Flame Mailbag: Where does Goudreau end after an amazing season?

Flame Mailbag: Where does Goudreau end after an amazing season?

Will Johnny Goudreau stay?

Will he sign any of his long-term teammates?

Will the team lose leaders like Milan Lucic, Sean Monahan or Eric Godbranson?

You have questions and we try to answer.

It’s time to end flame season with a mailbag.

Given your historical comments/cuts, what factor makes you so convinced that Johnny is leaving – money, family, etc? I’m 50/50 on whether to stay – I think Flames can make the money work, it’s a personal decision for Johnny and his family.

I agree with you, Flames can make the money work, and it’s all up to Gaudreau to decide if he thinks the grass is greener elsewhere.

Given the amazing season he and his team have had under Sutter, combined with his special moment in overtime for Game 7 against Dallas, I’m really starting to think he can stay.

For years I believed he would leave it on his desire to be closer to family in Jersey, as well as the idea that he could get more money elsewhere.

There are many cities with better weather and taxes, and quite frankly I haven’t been convinced in years that Flames were willing to pay top dollar for a player who struggled in the post-season as he did.

Well, he’s made huge strides as a player in the regular season and playoffs this year, which I think changed Flames’ mindset toward the superstar.

Money will be saved if he wants to stay, a married man now in love with his wife Calgary. It’s a great place to raise a family while becoming the most productive flame of all time.

I think legacy is important to him, as is comfort, and he’s definitely comfortable here as an NHL top-line star. If he stays, the tight-knit Flames will be one of the NHL teams to beat next year.

I think it could be done eight years times ten million dollars.

IIs there a better chance that Andrew Mangyapan or Matthew Tkachuk will sign a long-term deal with Flames this summer?

I’d be shocked if either of them committed here for the long haul this summer, unless Gaudreau chooses not to sign at Calgary.

Both young moving stars are expected to make a splash over a year from now when they are on the verge of unrestricted free agency and could threaten to peek at the opportunities out there. (see Gaudreau above)

Until Flames cost certainty with Gaudreau’s status, Flames are not in a position to offer the kind of deals that would make any player sign in the long run.

if Godru leaves, does Tkachuk want to stay?

Will Mangiapane want to stay if Gaudreau and Tkachuk stay, making him permanently second in line?

They will have answers to many questions over time, which gives them plenty of reasons not to commit anytime soon.

I know he’s a crowd favorite but I thought Lucic damaged the flame depth in the second round. Fighting became less important in the playoffs. Is there any way out of this contract?

Because of the way his contract is structured, it’s basically proof of complete purchase.

However, with a base salary of only $1 million, there is a chance that a rebuilding team that needs to hit the minimum salary will be willing to make a last-year swap of the $6 million cap. (The Oilers still pay $750,000 of that.)

He’s due a $3 million signing bonus this summer and has a roster of eight teams that the Flames could trade in. That list changes to ten teams on July 1.

It won’t be easy or cheap for Flames to cushion the huge blow he takes, but it can be done.

Very popular in the room, he is a leader who adds many important intangibles to the list, albeit at an inflated price.

With all the increases coming to #13, #19, #58, and #88, how can the Flames afford Sean Monahan?

While it’s hard to believe they can keep Monahan and his $6.375 million cap, it’s hard to imagine how they could get away with it.

The most reasonable solution would have been an acquisition, but given his recent hip surgery, that’s not possible under the CBA law that prohibits buying injured players.

If there’s a market for a fourth-line position coming out of major surgery and making that kind of money, you can bet he’ll come up with the highest price, i.e. pick a draft that Flames don’t have.

It would take some incredible creativity to see Monahan’s final season under contract in anything other than a Flames costume.

Was this a step forward for the flame?

Yes, winning a Tour is a step around these parts, as is winning a division one year after the playoffs were missing.

The team’s key players got a taste of success in the playoff (and the euphoria of Game 7) before a second-round show that never saw the team get a chance to dictate play like they did most of the season.

Ten players with career years Statistically Jacob Markstrom became one of the finalists for Vezina, Dan Vladar proved to be a legitimate NHLer, Mangyapan scored 35 goals in the second streak, and everyone in the team’s top streak raised their status as top scorer with 40 goals.

Lots of progress forward to point out.

Who is Stockton ready for next year’s NHL?

Given the cover crunch, it’s likely that Flames will have to rely on one or two ranch hands to start the season in the seniors.

The most likely candidate is Conor Mackie, 25, who has led all of Stockton’s defensemen with 36 points in 53 games.

Up front, WHL rookie Jacob Pelletier is likely to be the talk of the camp, as the 21-year-old’s level of competition and offensive skills could give him a promotion. Named for the AHL all-rookie team, the kid with 27 goals and 62 points finished second in the AHL scoring.

Little known Walker Dewherr is another potential starter, as his size and mobility could be an asset as a cheap fourth liner.

Is there a chance to keep all 7 of the D qualifiers?

There is no chance.

Rasmus Anderson, Noah Hanifen, Chris Tanev and Oliver Killington are controlled by the Flames, but it’s possible that Gudbranson and Nikita Zadorov have pulled themselves out of Calgary.

Unless they were willing to take a huge opponent to stay, neither of the Twin Towers would return.

Stone wants to keep his family in Calgary, and his playing late this season and in the playoffs led to a possible extension of stay. However, while his teammates love him and he has come in the least in the league, Sutter seemed less enthusiastic about playing the 31-year-old free agent.

Expect Mackie to join the group for the greater part of the season. It’s also possible that Juuso Valimaki will see some time in Calgary.

Is Dustin Wolff too good to leave the palace?

I’ll put it this way: He’s so talented and so valuable to think about getting him into the NHL.

The Flames want him to play as much as possible during at least the first two years of his professional career, to see if he can adjust to the professional game.

Well so far, the 21-year-old has led 33-9-4 with 0.924 savings and 2.35 GAA at Stockton this year to prove that his athletic ability can help him beat his petite chassis against the men. Goalkeeper of the Year earned him honors.

With Fladar on contract for another year, it would take an injury for Flames to consider recalling Wolff to disrupt his development.

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