'The Big Conn' on AppleTV+ reveals one of the biggest US government scams in history

‘The Big Conn’ on AppleTV+ reveals one of the biggest US government scams in history

Eric C. Coon, aka “Mr. Social Security” with celebrity status like “Mick Jagger” in eastern Kentucky, is the focus of the AppleTV+ documentary series Big Conafter a $550 million government fraud, one of the largest in US history.

“One of the producers we were working with on the project, Peter King, brought us Eric’s idea and we kept looking at it,” James Lee Hernandez said. Yahoo Canada.

“[We] Go deeper and deeper, and I just saw this top wildlife attorney traveling the world and rolling around in Rolls Royces and multi-million dollar homes, and all these crazy antics in a small town in eastern Kentucky.”

Photo by Eric C. Conn in “The Big Conn,” premiering Friday, May 6th on Apple TV+.

The gist of Kuhn’s fraud was that he had quickly faked disability claims in eastern Kentucky.

Some describe Coon as a kind of Robin Hood, who was cheating the US government but in the end, got his Social Security and disability payments to his community much faster than the two years it could take through the normal legal channel. But this argument is a bit hard to bear when he flaunts his wealth and lives a luxurious life against the backdrop of these disability claims.

Big Con It features interviews with former Kohn employees and whistleblowers who risked their safety to collect and disseminate information about his fraud scheme, the reporter who broke the story and even a bizarre statement Kohn wrote about his fraud.

“It’s almost written as if he’s watching a movie, starring himself,” said co-writer/director Brian Lazart. Yahoo Canada About Bayan Kuhn. “The important element in telling the story is that we’re going to have Eric’s point of view.”

In terms of getting Kuhn’s point of view, the series also contains live recordings of a jailed con man, who ends up admitting that his actions were wrong.

“I think time has given him a great deal of perspective on what he did, he realizes the consequences of his actions, I don’t think he realized when he was sleeping with judges and doctors to finish this crazy crime of defrauding the federal government out of half a billion dollars, he was going to do a lot of damage As did Lazart.

The real people who harmed Kun were the individuals who had legitimate disability claims, who were dependent on that money, and it was completely taken away from them. Big Con He reveals that this not only caused financial distress, but also psychological distress which led to many suicides in the community.

One of his former clients on the series said, “It’s not easy when everyone thinks you’re a liar and a cheat…because you’re a client of Eric Coon.”

Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffiths at The Big Conn, premiering Friday, May 6th on Apple TV+.

Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffiths at The Big Conn, premiering Friday, May 6th on Apple TV+.

“Specific flaws in the system allowed it to”

The real heroes in this story are Sarah Carver, a former Social Security Administration technologist, and Jennifer Griffith, a former lead writer on law cases, who were the whistleblowers in this story.

As we can see in the series, the couple collected information on how the claims that came from Eric Kohn were quickly signed off from select judges, and all of the claims sounded the same. When the people on Kuhn’s side learned about the information they had, the women were followed up by a private investigator and intimidated to the point where they feared for their safety and that of their families.

“It was absolutely mind blowing the amount of information that Sarah and Jennifer had,” James Lee Hernandez said. “We ended up spending three straight days with them of incessant information, they were shoving at the seams with all this information, all the documentation to prove and support everything they were talking about.”

“[It] It shows specific flaws within a system that was allowed to go down.”

System flaws are also a key aspect of this story. Ultimately, if the logistics around these claims were more streamlined and efficient, there would be no incentive for people to go to Eric Kuhn to speed up and make the process easier.

Eric and his quirky style are very easy to seduce,… and as we delve deeper into the story [we realize] That there were just these massive inherent flaws that allowed Eric to do what he did,” Hernandez said. “If it didn’t take people 18 months to two years to get the benefits, Eric wouldn’t exist because people would get the benefits in time.”

“Part of his selling point is the fact that he got people’s benefits within one to two months while the rest of the people had been waiting for years.”

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