Sam Raimi didn't want the zombies in his movie Doctor Strange

Sam Raimi didn’t want the zombies in his movie Doctor Strange

Is there hell in the MCU? And does that mean there are demons, God, Lucifer, and who knows what else? All of these things are definitely present in Marvel Comics, but the MCU has been a bit more vague about the question. Black Panther It shows that the rulers of Wakandan go to the specified afterlife, and moon knight He recently stated openly that there are a lot of avatars and avatars, although this series’ ties to the MCU have been rather slim.

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness He adds a new wrinkle, when multiverse wizard Stephen Strange collides with the Souls of the Damned after using magic in a very specific way. So wait, does that mean human souls from hell? What is going on with the afterlife in this movie? Why are false ghosts responsible for enforcing the magical law? How will this affect the second season of loki? ask polygon The multiverse of madness Screenwriter (and loki Writer and producer Michael Waldron asks if he just opened a giant can of religious worms.

“These are all conversations we had,” Waldron laughs. Nothing in the movie is by chance. [Marvel Studios president] Kevin [Feige] You definitely realize the ramifications of everything here, you know? They are not the souls of the damned only for the sake of the souls of the damned.”

[Ed. note: Spoilers ahead for a particular event in Multiverse of Madness.]

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Fans are especially curious about Demons and Hell in the MCU because they had hoped that current Marvel Comics characters like Mephisto would eventually appear in movies or shows. But Waldron says the morale in The multiverse of madness More come from the supernatural lore seen in the movie, built around Mount Wundagore and the rotten book of dark magic copied from its walls, Darkhold.

We really tried to root [the dead in this movie] In our own internal logic. “There is Darkhold, and if you use Darkhold to possess your own corpse, there is a separate layer of Gate-Guarding behind all these things that will come for you. And that’s what Stephen finally missed, so it was a lot of fun exploring it.”

“Don’t use multiverse crossover magic to possess your own corpse” sounds like a remarkably privileged case to get a base around, not to mention a soulful executive mission set. Waldron encourages viewers not to think of it as if someone wrote a rule that Stephen broke – it’s just something weird and contrarian enough to piss off souls.

“In my opinion, Stephen Strange and Wanda are the only wizards strong enough even to walk the dreams to begin with,” he says. “It’s a spell that’s impossible to achieve, let alone preserve. I think Strange, in my opinion, is probably the first person to attempt possession of his corpse. It’s the Break the glass in an emergency On the back page of Darkhold. And those damned souls are like, Absolutely not, you I can not do this.”

The sequence in the movie where spirits attack Strange and snatch zombies on his face closely recalls some of the specific agony Ash goes through fighting the dead in Raimi’s horror and comics. Evil Dead 2 And dark army. Fans specially called this sequence a shot for the way it’s made The multiverse of madness I clearly feel like a Remy project.

Dead Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) takes control of a cloud of angry spirits of the damned and turns them into kick robes in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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But Waldron says Al-Rimi initially hesitated about whether he wanted a horror comedy series featuring the dead. “I was writing just with Sam in mind the whole time,” he says. “I’ve seen all his movies. I really tried to get ears for dialogue in his movies, because I wanted to feel like Sam Raimi. But Sam, to his credit, had no interest in coming in and just playing the hits. Sam didn’t come and say, I want you to give me a zombie. And in fact, when I offered him the idea for Dead Strange, there was real hesitation on his part, because he didn’t want it to look like he was just saying I want to do something special for Sam Remy. “

Waldron says Remy was unaware of the idea until it turned out that it was part of Dr. Strange’s larger themes, ignoring what others told him of the rules and doing whatever he saw as necessary to achieve his goals. “So when we could justify it that way, Sam was on board,” Waldron says. “was like Well, now let’s have some fun, let’s start it all. “

Some aspects of all in The multiverse of madness It gets especially weird, like a universe where everyone is made of paint. When asked if the movie would give him and his cohorts the freedom to get even weirder with the multiverse frenzy in loki Season two, the drone laughs again.

“I don’t know if I could go into anything weirder than what we went to in season one,” he says. “We had a crocodile drinking wine from a kids’ pool. Everest felt weird! I think there’s a lot of opportunity out there. We always look to outdo ourselves, but always hope it’s driven by character. And yes, I learned in that movie again.” ‘No idea is too crazy. You could write Stephen Strange having his body and you might end up shooting it. That encourages me to be bold, and that’s okay.”

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