GDB +16.0 Summary: Oilers cough separate advances to 2 goals, fall 6-5 in overtime and Avs moves

GDB +16.0 Summary: Oilers cough separate advances to 2 goals, fall 6-5 in overtime and Avs moves

It wasn’t the result we wanted but that’s been a great season. Final score: 6-5 VOT avalanche

The reality of the situation when you get stuck in three matches in a playoff series is that you probably won’t hang out much longer. As we’ve all heard countless times today, only four teams came back from the 3-0 hole but that wouldn’t stop me from cheering for a win anyway. Damn what the odds are saying, I wanted to see a win in Game 4 to extend the streak no matter how many days we got. So when the Oilers conceded a powerful play-goal on the back of Cassian’s slow slash penalty, I’ll be the first to admit that the candle of hope is starting to flicker a bit. That’s not to say the Oilers were playing poorly as a whole – I mean, playing power was a real problem but that’s a whole other conversation – but the fact that they couldn’t get past anything after Francoz once again had that one goal lead seems bigger than it was. I find Edmonton can’t relax until they at least score a goal, so going through another period in the elimination match without a goal was a real concern.

As the second half approached, the Oilers needed to increase their urgency by about 50 degrees because they didn’t look like they were playing the elimination game. They looked like they were playing a random game Tuesday night against Columbus in November – it wasn’t good. However, despite being behind by a goal and desperately in need of something, the boys almost made it to the middle of the second half before they even scored a shot on goal. Fortunately, not being offended didn’t burn them out or make them more late because it wasn’t long after I wrote that last sentence that Zach Hyman came up with a clutch with a neat assistant to defeat Francos after he put DrySitl on everything. lonliness. And just as I mentioned earlier, the Oilers seemed to settle down shortly after entering the first goal and allowed them to keep going forward until they finally managed to blast two quick goals past Francos in the final moments of the frame. . Suddenly, the Oilers went from behind by a goal to the top by a pair in the blink of an eye.

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After going up by 20 minutes to play, the Oilers were in a solid place if they could just keep the pedal on the ground rather than fall back into some sort of zone defense to try to protect the lead. It makes more sense to keep attacking and not let your opponent have any time on your end, you know? So when the avalanche halved the lead after just 31 seconds into this period, my heart skipped a beat because I couldn’t imagine a worse start to the most important period of the season. The good news is that Zach Hyman was able to get him back quickly to regain the lead with two goals and our belief in an extended streak. Again, I thought we were in good shape. That’s when the bright sides ended, however, as the Oilers exploded to a tune of three goals in a row against that was the result of unstoppable shots and horrific decisions as the discus came back to haunt them. Honestly, I thought this game was over. Then, with just under four minutes left to play, Zach Cassian tied the match again after finding a loose puck in a crease and knocking it over the line by a split second before the Avs defender could clear it.

Once the match got into overtime, I was having a hard time keeping my nerves together because I felt like this game was going to end in a weird game but I didn’t necessarily expect it to happen so quickly. Before the Oilers really had a chance to get anything offensively, Avs got the winner into a skew puck by Arturri Lehkonen who blasted off Smith’s platforms and in front of his wand. At the end of the day, the Oilers had two separate lead in the third game but couldn’t stop the avalanche coming back into the game, and that was a lack of polish when they needed it most. to be the difference. No matter what score or nonsense we’re going to do because of it, I’m so proud of this hockey team and I want to say a quick thank you to all of you for making this season so enjoyable. We’ve had ups and downs and ups and downs we never would have imagined, and it almost wouldn’t have been great if we didn’t do it together.


The bright side

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  • Hell season, boys.
  • Zach Heyman He tied the match (1-1) with a nice backhand kick on Francoz after Driestel found him with some time, space and lane to run towards the net. Heyman added another early in the third half (4-2) with one timer from the circuit after Driesitl found him such a great pass into his cockpit that he got enough to beat Francos as high over his head as he was. slide across.
  • Ryan Nugent Hopkins Oilers gave the lead (2-1) late in the second half after a faulty pass, coming in single-handedly on Francoz, overcoming the goalkeeper with a neat backhand.
  • Conor McDavid Oilers gave some insurance (3-1) to a power-playing goal late in the second half after receiving a pass from Drysittel in the circle and firing through Francos low on the side of the gauntlet.
  • After giving up three consecutive goals to blow up the lead, Zach Cassian He tied the match once (5-5) when he found a loose puck lying in the crease after a drytail shot was topped but not caught.
  • I can’t say enough about the game Leon Drystel It was quite obvious that he was in all kinds of pain in his leg/ankle/whatever. However, even though the guy could barely skate at times, he still finished the night with four points. Fabulous.
  • Shout out to Dylan Holloway for his NHL debut in what can only be described as crazy circumstances. I know he didn’t play much (3:27 in TOI) but that was only the first step in a definitely great career for this young man.
  • At least we won 59% of the matches? win over? anyone?

face comfort

  • Cal Makar He opened the scoring (1-0) with a powerful goal after his wrist shot from the point made its way through the traffic before overtaking Smith on the side of the gauntlet. Shout out to Zach Cassian for his slow penalty kick to set the tone early.
  • Devon Toze The Avs pulled again within one (3-2) just 31 seconds into the third period as his point shot rebounded amicably into the net from Cody Ceci’s leg board. The hard part of this play happened in the seconds before Toews’ shot when the two oilers had a chance to remove but couldn’t get past the blue line.
  • Gabriel Landskog The lead was halved for the second time (4-3) after Mike Smith’s clearing attempt went to no one in particular and chaos ensued. While Smith rambling his way out of his bend was not directly responsible for what happened, the fact that he didn’t hit his mark with the pass led to Avs turning the disc in the area and chasing the scramble. It’s amazing that he managed to score after rolling on the ice like a dying animal in the first period, though.
  • Nathan McKinnon He tied the game (4-4) with an elevator on the top shelf after Cody overtook Tessie in the moments following a sloppy knee penalty on Heyman. Unfortunately, the Oilers couldn’t punish him for filth and McKinnon tied the match on his first turn out of the box.
  • Miko Rantanen The avalanche gave a late lead (5-4) in the power game after he managed to slip a wrestler through Mike Smith’s legs from the circuit. It hurts because it could have been turned off completely, at least from both sides of the TV screen.
  • Arturi Likonen won the Colorado game (6-5) after rebounding what appeared to be a high pass but was quickly called up as a fine goal after a quick review.
  • Jesse Poliogarvi He looked like he hit his shoulder in the second period after falling awkwardly into the boards near the bench. Puljujarvi went straight to the dressing room after the fall but was able to come back for the third period.
  • The Oilers didn’t do enough power play because they were only able to score 1 out of 5 chances with the man advantage.
  • Equally painful was the fact that the death penalty allowed for targets in both the brief situations they encountered. Special teams played a big difference in this.
  • Another match, another loss for Korsky after winning 42-35.
  • “I tore my thigh muscle” – Nurse Darnell. Not real. I have no idea how to play through it.
  • I’ll get to that the other day but we needed smarter decisions from the goalkeeper in the elimination match. Smith finished the night with 36 saves and 857% saves.

Summary of results

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