Warriors advance 3-0 with Match 3 win over Mavericks - TSN.ca

Warriors advance 3-0 with Match 3 win over Mavericks – TSN.ca

Dallas (AFP) – Stephen Curry glossy tv crew, Andrew Wiggins rock Luka Doncic With successive inundations and warriors contemplating an invasion.

Curry scored 31 points, Wiggins scored in the playoffs with a 27-point lead including a dunk that was originally called an offensive foul and Golden State beat the Dallas Mavericks 109-100 Sunday night to advance 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals.

“He looks like Dominic Wilkins over there,” Klay Thompson He said of Wiggins after scoring 19 points as the Warriors advanced on the brink of the NBA Finals, three years after the end of a five-year streak that resulted in three championships.

Golden State, which swept Portland in its last World Cup finals in 2019 before Toronto won the title, goes into the fourth round on Tuesday in Dallas. No team has finished 3-0 to win the NBA series.

“I love where we are,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. “I love the fact that our team came and won tonight. That was the thing we felt we had to get. When you go 2-0 up here, you have to take advantage of your momentum.”

Doncic scored 40 goals and beat the first quarter bell by 32 feet leaving the fans trailing the Mavericks again at home 2-0, as they did against top-seeded Phoenix before winning the Western semi-final in seven games.

But this shaken-up bucket of the young star was just a fleeting image on a rough night of 3-point range for the Mavericks, who mistook their first seven and finished 13 of 45.

Reggie Bullock And maxi clipper, two long-term specialists in Dallas, lost all 12 of the three combined and were 0-15 overall. Both went aimless, offset Spencer Dinwiddy26 points off the bench. Galen Bronson record 20.

Wiggins’ immersion of one hand over Doncic in the middle of the fourth quarter was described as a mistake because his elbow made contact around Doncic’s neck while Doncic was shivering backwards and falling. But the playoff ruling after Kerr intercepted was an accidental call, giving Golden State a 93-83 lead.

“I got hit a little bit, but that was impressive,” Doncic said. “I’m not going to lie. I watched the video again, and I said, ‘Oh…’ that was so cool. I wish I owned those bunnies.”

About a minute later, Wiggins, who had a career playoff high with 11 rebounds, quickly moved down the right baseline to pursue a dunk on a Curry foul.

“Just feeling the energy,” Wiggins said of his drowsiness above Doncic. “That’s the main thing when I saw the edge. That’s all I saw. They tried to take it from me, but…” Wiggins said, cutting himself with a laugh before thanking Kerr for the challenge.

Curry scored 11 points in the third quarter, giving the Warriors their biggest lead at 78-64 with a 3 dip in the last minute and turning to the national television crew for a close-up view of his shoulder.

Doncic scored 21 points in the fourth quarter as the Mavericks struggled to close the gap, but slipped to 2-6 in his three seasons in the playoffs when the 23-year-old three-times scorer scored at least 40 points.

One of Dinwiddy’s three-pointers earned Dallas within five points with 1:15 remaining, but Jordan Bull responded with one point off the left wing in the last minute.

The Mavericks, who played after the first round since first-year coach Jason Kidd was the point on Dirk Nowitzki– The team that won the 2011 title, lost its nine-point lead in the last four minutes of the first half two nights after failing to maintain its lead by 19 points on the road in losing the second match.

“This is just the beginning of this journey,” Kidd said. “I know you guys made us win the championship before the season started. And that’s a joke if you don’t get it. This is so much bigger than just one game or this series. This is huge for our franchise because we didn’t have any of you here.”

What just happened?

The most tense moment of the series came late in the first half after Curry’s 3-0 corner kick put the Warriors ahead by a point and helped them to a 48-47 lead in the first half. It left Carrie baffled.

Curry ran along the court with his tongue hanging out after Dallas called a timeout. When he returned toward his seat, Curry walked past Doncic with teammate Juan Toscano Anderson nearby.

Doncic seemed to object to something Toscano Anderson said and started towards the Golden State bench before officials, coaches and players from both teams intervened. Meanwhile, Draymond Green Injured Dallas guard Tim Hardaway Jr. exchanged unpleasant feelings about 45 feet away.

After the timeout expires, Curry is seen saying, “What happened?” And he approached Doncic to talk about him. The exchange with Green as peacemaker ended with Doncic.

hold his tongue

Green suffered a technical foul, the second in the series, after a lengthy conversation with official Mark Davis when he was called for a backcourt violation when he hurriedly tried to back out over the center line to pick up an unexpectedly long pass from Curry.

The audience was howling for a technique and then finally getting it, after much chatter on Twitter following Game 2 about whether the referees should give him a second technique. Soon, Green was called out for his first mistake and he didn’t like the call. But he directed his complaint to his office rather than the responsible staff.


Warriors: Otto Porter Jr., who scored 10.5 points averaging 82% in his first two games, went into the locker room in the first half and was disqualified for left foot soreness. The Warriors extended their NBA record with a 26-game winning streak in which they won at least one road game.

Mavericks: Bullock won the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Prize for Social Justice. He has been active in the LGBTQ+ community. His sister, a transgender woman, was murdered in 2014. Bullock worked with several organizations in the Dallas area after signing as an off-season free agent and had long been active in similar pursuits in his native North Carolina. … Dorian Finney Smith He got technique early in the second half to elbow into the back of the green after Dallas made a free throw.


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