Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may have bought a giant real estate

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may have bought a giant real estate

Jennifer Lopez And the Ben Affleck continue their crusade to make sure we all know their relationship isn’t just a recurring disaster collaboration like their first engagement or jigli; It’s a true love movie (for now). Jane recently said she’s ready for her next (fourth) wedding, and they were looking for a small, inviting husband’s house. If we’re not currently celebrating Pride Month, we can all easily get confused thinking it’s Groundhog Day, because they’ve been trying and failing to find a home for months now. But now there is speculation that they have finally found out.”the one. “

TMZ says that yesterday, Jennifer’s car and her moving trucks were spotted outside a massive estate in Beverly Hills. At the same time, there were also moving trucks in Jen and Benn’s current homes in Los Angeles (who’s responsible for checking all of this?). While the deal isn’t confirmed yet, that’s a decent amount of evidence that Bennifer 2.0 has finally found the nest of love, so maybe we can all just step back from the edge of our seats and stop losing sleep over these poor, excited souls that find their castle. Ah, to be so in love that you want to settle down together in such a massive house that you’ll never have to see each other’s stupid faces again. fainting.

A house perhaps – theirs – now the property of a billionaire James PackerMessy ex-fiancé Mariah Careyand bought it from Danny DeVito And the Rhea Perlman years ago for $60 million. The house hasn’t been on the market or even off the market recently, so Jane and Ben may have had the right connections to pounce on this house. In the current Los Angeles real estate market, this home would likely cross $60 million if the sale was actually a sale rather than just speculation. This would be within budget for a couple who have recently played but failed to purchase other homes worth $50 million, $85 million and $165 million – this is the lavish Spelling Manor. If there were any real estate brokers involved in the Bennifer purchase, I would dare to guess Emma Hernan From the sunset sale not them. You can see the outside of the house here:

Since there is no listing for this property, I can’t peek at the amenities it includes inside, but it’s huge and definitely has all the luxuries of the rich like temperature controlled fur coat lockers and toilets that gently massage a B hole while the songs are playing quietly Andrea Bocelli. However, if this was the absolute perfect place for both, I would assume he would also have to include a fully functional, 24 hour, back tattoo artist on site for Ben. Obviously, Jen would need to drip olive oil somewhere on the floor to pump the shit she’s got all over her face because she categorically insists that’s her simple anti-aging secret and definitely, definitely not Botox, you guys.

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