value of the competition was great, but it also left players and coaches on both teams visibly frustrated, even though it was easy for the meltdown to absorb the avalanche after moving through three wins from qualifying for the Stanley Cup Final.

They also expect a better overall effort from the Oilers in Game 2 on Thursday and know tightening is the top priority as this streak continues.

“If we want to win more games in this series, we have a little clean up (to take care of it),” said Avalanche’s versatile striker JT Compher, who has scored two goals to give him four in his last two games. “We can do a much better job defensively. With our squad we can be better defensively and make it more difficult in the attackers. We don’t want to play the game we played (Tuesday). We want to be tighter defensively.”

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