The Rangers put the runners behind, and focused on Game 4 against the Hurricanes

The Rangers put the runners behind, and focused on Game 4 against the Hurricanes

Greenberg, New York – Calm reigned for Gerard Gallant on Monday, less than 24 hours after the New York Rangers coach was visibly irritated by a little squalor that occurred after the final bell in Game 3 against the Carolina Hurricanes.

“In retrospect, you’re preparing for the next game,” Gallant said. “Games are very important now. It’s over. It was a secondary thing. In the heat of battle, it’s a problem, but when it’s over.”

The Galant and Rangers were thinking about Game 4 of the second round of the Eastern Conference at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday (7 p.m. ET; ESPN, SNE, SNO, SNP, TVAS) and the need for another victory. They won 3-1 on Sunday but are still 2-1 down in a best of 7.

However, Gallant couldn’t get away without paraphrasing what happened at the end of Game 3 and the impact it could have on Game 4. As the bell sounded at the end of the third half, Carolina striker Max Domy Give a light and slash to the defense man in New York Ryan Lindgrenwho hit him again, causing a skirmish.

The whole time, Galant was shouting at Hurricanes defenseman Tony D’Angelowho played for Rangers for four seasons before his contract was bought on July 24, 2021. Galant appeared to be telling D’Angelo to stop barking at the Rangers bench and grow up.

“No, I wasn’t happy with the show [stuff] At the end of the match they started, Gallant said after the third match. “We didn’t do it when the matches were close. They want to play that way, we have the players who can keep up with that.”

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It didn’t stop there.

“You have a long memory of this,” Gallant said. “You think about things that might be on the other foot someday.”

Even though Monday was about to move on, that doesn’t mean forgetting.

“In certain series there is a lot of that and in some series there is none of it, and for me and my team, I don’t think it hurts even a bit,” Gallant said. “I think it helps us. It’s good when men get a little [angry] From time to time. We play better. It makes us more focused.”

Ryan Reeves agreed.

“Yeah, I think if you look at some of the matches that happened over the course of the year, more players are getting involved,” said the striker. “Some of those top players, I think they’re starting to play a little bit more physically and get into fights a little bit more. I think our team thrives on it. Some teams are shy, and I think we’re good at that.”

Obviously, Reaves is a big part of it. He is known as the most intimidating player in the Rangers.

In fact, Gallant expressed his dissatisfaction with what happened at the end of the third game, and also said, “We have the guy who can handle all their buddies if we want to.”

He was clearly referring to Reeves even though he never said his name.

“A big part of it,” Gallant said of Reeves. “It’s not about him getting out there and fighting. What did he fight twice this year? And the other guys challenged him. It’s just your insurance cover there. Our guys know what we’ve got there. He’s a big part of our group.”

The Reaves have fought three times this season, but that’s not what the Rangers or Hurricanes are looking for in Game 4. They look for physical strength, and they strike in a legal way to make it difficult for the opponent.

28 results have been associated with Reaves for Kevin Rooney in third place over Rangers despite being the last in ice time per game (8:59) in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He led New York in the regular season with 279 scores while playing 10:39 per game, most recently among the New York skaters who played at least 60 games.

“I’ll go do my thing,” Reeves said. “I’m going to turn some people on, face their faces and try to get the same result, another win.”

When Reeves was reported to have said he might run some people, Carolina Rod coach Brende Amour replied, “I don’t know what’s in store for him.”

However, Brentmore said he expects Reeves to play his part in Game Four.

“You have to do what you have to do at this time of year,” he said. “Otherwise, what good are you?”

And if the bad runs from end game 3 to game 4, no one will complain about it.

“I hope so,” Reeves said realistically.

Hurricanes forward said Seth Jarvis“The next match will be fun.”

The switch will stay on the right side of the line if and when things go wrong.

Rangers played a dangerous force that made them a target in the third game. Meanwhile, the Hurricanes are zero versus 7 in the series, but New York doesn’t want to give their tough play any unnecessary opportunities to find a groove.

“You’re not doing anything stupid,” Gallant said. “If there are opportunities that make sure you make people pay, but you’re worried about winning the match and getting the streak at 2-2, that’s the important thing.” staff writer John Lin contributed to this report

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