Parent Company Of Google, Alphabet Reports Quarterly Earnings

Google introduces a new interview preparation tool

Google now has a tool to help people practice for job interviews.

Let’s face it, job interviews can be nerve-wracking. Thanks to technology, you can practice and prepare before going to an interview.

The new interview warm-up tool for Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) users to help users practice answering job interview questions in various fields.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – APRIL 26: The San Francisco Bay Bridge is reflected at the entrance to a Google office on April 26, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, will report first-quarter earnings today after the closing bell

The tool is part of the Grow with Google and Career Certification initiatives. Initially, the tool aims to help Google Career Certificate learners prepare for their job search. Now, the tool is now available to everyone.

The Interview Warm-up tool uses voice-to-text or keyboard conversion to enable users to practice answering the most common interview questions and job-specific questions chosen by an expert in the field.

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Use the interview warm-up tool

To get started, choose your chosen profession. Next, you will be asked to complete a training interview consisting of five randomly selected questions. Users also have the option to browse the available queries chosen by experts in the field.

There are three types of questions: one covers previous training and experience, a second is about how you have or might handle accidents, and a third is about your knowledge and skills based on the job you are applying for.

Users need to read and listen carefully to each question, click “Answer” and start speaking, then click the “Done” button. Responses are copied in real time.

From there, users can review how many job-related terms they use, how frequently the words are repeated, and whether they cover important talking points.

According to Google’s FAQ page, “There are only suggestions and feedback. Insights help you spot patterns in your answers. They don’t ‘rank’ your answer or tell you which part of your answer is right or wrong.”

Moreover, the audio you use for the tool will not be saved or shared with anyone. However, users can save their answers and copy and paste the text into a separate document or they can download the full version at the end of the interview.

Users can access the latest Google tool through the latest versions of Chrome for macOS, Windows, and Android. It can also be accessed through Safari on iOS devices.

The role of artificial intelligence in employment

The use of artificial intelligence in recruitment is increasing and has served many companies during the selection process.

For example, Infosys has created Reskill and Restart which is a free online platform that connects employers and coaches with job seekers and potential hires based on skills and interests rather than education and backgrounds.

The platform has allowed hundreds of people to reskill them for more lucrative and rewarding jobs in the technology industry.

Also, Pymetrics has played an important role in the process with its AI-powered recruitment decision-making tools.

In fact, AI is critical to employment today, and we can’t wait to see more developments.

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