Flight Attendant Finale Recap

The final season 2 flight attendant recap: The blonde driving the blonde – plus a blast from Cassie’s past!

This Thursday in hostessIn the Season 2 finale of Season 2, a shocked Cassie tries to make sense of Grace’s shocking act, before finding out who he is. truly Behind her gas lighting. In addition to the new Discount appeared!

After the worst Ferris wheel ride Ever, during which conflicted Grace decided to turn her gun on herself rather than take out her skilled co-worker, as she was set, Cassie somehow had the mind to negotiate Meghan’s surrender to Shane in the hospital. Meghan, still holding the potential killer in the trunk of her car, has agreed to share everything she knows about the illicit information network of South Koreans, to trade in order to protect her WITSEC, her son, Eli, and her husband, William, in an idyllic suburb.

CIA chief Dutt showed up at the hospital to escort Cassie to the agency for debriefing, but when they hit traffic, Dutt suggested they stop at her house so the bloodstained Cassie could clean it up. There, Cassie discovered in Dot’s medicine cabinet the expensive perfume she had been snorting on a wig, airline uniform, View Finder and others from Episode 1 – implying that Dot was her killer husband the whole time! Unfortunately, Cassie (she zero Poker face) is summoned by Dot right after she calls Max to set off Dot’s house alarm (with little effect), and before she can escape.

Opening her jacket to be able to view her practical sidearm, Dott felt focused on Cassie as an easy bet, given her penchant for “solving puzzles,” lying to the FBI, and reliably sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Dutt also explained that if Cassie tried to charge her, the projectiles would eventually show that she had shot her “in self-defence.”

But Cassie — emboldened after she was directed by a Dark Eyeliner Cassie in the Mind Palace — found enough to snipe at Dot, claiming that no one would ever believe that “f-king bulls-t” came out of Dot’s mouth. Dot begged to differ and removed her weapon, at which point Cassie reached for a personal safety alarm in her coat pocket and activated it, deafening/distracting Dot just as two agents entered. Dot tried to get the men down on the fugitive Cassie, but they were actually there to arrest Dot for treason and murder, after receiving advice from Agent Barry.

In the aftermath, Benjamin explains to Casey how he began to compile various evidence pointing to Dutt’s guilt and her larger scheme to sell access to the CIA files. The two then agreed to forget their reckless relationship while they continued working together at the agency.

hostess jennyHowever, Cassie’s hardships did not end.

As she discovers a series of frantic texts from Davey and calls from Rick about her missing husband, Cassie receives a call from Jenny, the AA crime broadcaster. Jenny claimed that Davey was where she was, anxiously walking into her backyard / dazed about something. But when Cassie arrives at Jenny’s “dead grandmother” home, she instead finds Davey drugged and unconscious on the sofa, after which she locks the three Jenny into the small room. Then focus on the detailed “Killing Panel” on the wall behind Jenny, detailing the host’s various actions and secret business. Next to it was a shrine of some kind, dedicated to… Felix, the wrecked killer from season one!

Long and very twisted story, short: Jenny is not a podcaster, crime or otherwise. She is instead just someone who became of the Felix group, after I read about him in a blog. Felix proceeds to manipulate Jenny into the life of Cassie (who is not an alcoholic either) and gather information. Through prison visits, phone calls, and letters, Felix eventually trains Jenny to believe it if Cassie is. truly Out of the picture, maybe he can “love again.”

Now, Jenny aims to knock Cassie out with a hammer. Cassie eluded Jenny as best she could, and after she had cast off her various palace demons of her mind, she tried to speak rationally to her as Davey, who had come fortunately, snuck into his captor and hit her with a frying pan. For good measure, Cassie smashed a vase over Jenny’s head, KOing her good.

With Cassie’s season two issues now fully and truly dealt with, a happy montage ensued, in which Meghan enters her ex-WITSEC… She has hurt her “a lot” over the years and has reasserted her intention (eventually) to better herself – the touched Lisa in turn said she hopes they can talk again “very soon,” then exchanged ILYs with her daughter.

The event then moves to a small wedding chapel in Las Vegas, where Annie and Max tie the knot in front of Elvis who plays guitar, while Cassie learns from Shane that she helped keep Dot away and save the lives of several CIA agents. Civilian assets are now “golden” in the agency.

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