Call of Duty's Godzilla vs. Event.  Kong doesn't match the hype |  digital trends

Call of Duty’s Godzilla vs. Event. Kong doesn’t match the hype | digital trends

One of the most important aspects of a live service game is its ability to keep players engaged for long periods of time. This can be done in a number of ways, but a common trend is to implement time-limited events designed to attract players. Call of Duty: War ZoneIt is one of the most popular free live service games and has relied heavily on its seasonal events, the most recent being Godzilla and King Kong.

The event, titled Operation Monarch, kicked off on May 10 and allows players to fight alongside massive monsters. While the event itself was interesting and fun at times, the marketing that led to Operation Monarch was very misleading, in part due to the fact that King Kong and Godzilla don’t fight at all. Instead, the two monsters are simply wandering around the map, aimlessly, much to the point of disappointment.

misleading marketing

The Operation Monarch event sends 60 players to Caldera, with the goal of being the last squad standing. The catch is that Godzilla and King Kong – known as Titans within the game – roam the island and can easily take out players. As you collect loot and destroy Titans, you’ll earn information that eventually accumulates and turns into rewards like gear drops, a gas mask, or even a controllable kill chain that lets you virtually lead creatures (which is really cool.) to attack other players.

The mode itself has a slew of issues, but once you’re out of the gate, the most egregious issue is that King Kong and Godzilla don’t battle each other, despite the trailers that make it seem like that’s what’s going to happen. Many fans expected it to run almost like one of Splatoon’s Splatfest events, with the community having to choose between two teams – in this case, Team Godzilla or Team Kong – to do battle for the duration of the event.

Instead, the Limited Time Mode (LTM) feels more like the usual Resurgence Battle Royale, with Kong and Godzilla sprinkled on top, rather than focusing on monsters. There’s literally a shot in one of the trailers that shows King Kong standing up to Godzilla, so it’s easy to see why the community was upset when it didn’t happen in the actual event.

The tag is missing

To find out what the community thinks about the event, war zone Streamer and influencer ModernWarzone has released a survey. Of the 24,194 people surveyed, more than 70% voted Operation Monarch to be a “loss.” It’s a small sample size, but given the overwhelming results, it’s an informational snapshot of the event’s public reception.

It was # main_process A W or L?

– ModernWarzone (ModernWarzone) May 11 2022

One of Activision’s priorities with war zone is to keep the newcomers engaged, which can be difficult given the complexity of the game. With the Operation Monarch event, a newcomer or casual player may continue to die completely during a match depending on who they are paired up against. Experienced players can easily sit back, shoot one of the Titans, and level up information to eventually get their own custom gear, which can easily be used to take out players who don’t know what they’re doing. In this respect, it’s an attractive premise for experienced players, but casual players are likely to have a hard time.

With this mode playing out as a worse version of the standard Battle Royale, there’s not much reason to reconsider it after a few matches. Sure, the sight of seeing the two gigantic giants is fun, but it quickly ages since there isn’t much substance in this mode. It would have been interesting for Activision to implement something that was played more cinematically, especially since the stars are supposed to be the behemoths. Perhaps giving players the ability to land on top of creatures to fight each other would have made them feel special. We could probably see a similar version of what’s in the game now, but with the ability to boost the Titans’ power, allowing them to overpower them.

It is an electronic game Show the way

Despite all my criticism, I realize it’s hard to effectively integrate massive monsters into a seemingly military shooter game – especially from a developmental standpoint. Taking into account the war zone It’s only two years old, and it stands to reason that developer Raven Software (and other support teams) are still learning what works and what doesn’t. In this case, figuring out a way to satisfy all players is a huge task. Gamers are often willing to forgive the developer for their erroneous seriousness here and there – the main problem is that the trailers don’t match the final product.

In the end, Operation Monarch is not the worst event war zone has received. war zone He has a history of terrible events such as forefront reveal, which required players to simply shoot the train for an extremely long time. Compared to this event, Operation Monarch is an improvement, although the bar is clearly low.

Looking at the precedent he set It is an electronic gamewhich is characterized by large-scale events that are usually greeted with a positive reception, it is easy to see why players feel overwhelmed by war zone Operation Monarch. Activision should look the way It is an electronic game You take on its events – especially its large-scale modes that feature co-op gameplay – and take notes about them war zone. Something like a huge It is an electronic game The Galactus event that allowed players to enjoy a more guided experience was great, so perhaps Activision could add its own spin on a similar formula to make something compelling. Operation Monarch was definitely a step in the right direction, but Activision still has a lot of improvement to make when it comes to that. war zone events.

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